20 Reasons You Shouldn't Mess With Japan

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Japan is a technological and military superpower that has no equal. With a highly advanced defense system, cutting-edge technology, and an impressive military, Japan has become a leader in the global economy and one of the most feared nations in the world. Their superior technology and military prowess have allowed it to become a major player in the international arena, and it is a nation that no one wants to mess with. From the most badass submarine you’ll ever see, to a bomb specifically designed to bring a country to its knees by spreading massive forest fires, here are 20 Reasons You Shouldn't Mess With Japan. ► For copyright matters please contact us: top5sfinest🤍gmail.com

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20 Reasons You Shouldn't Mess With Japan
20 Reasons You Shouldn't Mess With Japan
20 Reasons You Shouldn't Mess With Japan
20 Reasons You Shouldn't Mess With Japan
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prabhu shankar
2023-05-12 14:33:43

Good 👍😊

2023-05-11 23:47:36

The thumbnail is the movie chappie:/

2023-05-11 19:34:52

Wait I thought Japan didn’t have a military

Joshua Larouche
2023-05-11 19:11:46

Just think what everyone will be using in 50 years 🤔

Gareth Beaton
2023-05-11 19:01:51

Have you bin wiching manga from 80s thay told us that would do this

Grailzer Avelrise
2023-05-11 18:57:13

Submarine that world scare is i-400. The Blueprint submarine was destroy to avoid soviet have it

Hung Nguyen
2023-05-11 18:38:38

Did Japan lost WW2. ?? Was Japan the only country tasted the nuclear ☢️ bom

2023-05-11 17:24:47

Remember, they held up the white flag and extended a hand of friendship after they suffered the brunt of the second atom bomb from us. Nowadays, Japan and the US were great trading partners.

Cinamaroll fan
2023-05-11 17:04:15

Come on bro like why Japan

Andrew Garcia
2023-05-11 17:04:02


2023-05-11 17:00:58

I m from india

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