ASCII Art is BACK! (Generating ASCII Art Text from the Terminal)

Eric Murphy

Eric Murphy

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Want to add COOL ASCII ART to your config files or your terminal? In this video, I'll show you how you can generate ASCII text with the terminal commands figlet and toilet. I'll also show you how you can color it with lolcat, display it when you start your terminal, how to copy it to your favorite text editor and more. Finally you can show off your cool desktop to your "friends" on Reddit! figlet-fonts: 🤍 🌐 My website: 🤍 💸 Support the Channel: 🤍 🎥 Watch my videos on Odysee: 🤍🤍ericnmurphy 💻 My GitHub: 🤍 0:00 Intro 1:23 Basic usage 2:06 Installing fonts 4:02 Additional options 4:47 Colorizing the output with lolcat 5:10 Displaying text when you start a terminal 5:51 Copying the output to the clipboard 6:45 Additional filters with toilet 8:14 Conclusion

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ASCII Art is BACK! (Generating ASCII Art Text from the Terminal)
ASCII Art is BACK! (Generating ASCII Art Text from the Terminal)
ASCII Art is BACK! (Generating ASCII Art Text from the Terminal)
ASCII Art is BACK! (Generating ASCII Art Text from the Terminal)
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MadVibes ,
2023-05-20 09:12:52

what shell interputer are you using?? (i think auto completion will help me a lot)

2023-05-19 22:30:30

lol i happened to find these thru chatgpt like yesterday nice to see how they can be used

I am root
2023-05-13 12:00:36

there is figlet.nvim to do this directly in neovim

2023-04-27 04:06:37

hii.. what figlet font are you using for that "i use arch btw" words?

Denise Nepraunig
2023-04-08 00:43:55

Woah the combination of figlet, the 3d font and lolcat is soooo cool!!!!!

sc sc
2023-04-02 03:06:26

How about a more expanded tutorial using others such as Neofetch? Also converting png/jpg and getting the art (distro art, i.e.) to
format correctly in an editor like Kate, Kwriter, etc.

Michael Schnell
2023-03-24 17:08:28

what is the programm called?

2023-03-03 20:53:04


Omer Farooq Syed
2023-02-24 20:40:40

useless linux tools? nah, this is more useful to me than sed.

2023-02-18 04:51:40

what colorscheme is your desktop? Look great!

2023-02-18 04:10:29

Great timing!

Was trying to find some ASCII art in my repos README because they are too bland

2023-02-17 19:57:31

Good video man, keep it up

2023-02-17 17:50:07

I hope you start making some blogposts and some art like these there :P

thenext poetician
2023-02-17 17:34:33

Figlet and Lolcat are all-time classics. I rarely use them, but when I get a pang of nostalgia, well, there it is.

Tony Ramírez
2023-02-17 16:21:14

ASCII art has such an appeal I cannot quite explain... I'm a little younger to have lived the times when it truly proliferated, but in a web so over saturated it's suffocating it feels like a total breather.

Bruce's Eclectic World
2023-02-17 15:35:21

Hahaha... ASCII art was the good old BBS days where everything was ASCII... Yay! Its back!
Yep I do it like a noob. I use a web site... 🤣
Did not know Figlet was a thing but it is cool. So Toilet is --gay... Now that is funny! 😆
I'm sure some "Karen" out there is going to be butt hurt over that one! Who cares... Lol

Thanks for the video..


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