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Amsterdam Coffeeshop Visits [2020]


Ever wondered what are the best Coffeeshops in Amsterdam? Zamnesia went on a Coffeeshop Tour to visit some of the best from Amsterdam! Let Zamnesia be your ultimate Amsterdam tour guide. DISCLAIMER: This video is for educational, informational and recreational purposes only. Any reliance on the content provided is done so at your own risk. ⭐ Check out our Facebook Page: 🤍 ⭐ Check out our Instagram Page: 🤍 ⭐ Check out our Twitter Page: 🤍

Coffeeshops in Amsterdam : Beginner smoker tips


Can not go to Amsterdam without talking about coffeeshops. Some tips if you have never smoked cannabis or if you visit Amsterdam for the first time. 🤍 (in french) Far from being as popular among locals as they are among the strtangers, coffeeshops continue to attract an eclectic crowd, mostly men under 30. The goal varies between legally trying cannabis and derivatives and putting your head upside down with your friends. With, we wanted to take a tour in a few coffees and come back with tips for those who would like to smoke grass or hash in Amsterdam. And it is not so simple, the legislation prohibits any advertising for coffeshops and many consider that to speak face camera, it is already to advertise. The other difficulty is not to finish stoned before the interview begins. In the coffeeshops, you will not find many Buddhist apprentices favoring the middle way. The joints are loaded, the smokers motivated and the smoke is for everyone. If you have never smoked and want to see what it looks like, get into a coffee with a little bit of people in it - if there is nobody it does not work as well, and order tea or fruit juice . After 10 minutes you will feel your eyelids heavier, your diction will be a little more awkward and your body relaxed, soft. Passive cannabism in all its splendor. Of course, smoking is a little more marked. And if you attend a "tasting", it's even more violent. We did not smoke during the interview, but it was a bit rougher than usual. Places visited in pictures: Coffeeshop Media Club: 🤍 Coffeeshop Amsterdam: 🤍 // Complete Amsterdam Guide: 🤍 // Itinerary for a weekend: 🤍 // All about Amsterdam's coffeeshops: 🤍 Find us on : [] Our site: 🤍 [] Facebook: 🤍 [] Instagram: 🤍 [] Pinterest: 🤍 [] Flickr: 🤍 .

COFFEESHOPS IN AMSTERDAM... VLOG!! 🌲💨🇳🇱 #EuroweekDAY1 | Weed, Munchies & Holy Fuck Thats Delicious


Watch this before you visit Amsterdam 👉🤍 Subscribe for weekly travel videos and hit me on Snapchat: pliez1000 WATCH DAY 2 NEXT!! 👉 🤍 DAY 3 too: 🤍 💥 NEW! LIVIN THAT LIFE Shirts! 👏😃🎽🤍 We decided to take a spontaneous trip from Vietnam to Amsterdam while Lux was visiting so... My first trip to Europe! We visit a couple Amsterdam coffeeshops, roll some buds, and proceed to feel like we are on an episode of Munchies or Fuck thats Delicious. [Day 1 - April 16, 2016] Coffeeshop #1: Green Place - one of the best coffeeshops in Amsterdam. Enjoy, comment your favorite parts and share if your friends might enjoy too:) #cheeseNfries 😄 🔊Music by: David Cutter Music - 🤍 Honey: 🤍 The World: 🤍 Buy on iTunes: 🤍 🌏 HOW I MAKE MONEY ONLINE AS A DIGITAL NOMAD: Read my post on how I make money selling stuff on Amazon while I travel - my free 'AMAZON 101' video here 👉 🤍 And join our email list to get more! 👉 🤍 📝 About Riley: I quit my job in October '14 and moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand (the Digital Nomad capital of the world) with my best friend on a mission to replace our 9-5 incomes with an online business and continue to travel the world. Well, I'm still here folks and it's amazing. [A Digital Nomad is someone who works from their laptop and chooses to travel for fun, and/or because the cost of living is much cheaper in other countries, in order to bootstrap more money into their online business, while having an exotic lifestyle.] GoFollow 📷I INSTAGRAM 🤍 🤍 👥 FACEBOOK 🤍 👻 SNAPCHAT Say whussup! Snappin daily random expat life 🤍 pliez1000 🤍 💬 If u enjoyed this video, click LIKE 👍 & SHARE! Love this channel? Send Riley a monthly beer on Patreon 🍻🤍

Amsterdam Coffee Shop Tour


I Went To Every Coffeeshop In Amsterdam In One Day


So in this censored video, I went to every coffeeshop in the centre of Amsterdam in one day. This has been a dream of mine for such a long time and I'm so happy to have finally made it a reality.

Top 5 Pre Rolled Joints Of Amsterdam - Amsterdam Coffeeshop Visits 2020 -


Pre-rolled joints are a fast and convenient way to get baked. These 10 coffeeshops are the best in the city when it comes to sourcing these beauties. The soothing vibes and interesting locations of each establishment add to the utter relaxation offered by premium pre-rolls. DISCLAIMER: This video is for educational, informational and recreational purposes only. Any reliance on the content provided is done so at your own risk. ⭐ Check out our Facebook Page: 🤍 ⭐ Check out our Instagram Page: 🤍 ⭐ Check out our Twitter Page: 🤍

Top 15 Amsterdam Coffeeshops [2020]


It's no secret that Amsterdam is bursting at the seams with coffeeshops. The competition is fierce, but some establishments stand out above the rest. DISCLAIMER: This video is for educational, informational and recreational purposes only. Any reliance on the content provided is done so at your own risk. #amsterdam #coffeeshop #cannabis #zamnesia

Best Budget Coffeeshop In Amsterdam!


On a budget? In Amsterdam? You want to find the best budget coffeeshop in Amsterdam? Well i think i may have found it. Let me know in the comments where you think is the best budget coffeeshop!

Coffeshop Amsterdam - THE BULLDOG


Disclaimer: This and all the videos by WEED TV are for information and educational purposes only. We do not support or encourage the use of drugs or any criminal activity.

Amsterdam Coffeeshop - This Is How It Works!


Amsterdam is the cannabis capital of the world! We have 164 coffee shops AKA cannabis cafes. In this video, you'll meet Ludo, a famous coffee shop owner of Paradox Coffeeshop to talk about cannabis culture and how it works in Amsterdam. Ludo had been interviewed by various media outlets such as the Financial Times, Rick Steves, and none other than Anthony Bourdain who had wanted to interview him in The Layover Amsterdam, but Ludo said no. He made time for you! :) So tune in and get behind the scenes of one of the best coffeeshops in Amsterdam. Learn how Ludo gets his weed, what he sells, how weed works, and how it's like to own a coffeeshop in Amsterdam. This video is also a great start for coffee shop beginners. Have fun and subscribe for more personal content right from the heart of Amsterdam! We're Alexandra and Rachael from Who is Amsterdam Tours, your Amsterdam-based travel guides. We wanna help you to connect to Dutch culture like maybe never before. Enjoy this video! SOCIALS: Website: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Special thanks to Ludo and Paradox Coffeeshop

Visit an Amsterdam Coffeeshop during Hard Lockdown 2021 with me, ‘cuz it Friday...


Take a ride with me through the Red Light District to visit an Amsterdam Coffeeshop during Hard Lockdown 2021. Bonus clip bong rip. 😘💨💨💨

The Top Ten Amsterdam Coffeeshops With Jimmy Nevski - Part Two


*Part Three Now Uploaded! Head To The Channel To Check It Out!* Music owned by Cream, Public Service Broadcasting, The Alan Parsons Project, All Them Witches, Gorillaz, Eminem, King Crimson, WMG (Warner Music Group) and their respective parties. Please don’t take this video down :) * I CLAIM NO RIGHTS TO ANY OF THE MUSIC FEATURED IN THIS VIDEO * Back by popular demand, I have returned to Amsterdam to update my Top Ten Amsterdam Coffeeshops List. If you’re heading over to Amsterdam soon, don’t waste any time! After literally dozens of trips (literally) I bring you a brand new video for 2018 featuring ten Coffeeshops with the best weed strains in the city! Don’t get sucked in by the Bulldogs, Greenhouses and other tourist traps offering expensive low quality product. Finally as I stated last time, learn to roll before you roll out! Pre-Rolled joints of any variety, are awful. End of. *There are no weed lollipops, cakes or edibles featured as dozens of YouTube videos have you covered! This is also connoisseur’s video. Yes the Plug Coffeeshop makes an appearance, it’s been open six months and I can’t believe how many people have inboxed me regarding that one! Enjoy and please if you enjoy this, like and subscribe! This video took a ton of effort to make :)

Top 5 Indica Weed Of Amsterdam


It's hard to beat the deep, relaxing stone of a quality indica. In this article, we'll show you where to score the best indica weed in Amsterdam according to the results of the Amsterdam Coffeeshop Awards. DISCLAIMER: This video is for educational, informational and recreational purposes only. Any reliance on the content provided is done so at your own risk. ⭐ Check out our Facebook Page: 🤍 ⭐ Check out our Instagram Page: 🤍 ⭐ Check out our Twitter Page: 🤍

A Visit To Amsterdam's Newest Coffeeshop, Terps Army (Amsterdam Coffeeshop Tour 2021)


Recently, Amsterdam became home to a new coffeeshop, TerpsArmy, which took over control of the former Coffeeshop El Guapo. Terps Army opened in the spring of 2021 on June 5th. Renowned for delivering high-end items in Barcalona, Terps Army has expanded into Amsterdam, Europe's cannabis capital, to provide a diverse range of unique cannabis items at their new coffeeshop located at Nieuwe Nieuwstraat 32HS. With an onslaught of heavy, terpene rich options, TerpsArmy has quickly became a favorite amongst local connoisseurs and is an instant hit with tourists. Come take a look inside Coffeeshop TerpsArmy and check out some of the exotic flavors they have on their menu. Some of the products we inspect are Wedding Cake, Gary Payton, Strawberry Shortcake, Sweets 21, OG18, Z Punch, & Sour Apple. Learn more about Coffeeshop Terps Army online at 🤍 We will be visiting Coffeeshop TerpsArmy during our 8-date rosin series; Squish The Summer High. Learn more about the series at 🤍 Check out these other dope videos from around the industry: Viewing Cannabis Products in Amsterdam: Easy Times 2 (formerly Betty Boop) - Coffeeshop Tour 2021 🤍 Bonnie & Clyde Cannabis Club, Barcelona Spain on Hash Bar TV 🤍 WHITE RUNTZ X GELATTI PHENO-HUNT REVIEW 🤍terpsarmy | SPACEBOYZ 🤍 Amsterdam Coffeeshop Visits [2020] 🤍 🤍 Cannabis Club Tour | Getting High in Barcelona | Episode 1

Amsterdam : Les Coffee Shops


Depuis de nombreuses années, Amsterdam est la deuxième ville la plus visitée en Europe derrière Paris avec près de 20 millions de touristes annuels. Une importante part de ces touristes viennent profiter des célèbres Coffee Shops de la ville pour consommer légalement du cannabis. Une tendance qui, pour certains, peut ternir l'image que reflète la capitale hollandaise. Le quartier rouge, situé en plein coeur d'Amsterdam, réputé pour ses Coffee Shops et ses boutiques érotiques, est la principale cible de la maire écologiste Femke Halsema, qui a pour projet de supprimer un grand nombre de ces lieux de consommation de cannabis dans le but de "redorer l'image de la ville". Elle souhaite également y interdire l'accès aux étrangers, ce qui pourrait potentiellement avoir des répercussions sur l'économie touristique. Tandis que certains pays européens assouplissent la législation vis-à-vis du cannabis, Amsterdam fait marche arrière et cherche à restreindre l'accès au cannabis récréatif. Suis toute l'actu weed sur nos réseaux : Instagram : 🤍 Facebook : 🤍 Twitter : 🤍 #weedy #legalisation #legalupdate #legalstate #legalpower #legalhemp #legalcbd #informationsystem #informational #informationsociety #actualites #nouveaupost #marijuanaindustry #weedparis #cannabismedia #cannabisclones #cannabisfashion #weedvideos #weedcontrol #weedy #santémentale #santénaturelle #amsterdam #coffeeshops

Amsterdam Coffeeshop Tour 2020 - Amnesia, Bulldog, Grey Area, Greenhouse, Barneys


This is the full Amsterdam Coffeeshop Tour of 2020, we visit many coffeeshops and we can't wait to go back! This place is like a second home. We check out Amnesia, Bulldog, Grey Area, Green House and Barneys coffeeshops.

Amsterdam Coffee Shop Ambience & Jazz Music - Cafe ASMR, Coffee Shop Sounds, Study, Relaxation


Let's get a cup of coffee in a cozy coffee shop in a heart of Amsterdam with a stunning evening views of the canal and a colorful buildings in Amsterdam. This video is combined the sounds of a coffee shop, people talking in a various foreign languages and relaxing jazz music overlaid on the lovely views of the canal in Amsterdam~♫ This coffee shop does not exist, therefore, it has no actual location. This background footage is a complete original production of Candy Music Room Channel. Any reuse is prohibited. 🎧 All music are copyrighted. We have the licenses and permission of the original creators. - © Credits Intro Video by Ryuta Shikibu from Pixabay Sound by klankbeeld ( licensed under CC BY 3.0 -

Barney's Uptown AMSTERDAM Coffeeshop Joint


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We werden uitgenodigd door de Bull Dog om hun een dagje te komen helpen in de coffeeshop. En sinds wij ervaren stoners zijn, konden we daar natuurlijk niet omheen! Of we ook echt nuttig waren, laten we aan jullie over… Check de video! Ook de coffeeshops worden getroffen tijdens de coronacrisis. In eerste instantie kreeg deze branche te horen dat ze hun deuren moesten sluiten, maar binnen enkele dagen mochten ze gelukkig toch vanuit een loket verkopen. Desondanks zijn de coffeeshops ook afhankelijk van toeristen, en die zijn er momenteel niet… Luister onze weekendmix op Juke: 🤍 #GierigeGasten #Beunhazen #Coffeeshop Minder betalen, meer leven! Abonneer op ons kanaal voor alle gratis tips: 🤍 Blijf op de hoogte van onze avonturen via: 🤍 Volg ons ook op Instagram op: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 Check ons ook op KIJK: 🤍 Wij, Gierige Gasten, vinden het leven al duur genoeg. Daarom plaatsen wij elke dinsdag op 16:00 uur een nieuwe video waarin wij shit voor weinig of helemaal gratis regelen. En omdat we tegenwoordig geld krijgen van ome John, kunnen we af en toe ook een 'échte' serie maken, die zie je elke donderdag om 16:00 uur! Noem ons gierig, karig, inhalig, krenterig, hebzuchtig, knijperig of zelfs schraperig. Wij noemen het slim! In 2020 komen we met keiharde series; The Anti-Bucketlist, Robin Hood, natuurlijk gewoon Gierige video's en nog véél meer nieuwe dingen!

Every Coffeeshop In Amsterdam IN ONE DOOB


Part 2 of every coffeeshop in Amsterdam and you already know how it is... I'm mixing everything together from part 1 into one doob!

The Top Ten Amsterdam Coffeeshops With Jimmy Nevski - Part Four


* I CLAIM NO RIGHTS TO ANY OF THE MUSIC FEATURED IN THIS VIDEO* Music owned by Edward Abela, Daryl Hall & John Oats, Goldfrapp, Prince and their respective parties. Please don’t take this video down!! *GET ME TO CALIFORNIA!! Support the Patreon link below if you want to help me on my journey to tour Coffeeshops and dispensers across the globe! I set this up due to overwhelming requests on my videos. I'd love to travel and bring you guys all the videos you want to see but I need your help to get me there! Please have a read of the Patreon for more information. 🤍 *Special Shoutouts* Megan Adams Animation! Thanks for the awesome Intro clip! You can check her out below. 🤍 🤍 Edward Abela! Thanks for the use of your track ‘Migration’ and for the extra work towards sound design on the animation. Ed is an amazing composer and you can check him out with this link to his soundcloud! 🤍 Back just in time for summer 2019! I have returned to Amsterdam for the latest instalment in my quest to find all the best Coffeeshops. If you’re heading over to Amsterdam soon, don’t waste any time! After dozens of trips (literally) I bring you a brand new video for 2019 featuring ten more Coffeeshops recommended by you guys with the best weed strains in the city! Don’t get sucked in by the Bulldogs, and other low end Coffeeshops offering expensive inferior quality product. Finally as I stated last time, learn to roll before you roll out! You can’t experience all the flavours if you can’t roll a decent joint! *There are no weed lollipops or major gimmicks featured as dozens of YouTube videos have you covered! This is a connoisseur’s video. Please if you enjoy this, like and subscribe! This video took a ton of effort to make but I do love to do them for you! Suggestions for future content is really welcome! Much love - Jimmy Nevski

👽ÁMSTERDAM👽 Marihuana, Coffee Shops y Drogas | Travel Vlog


Cómo es un Coffee Shop por dentro? Qué tipos de marihuana venden y a qué precio? Setas alucinógenas en ámsterdam? Las drogas en ámsterdam son legales y todas estas cosas son algo normal en esta increíble ciudad! Etiquetas: travel vlog,amsterdam vlog,travel vlogger,amsterdam coffeeshops,coffee shop amsterdam,amsterdam coffee shop,Amsterdam,Drogas,Marihuana,salud,porros,psilocibina,holanda,magic mushrooms,cubensis,Mundo Oce,Alanxelmundo,marieldeviaje,vlog,travel,amsterdam travel,Red light district,Barrio rojo,Barrio rojo ámsterdam,organización mundial de la salud,cannabis,thc,luisito comunica,drogas,marijuana,droga

TheWeedGuy: Amsterdam Coffee Shop Blazing


POT TV - TheWeedGuy, aka Mark Klokeid, is founder of and the medical marijuana dispensaries in Vancouver. Watch his smoke-fests on Pot TV. In this episode: We blaze some fatties then adventure around Amsterdam, checking out coffee shop "The Grey Area." Don't forget to enjoy life! Don't forgot to enjoy life & for more videos check out

Amsterdam Coffeeshop Smoke Session (Hash Spliff @ Kashmir Lounge Amsterdam) - Post Lockdown


Smoke Session Inside An Amsterdam Coffeeshop Amsterdam 2021 is here but as of yet we still can't travel over. Do not worry Cainers and fellow Stoners, we are building up to the new Amsterdam video in our Amsterdam vlog series Wham Bam Thank You Dam. We are uploading never seen before Amsterdam clips during Strain Cainers and Doctor Denz Amsterdam adventures. In this video, Dr Denz shares his knowledge and experience of hash while Strain Cainers skins up. Will you be back out to Amsterdam in 2021? Let us know below :) What is your fav Amsterdam Coffeeshop? Have you been to Kashmir Lounge before? Comment below and sub while you are there :) PS LIKE VIDEO IF YOU MISS THE DAM!! #amsterdamcoffeeshop #kashmirlounge #hash

Coffeeshop in Amsterdam | Holanda-Parte3 (2021)


Hi guys, welcome to my channel. I am Mali, a peruvian girl abroad. In this 3rd part of my Amsterdam video we enter a coffeeshop and learn about cannabis and the history of coffeeshops in Holland. I hope you like the video! Hola chicos, bienvenidos al canal. Soy Mali, una peruanísima en el Extranjero. La ultima parte de nuestro video de Amsterdam, ahora entramos en un Coffeshop donde nos dan información sobre el cannabis. Espero que les guste el video. AQUI ME PUEDEN ENCONTRAR 🤍 Quién soy? Mi nombre es Mali, soy peruana y vivo en Alemania, estoy aprendiendo alemán para poder estudiar una maestría en arquitectura. Aquí encontrarás información de mi estilo de vida, viajes y sobre el idioma. No olvides compartirlo con tus amigos y suscribirte para seguir viendo más videos, nos vemos! 🤗

Tour de la marihuana en Ámsterdam!🔞🌿 ¡BARATO! Entramos a una Coffeeshop | MPV en Ámsterdam


Gracias al Cannabis & Hemp Museum y a Tweede Kamer Coffeshop por las facilidades para la grabación. 🔞Contenido para mayores de 18 años 🔞 ¡Hola amigos! Aquí les dejamos un video diferente, hemos hecho una guía detallada acerca de la marihuana, hash y hemp. Hemos aprendido mucho con esta investigación y esperamos que ustedes también puedan aprender tanto como nosotras. Si tienen más datos relevantes no olviden dejarnos sus comentarios :) ♥ Sígannos en: - Facebook: 🤍 - Instagram de Dani: 🤍 - Instagram de Fátima: 🤍 - Instagram viajero: 🤍 ♥ Suscríbete al canal, ¡ES GRATIS!: 🤍 ♥ Síguenos en nuestro NUEVO CANAL donde ya tenemos un par de videos :D : 🤍 ➡ 💰Descuento en tu hospedaje AIRBNB: 🤍 💰😱 (Nuevos usuarios) ➡ ¿Cómo editamos nuestro videos? Aquí les recomendamos un curso buenazo de Adobe premiere 😎 : 🤍 ➡ ¿De dónde es la música que usamos? 🎶 De aquí: 🤍 - Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum Web: 🤍 Ubicación: 🤍 - Cannabis College Web: 🤍 Ubicación: 🤍 - Tweede Kamer Coffeeshop Web: 🤍 Ubicación: 🤍 - Burger King Ubicación: 🤍 #coffeeshopamsterdam #coffeeshop #cannabisamsterdam

Ma première fois à Amsterdam !


Je vais pour la première fois à Amsterdam ! Adresse black and white Burger Bruxelles : Boulevard Anspach 4 1000 Bruxelles Belgique Adresse de nos restos: Black and White Burger 1er 73 Boulevard de Clichy 75009 paris 2eme 31 rue Saint denis 75001 Paris suivez les actualités de notre restaurant sur: 🤍 Contact presse / Collaboration IbraPlusPro🤍 Instagram: 🤍

Amsterdam Coffeeshop Tourist Ban 2021


Compilation of news headlines over the last few weeks about the ban of tourist in Amsterdam Cannabis Coffeeshops. The Amsterdam cannabis community posts videos on social media in hopes to encourage the government not to move forward with the tourist ban and closure of Amsterdam Coffeeshops. And a trip down memory lane with some video clips of some fun times at the Coffeeshops over the last few years. Please SHARE this video with your friends. #cannabiscommunity

Grey Area Coffeeshop Amsterdam Budtender Interview SGTV


Grey Area Coffeeshop is an Amsterdam legend! It is all quality over quantity! Learn about the daily operation and history of this coffeeshop. The shop is small, but its heart and quality are huge! Read and write reviews for Grey Area Coffeeshop: 🤍 Subscribe for more videos like this - 🤍 Find related videos in our series & playlists 🤍 The Smokers Guide to Amsterdam 🤍 Our Interactive Map 🤍 Facebook 🤍 Twitter 🤍 Instagram 🤍 Pinterest 🤍 All music used with permission and with thanks to the artists: "Dreams" The Smokers Guide book is a map-based, full color guide filled with handy tips, super discount coupons, reviews, rolling tippies and much more. It explains the legal situation in Amsterdam, and provides you with all the best info when traveling to Amsterdam. It also deals with how marijuana works, and how to select the best smoke for you! The Smokers Guide believes in high quality. It represents only good businesses that offer high quality products to their customers. The Smokers Guide has been making product reviews for many years now, testing the strains of marijuana (a.k.a. weed, cannabis, herb, buds) and hash currently available on the Amsterdam market. Check our channel for videos from Canadian, Nevada and Jamaican dispensaries!

Amsterdam Coffeeshop Dampkring Overview Menu and more


Bitcoin donate: 18iy4yw4tBoS6NR5AYLzikwydUhUMfevwP Ron from the Original Dampkring Coffeeshop in Amsterdam talks about the Hash and Weed menu, original strains and more... Produced by Dismas Barbito Coming Soon: more coffeeshop updates

The Amsterdam Coffeeshop Selling Cali (Hunt For The Plug) 24 Hours In Dam Vlog


Cali Weed? What is it? Why do people rave about it so much? Can you find it in Amsterdam? Why is it so expensive? Rizla our Strain Cainer and Cannabis Vlogger returns to the city of Amsterdam for another coffeeshop tour. Follow him as he takes you to The Plug formally known as Coffeeshop Utopia to find the cali strains that are starting to appear on menus around the city. He also will take you back to Hotel and Coffeeshop Voyagers and visit a Burger Bar called Burger Bar and the sports bar that lets you smoke weed in there. 24 Hours In Dam and time..and money is running out. Join Rizla for another Rizla Vlogs and the long-awaited return of 24 Hours In Amsterdam. Please sub to our channel we need you...almost 1000 :D Strain Cainers is a strictly over 18s only channel. The channel can and will feature Strong language and/or Cannabis (The harmless plant that has never killed anyone ever in the history of mankind) Please do NOT copy us at home kids we are professional cainers. Let us do the caining and you do the watching. For Entertainment Comedy and Educational purposes only!!!! If you are still reading this and have not subscribed to our channel then please can you :) We are getting closer and closer to the big 1000 and you can help us get there. Also, make sure you press the bell thingy next to it so you never miss a new video from the Strain Cainers. NOT SEEN PART 1? CLICK HERE 🤍 PART 2 (Voyagers Hotel) 🤍 Subscribe to the channel here 🤍 (GET US TO 3000 SUBS PLEASE) Come follow us on some of our other social networks Instagram 🤍 Twitter 🤍 Facebook 🤍 #THEPLUG #AMSTERDAM2018 #24HRSINDAM

Das BESTE Gras in AMSTERDAM im Test!


Micha ist für euch nach Amsterdam zum Unity/High Times Cup gereist! Dort testet die besten Gras-Sorten der Stadt, der teilnehmenden Shops. * In dieser Sendung werden Handlungen erwähnt und/oder gezeigt, die in Deutschland für bestimmte Personen illegal sind. Der Besitz, Handel, Erwerb, und die Produktion von Cannabis sind in Deutschland für die meisten Menschen illegal und stellen eine Straftat dar. DerMicha will seine Zuschauer informieren und aufklären. Wir weisen ausdrücklich darauf hin, dass die betreffenden Handlungen nicht nachgeahmt werden sollen. *




Fat 1oz (?) Weed Joints Smoked at Coffeeshop 1e Hulp with Hip Hop Crew - SmokersGuide TV Amsterdam


🤍 - Join our Smoke Out and Meet and Greet at Coffeeshop 1e Hulp. Relax and toke it up with AG, El Da Sensei, DJ Kaos, Pawnz One and more! Subscribe for more videos like this - 🤍 Find related videos in our series & playlists - 🤍 The Smokers Guide to Amsterdam - 🤍 Facebook - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 Google+ - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 Pinterest - 🤍 Our Amsterdam Map - 🤍 The Ultimate Coffeeshop Guide - 🤍 Music: Intro & Outro by Robert Rigby - 🤍 All music used with permission and with thanks to the artists. The Smokers Guide book is a map-based, full colour guide filled with handy tips, super discount coupons, rolling tippies and much more. It explains the legal situation in Amsterdam, and provides you with all the best info when travelling to Amsterdam. It also deals with how marijuana works, and how to select the best smoke for you! The Smokers Guide believes in high quality. It represents only good businesses that offer high quality products to their customers. The Smokers Guide has been making product reviews for many years now, testing the strains of marijuana currently available on the Amsterdam market. ~Get 10% discount on all products (excl. tobacco and blunt wraps), from the Grass Company. Use promo code SG420 at 🤍~

AMSTERDAM - Miasto rozrywki (Coffeeshop, czerwone latarnie i dobra zabawa) #57


Wsparcie podróży przez świat.... 🤍 🤍 paypal pajak.twins🤍 Wsparcie kanału - KUP KOSZULKĘ (napisz maila) podrozewojownika🤍 Zapisujcie się na moją listę mailingową :) Co tydzień jakiś news! 🤍 Zniżka Airbnb! Zarejestruj się za pomocą mojego linku, a otrzymasz do 206 zł zniżki na swoją pierwszą podróż. 🤍 Kod rabatowy do Ground Game 10% hasło podrozewojownika 🤍 Kod rabatowy do sklepu z suplementami SFD (10% zniżki) pajak10sfd Współpraca podrozewojownika🤍 Instagram 🤍 (IG Pawła) 🤍 Fanpage 🤍 #Holandia #coffeeshop #życieNocne #dawid #Polacy #dron #podróżewojownika #trening #dżungla #wycieczka #porady #podpowiedzi #imprezy #wyspy #15krajów #podsumowanie #phuket #tigermuaythai #wakacje #reggae #plaża #palma #wyprawa #piotrpająk #zmiana #kraju #innyświat #fighter #przygoda #azja #polak #przygoda #podróżnik

Amsterdam Vlog Teil 1/3 iNcent781


Ich bin spontan 3 Tage nach Amsterdam gefahren und hatte eine Menge Spaß 🤩 Ich nehm euch in diesem Video mit auf diese Reise und hoffe dass es euch gefällt. Also grabed euch etwas leckeres zu trinken, einen noicen Snack und gebt euch das Video 😈🙅🏽‍♂️🧢 Viel Spaß 🍯🌈✅ Euer incent !

Cannabis Potency Test: Cookies at Strain Hunters Coffeeshop (Amsterdam)


AudioKushTV brings the Purpl Pro to Amsterdam's newest coffeeshop, Strain Hunters, to inspect the potency of their cannabis flowers. Purpl Pro by Purpl Scientific allows for almost instant cannabis potency measurement in the palm of your hand. At Coffeeshop Strain Hunters, we checked out their exclusive Cookies Selection. We used Purpl Scientific's Purpl Pro to test the potency levels of some strains off their Cookies selection, Cereal Milk, Cheetah Piss, and The Soap. We also analyzed Super Lemon Haze and Hawaiian Haze with Purpl Pro. The test results ranged between 24%-30% total THC. We visited the grand opening of Coffeeshop Strain Hunters in September. Take a peek behind the counter here: 🤍 - - - - - - - - SUBSCRIBE TO AUDIO KUSH TV: 🤍 - - - - - - - - Music produced by Maoen, Jellynote, Soulstate, & Mr. Volthi Follow the artists online 🤍 🤍 🤍 Filmed by ZoeInTheJungle 🤍 Filmed and edited by Beretta Graphics 🤍 🤍 - - - - - - - - SUBSCRIBE TO AUDIO KUSH TV: 🤍 - - - - - - - - Amsterdam is known around the world as one of the most prominent cannabis vacation / holiday locations. We can provide the perfect atmosphere for product demonstrations, workshops, tutorials, and reviews. Contact us to sample your product. Audio Kush is an international media organization, dedicated to promoting the arts and cannabis culture. Audio Kush is of the orientation that the cannabis plant is medicinal in nature and, when used correctly, can be life saving and have great impact upon many conditions which plague society. Here at Audio Kush, it is our duty to inform the public of the changes and advances happening in the world of cannabis, enabling them to make well informed decisions for their best interest. Audio Kush works tirelessly to raise awareness of cannabis culture by means of research, reporting, and hosting events internationally. Audio Kush has partnerships across the cannabis industry ranging from coffeeshops, event organizers, dispensaries, and activists. Disclaimer: Everything posted on this page is purely for educational and historical purposes only. The legalities for the use of controlled substances varies from country to country. Audio Kush does not encourage the use of controlled substances. Please review your local laws. Absolutely nothing is for sale. #audiokushtv #purplpro #strainhunters Product Demo: Purpl Pro - Instant Mobile Cannabis Potency Testing 🤍 Cannabis Potency Test: Billy Kimber at Coffeeshop De Kade (Amsterdam) 🤍 Berner Presents: Lemonnade x Strain Hunters "Super Lemonnade" Collaboration (Part 1) 🤍 Lemoncello Taste Test w/ the Cookie Fam 🤍 Strain Hunters (ep5) Greenhouse Amsterdam's CoffeeShop Culture 🤍

AMSTERDAM #1 Coffeeshop e street food


Primo giorno ad Amsterdam, totalmente in loop; tra una cosa e l'altra, il 23 agosto, abbiamo: camminato quasi 20 chilometri, frequentato sei coffeeshop* e mangiato l'inverosimile. * COFFEESHOP: 1. Dampkring - AG13 2. Bulldog ex-police station - Master OG 3. Noon - OG Kush 4. Ambraxas - Hawaian Haze 5. Green house effect - Honey Badgers 6. Amnesia - Smartiez Spero che il video ti sia piaciuto, anche se capisco che qualità non è delle migliori, io comunque, CI HO MESSO IL CUORE A breve usciranno nuove clip e spero che verrai a vederle! Grazie a presto!



Yiiiiii!!! !Nuevo capitulo de la Yincana, esta vez nos vamos a Amsterdam a pasar el fin de semana, haciendo ruta por los cofre shops de la ciudad del pecado. No te pierdas los próximos videos del barrio rojo y más cositas por la ciudad. sígueme en las redes sociale si te apetece 🤍yincanalife

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