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How to Use Discord - Beginner's Guide


Discord is an all-in-one communication platform and it has voice chat, video chat, text chat, screen share and it's free to use. Discord is available on the browsers at Discord.com, a desktop app for Mac or PC on discord.com, and a mobile app for iOS or Android. Want to use Discord on your iPhone or Android? Check out the Discord app video from our other channel. 🤍 🤍App Of The Day You can follow public servers or join private ones. Discord is organized this way: Sever is at the top level. Inside of each server, you have channels. You can set your status on discord as online, idle, do not disturb, or invisible. To start, you can join a server or you can create one by pressing the plus icon. To join a channel, you need the link for that server. But anyone can create one. Inside of each server, you can have voice channels and you can have text channels. You can also create categories to organize your channels into folders. Thank you for watching this video! Please share and subscribe for more, easy to follow social media and tech videos. Share this video: 🤍 See more simple and easy to follow how-to videos. Subscribe 🤍 See easy to follow how-to videos on social media and tech 🤍

The ULTIMATE Discord Setup Tutorial 2020! - How to Setup a Discord Server 2020 with BOTS & ROLES!


Welcome to the UPDATED Discord Setup tutorial for 2020! My past 2 videos on how to setup a discord server did EXTREMELY well, so I'm excited to give you guys a new setup guide with MUCH more knowledge on Discord, and way better production quality! Hope you guys enjoy! ➔ Check out some of my other Discord Videos: 🤍 ⬅ ➔ How to Grow Your DISCORD SERVER Fast and Easy: 🤍 ⬅ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━ 🎨 Thumbnails done by Justin ➔ 🤍 🎨 Emotes done by Rin ➔ 🤍 ━━━━━━━━━━━━━ 📱 Discord ➔ 🤍 🐦Twitter ➔ 🤍 📷 Instagram ➔ 🤍 👻 Snapchat ➔ 🤍 ━━━━━━━━━━━━━ My Gear: ►PC Specs: i7 8700k overclocked 🤍 4.3Ghz (Water Cooled), RTX 2060 6GB, 16GB Corsair Vengeance RGB RAM, 256GB SSD + 2TB 7200rpm Toshiba HDD, ASUS STRIX Z370 ► Mouse: Logitech G502 (🤍 ►Keyboard: Dierya 60% (🤍 ►Mic: Blue Yeti (🤍 ►Camera: Logitech C920 (🤍 ►Headset: Astro A40 (🤍 ►Phone: Pixel 2 XL (🤍 ►RGB Back-lighting (🤍

How To Use Discord (2021)


Discord is a popular chat platform for keeping up with friends and your favorite communities. Here is how to use Discord on both desktop and PC. 0:00 Choose between the desktop app, mobile app, or via browser 0:42 Installing desktop app 0:56 Registering and signing in 1:10 Where to create and join servers 1:27 Creating a server 1:54 Inviting people to server 2:04 Joining a server 2:26 Layout of a server 2:54 Customizing settings MORE HOW TO VIDEOS: How To Delete Your Facebook Account 🤍 How To Download Fortnite On PC 🤍 How To Make A Discord Server 🤍 #Discord #Chat #TechInsider Tech Insider tells you all you need to know about tech: gadgets, how-to's, gaming, science, digital culture, and more. Visit us at: 🤍 TI on Facebook: 🤍 TI on Instagram: 🤍 TI on Twitter: 🤍 TI on Amazon Prime: 🤍 INSIDER on Snapchat: 🤍 How To Use Discord (2021)

How to make an EPIC Discord server (TUTORIAL)


A video showing you guys how you can make the most EPIC Discord server ever! This goes over the many different aspects of creating a server; and gives some tips to help in this process! ⇩ TIMESTAMPS ⇩ Topic - 0:28 Bots - 0:47 Permissions - 1:42 Channels - 3:31 Decorations - 4:09 Adverts - 6:20 Thanks for watching the video! (: LINKS BELOW ⇩ BOTS SHOWN (IN ORDER) ⇩ 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 ⇩ GIMP PROGRAM ⇩ 🤍 ⇩ ANOTHER RANDOM VIDEO ⇩ 🤍 ⇩ JOIN MY DISCORD SERVER ⇩ 🤍 ⇩ MUSIC USED ⇩ 🤍 PROGRAMS USED •Sony Vegas Pro 16 Edit for Editing Software •NVIDIA GeForce for Screen Capturer/Recorder Have a good day, and be sure to like the video to show that you enjoy the content I'm making!

Discord Server Setup Tutorial - 2021 BEGINNER GUIDE! (How to Use Discord)


Learn how to use discord and set up a Discord server in this beginner guide tutorial! In this video, I'll teach you how to add & assign roles, add bots, create channels & categories, and other Discord server tips & tricks! Join my Discord: 🤍 Mee6 Discord Bot: 🤍 Canva: 🤍 _ 00:00 How to Setup a Discord Server (2021) 00:24 Join my Discord Server 🤍 00:39 How to Create a Discord Server 01:02 How to Add Server Logo and Name 01:29 How to Create Discord Channels & Categories (Text & Voice) 02:03 Recommended/Popular Text Channels 03:47 How to Enable the Emoji Keyboard (add Emojis to Channel Name) 05:13 How to Enable "Community" Server Settings 06:44 How to Set Up a Server "Welcome Screen" 07:45 How to Set Up "Membership Screening" 08:22 How to Create & Assign Member Roles (Admin & Moderator) 10:11 How to Add a Discord Bot (Mee6 Bot) 🤍 10:24 Mee6 Discord Bot Features (YouTube Uploads & Welcome Message) 12:30 How to Add Custom Server Emojis 13:05 How to Invite People to Your Server (+ Create a Never Expiring Invite) 13:27 Outro #Discord #Tutorial #DiscordServer Never miss an upload. 🤍 My Merch: 🤍 Digital Products: 🤍 My Prints: 🤍 E-Mail: contact🤍alwayscreating.ca Support the Channel with a Membership! 🤍 JOIN THE COMMUNITY Discord Server: 🤍 Facebook Group: 🤍 CONNECT WITH ME Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Pinterest: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 MY GEAR Sony a6300: 🤍 Sigma 16mm f/1.4: 🤍 Rode NT-USB Microphone: 🤍 Dell XPS 13 Laptop: 🤍 Full list: 🤍 WHAT I USE TO EDIT Get Adobe Creative Cloud: 🤍 (60% OFF for Students) Get Adobe After Effects: 🤍 Get Adobe Audition: 🤍 Get Adobe Illustrator: 🤍 Get Adobe Lightroom: 🤍 Get Adobe Photoshop: 🤍 Get Adobe Premiere Pro: 🤍 MUSIC Background Music from EpidemicSound: 🤍 Background Music Playlist: 🤍 Disclaimer: When you purchase through links in my description, I may earn an affiliate commission.

How to Use Discord App - EASY Discord Tutorial


HOW TO USE DISCORD APP - EASY DISCORD TUTORIAL // Are you a new YouTuber and want to connect with your fans? There is NO better app for this than DISCORD! This video is about Discord for YouTubers. I discuss how to use Discord for beginners and more importantly, how to use Discord for business. The Discord server for YouTubers is where you start. For Discord server basics, watch from the beginning and you’ll learn how to use the Discord server for chatting and the Discord server for new YouTubers. This is a Discord guide for beginners, and a basic Discord tutorial in which you learn how to use Discord on browser, Discord tips and tricks, and Discord for small YouTubers. I am so glad you’re here and watched the Discord full tutorial! Thank you! ⭐️ JOIN the “Ian Corzine" DISCORD server HERE: 🤍 ⭐️ 🔵 JOIN Our FACEBOOK Group HERE: 🤍 🔵 🔴 SUBSCRIBE for more on the Legal Side of Social Media: 🤍 🔴 🔥 Check out my video on FAIR USE here: 🤍 🔥 💟 Watch my video on How to Use Music on Instagram here: 🤍 💟 ✳️MAILING ADRESS: ✳️ Heart of the Matter 3835 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd., Ste. 472 Westlake Village, California 91362 ❤️And also please say "Hi!" on Social Media❤️: Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 LinkedIn: 🤍 🤍 The content of this YouTube channel is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice. You should not rely upon any information contained on this YouTube channel for legal advice. Viewing this YouTube channel is not intended to and shall not create an attorney-client relationship between you and Ian Corzine or West Corzine, LLP. Messages or other forms of communication that you transmit to this YouTube channel will not create an attorney-client relationship and thus information contained in such communications may not be protected as privileged. Neither Ian Corzine nor West Corzine, LLP makes any representation, warranty, or guarantee about the accuracy of the information contained in this YouTube channel or in links to other YouTube channels or websites. This YouTube channel is provided "as is," does not represent that any outcome or result from viewing of this channel. Your use viewing of this YouTube channel is at your own risk. You enjoy this YouTube channel and its contents only for personal, non-commercial purposes. Neither Ian Corzine, West Corzine, LLP, nor anyone acting on their behalf, will be liable under any circumstances for damages of any kind. Note this description contains affiliate links that allow you to find the items mentioned in this video and support the channel at no cost to you. While this channel may earn minimal sums when the viewer uses the links, the viewer is in NO WAY obligated to use these links. Thank you for your support! © 2019 Ian Corzine. All rights reserved. #discord #discordsquad #iancorzine

The BEST Discord Setup Tutorial 2022 - How to Setup Discord Server with BOTS and ROLES


Join NordVPNs Discord Partner Program: 🤍 Discord has added a LOT of new features over the last couple years. In this video, I show you all how to make a Discord Server, how to add bots and roles in the discord server,, and even show you how to organize your discord server! Enjoy! Bots Used: 🤍 🤍 🤍 ━━━━━━━━━━━━━ 💳 Become a Member today for as low as $1.99 to get custom emotes in my streams, and a progressive member badge to stand out in streams/comments ➡ 🤍 💳 Donate to help support the stream: ➡ 🤍 👓 Start reducing eyestrain today by picking up a pair of blue light glasses at 🤍 ! Use code GEHSTURE to get any pair for 30% off! ━━━━━━━━━━━━━ 📺 2nd Channel ➔ 🤍 📱 Discord ➔ 🤍 🐦Twitter ➔ 🤍 📷 Instagram ➔ 🤍 💻 Reddit ➔ https://​reddit.com/r/gehsture/ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━ 🎨 Thumbnails by Justin ➔ 🤍 🎨 Emotes by Rin ➔ 🤍 ━━━━━━━━━━━━━ My Gear: ►PC Specs: i7 8700k overclocked 🤍 4.3Ghz (Water Cooled), RTX 2060 6GB, 32GB Corsair Vengeance RGB RAM, 256GB Samsung 960 EVO + 2TB 7200rpm Toshiba HDD, ASUS STRIX Z370 ► Mouse: Logitech G502 (🤍 ►Keyboard: Dierya 60% (🤍 ►Mic: Rode PodMic (🤍 ►Camera: Canon M50 (🤍 ►Headset: Astro A50 (🤍 ►RGB Back-lighting (🤍 ━━━━━━━━━━━━━ 0:00 - 1:09 - Intro 1:10 - 2:10- Creating Server 2:11 - 3:35 - Creating Channels 3:36 - 6:08 - Categories 6:09 - 8:50 - Roles 8:51 - 16:27 - Permissions 16:28 - 25:42 - Bots 25:46 - 26:38 - Spice it up! 26:39 - 27:56 - Outro #discord



How Was The Video Guys And What Should I Do Next, Comment Below.👇 Like Share And Subscribe .🤘 Thanks For Your Precious Time Guys💙💚 Pubg Id : MrTripleR0 Free Fire Id : Mr.Triple.R Discord Link : 🤍 Messenger Group Invitation Link: Group 1: 🤍 Group 2: 🤍 WhatsApp Group Invitation Link : 🤍 Peace🤘🤘 1k Subs : 18 March 2019 100 Subs : 09 Jan 2019 1 Subs : 27 Dec 2018 Track: Elektronomia - Heaven [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: 🤍 Free Download / Stream: 🤍 Track : Clarx - Zig Zag ( NCS Release) 🔊 Free Download / Stream: 🤍 Track: Unknown Brain - Inspiration (feat. Aviella) [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Video: 🤍 Free Download / Stream: 🤍 #Discord #HowToUse #কিভাবেব্যবহার #HowToUseDiscord #WhatIsDiscord #AllDiscordDetails #Descord #DisCordUse #DiscordDetails #BanglaDiscord #BdDiscord #Ff #Freefire #bd #Garena #Battleground #Battlefield #Pro #Noob #Gameplay #Free #New #Bd #Bangla #India #PocophoneF1 #Neffex #Music #Noob #TripleR #Mr3R #freefire, #garenafreefire, #freefireindonesia, #newupdate, #pubgmobile, #newpubgmobile, #pubgmobileindonesia, #youtuber, #youtubergaming, #garenafreefire #freefireindonesia #pubgmobile #pubgmobileindonesia #newupdate #newupdatefreefire #mapbarufreefire #mapbarumobilelegend #kemaspakez #kemaspakez #mantapkali #kemaspakez #mantapkali #weselooo #Mr_Triple_R #GARENA_FREE_FIRE_BATTLEGROUND #BANGLADESH

How To Use Discord Full Users Guide - From Start To Finish


In this video tutorial, I show you all of the ins and outs of using Discord. Everything from creating an account, creating a discord server, managing server roles, and SO much more! Everything I do online is hosted by Bluehost. For only $2.95 a month, Bluehost can help you set up and host your blog/website. Because Porter Media is a Bluehost affiliate partner, our community can use this link to receive a 50% discount off the monthly price AND A FREE DOMAIN NAME: 🤍 MY SECRET WEAPON AND BEST TOOL TO GROW A YOUTUBE CHANNEL FAST TUBEBUDDY Download TubeBuddy Free Today 🤍 00:00 Introduction 00:56 First Things First 01:16 Discord Nitro, What you get 01:37 Your Status 02:39 Mute/Deafen/User Settings 03:40 Privacy & Safety 04:42 Authorized Apps 04:58 Connections 06:29 Billing 06:47 Voice & Video 10:27 Overlay 11:08 Notifications 12:21 Key binds 12:40 Game Activity 13:24 Activity Feed 13:29 Game Library 13:49 Text and Images 14:18 Appearance 14:55 Streamer Mode 15:20 Language and Windows Settings (ignored) 15:25 Change Log 15:35 Creating/Joining a server 18:25 Discord Server Settings 19:54 Moderation 20:36 Audit Log 20:45 Roles 22:27 Integrations 22:38 Emoji 22:55 Web hooks and Widgets (ignored) 23:10 Members 23:41 Invites 23:49 Bans 23:53 Delete Server Hire Me To Use My Voice In Your Video/Project: 🤍 Hire Freelancers And Get Work Done For A Great Price On Fiverr: 🤍 Follow Me On Twitch And Play Games With Me: 🤍 SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE HERE: 🤍 BECOME A MEMBER HERE: 🤍 My YouTube Setup: 🤍 MY WEBSITES: 🤍 🤍 ­ MY TWITTER: 🤍 MY FACEBOOK: 🤍 MY SNAPCHAT dmporter74 MY INSTAGRAM: 🤍 LISTEN TO OUR PODCASTS: YouTube Creators Hub: 🤍 Podcasters Unplugged: 🤍 Video Game Podcast: 🤍 Support me on Patreon to have access to a private YouTube Creators discord channel and join our community: 🤍 I Use Screenflow To Record My Screencast Videos: Get It Here: 🤍 Disclaimers: Links in the description are typically affiliate links that let you help support the channel at no extra cost. #discord #discordhelp #discordguide

Discord App | How to use Discord APP | Discord App Full Tutorial | how discord app works


Grow your business online FREE 🤍 Instagram : 🤍 Facebook Page : 🤍 Twitter : 🤍 #scordapp #tech #sachinsaxena सस्ते सस्ते सामान यहाँ मिलेंगे : 🤍 Shop Here आपकी अपनी दुकान : 🤍 Hi Guys Sachin Saxena here today in this video i am telling about discord app full tutorial how to use and all features in discord app all settings and features in discord app hope you like it Discod App full features Discord - Talk, Video Chat & Hangout with Friends Discord is your place to talk. Create a home for your communities and friends, where you can stay close and have fun over text, voice, and video. Whether you’re part of a school club, a gaming group, a worldwide art community, or just a handful of friends that want to spend time, Discord makes it easy to talk every day and hang out more often. CREATE AN INVITE-ONLY PLACE TO TALK • Organized text channels give you plenty of room to talk. Share your latest cooking mishaps while coordinating next week’s game night, or just talk about your day without clogging up a group chat. • Voice channels make hanging out easy. Grab a seat in a voice channel when you’re free. Friends can see you’re around and pop in to talk, without having to call. • Reliable tech for staying close. Low latency voice and video feels like you’re in the same room. STAY CLOSE WITH TEXT, VOICE, AND VIDEO • Wave hello over video, watch friends stream their games, or gather up and have a drawing session with screen share. • Turn any image into your own custom emojis and share them with friends. • Share anything from a funny video to your latest group photos, and pin your favorites to remember later. FOR A FEW OR A FANDOM • Custom moderation tools and permission levels can group up your friends, organize your local book club, or bring together music fans from around the world. • Create moderators, give special members access to private channels, and much more. Check out whole video for more... Video covers these topics Discord app what is discord app in hindi what is discord app how to use and what is discord application Sachin saxena You can follow me on Social media Paytm App डाउनलोड करें : 🤍 Choose and Play FREE Youtube Course : 🤍 Whatsapp video playlist ( For whatsapp Tips & Tricks ) 🤍 ◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆●●◆◆◆◆◆◆◆●◆●◆●◆●◆●◆◆●●◆◆◆◆◆◆◆●◆●◆●◆●◆ ◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆●●◆◆◆◆◆◆◆●◆●◆●◆●◆◆◆◆◆●●◆◆◆◆◆◆◆●◆◆◆● कुछ अच्छे वीडियोस जो आपको पसंद आएंगे 1 Dark Mode पूरे फोन में 🤍 2 YOU TUBE की सभी settings सिर्फ एक video में 👉 🤍 3 Facebook की 5 रहस्यमयी settings 👉 🤍 5 Instagram की सभी सेटिंग्स 🤍 6 Twitter app की सभी settings 🤍 7 Facebook app की सभी सेटिंग्स 🤍 8 Kine master की सभी सेटिंग्स 🤍 9 Snap Chat चलाना सीखिए 🤍 10 Gmail की पूरी जानकारी 🤍 ◆◆◆◆◆◆◆●●◆◆◆◆◆◆◆●◆●◆●◆◆◆◆◆◆●◆●●◆◆◆◆◆◆●◆●◆ यहां से खरीद कर कुछ सपोर्ट करे।।।। (Buy Tech gadgets) My equipments Mobiles Redmi 6a 🤍 Realme 2 pro 🤍 Mic Boya BY M1 🤍 MY TRIPOD 🤍 Green Screen 🤍 Mi 6a Charger 🤍 Best phone under 5000 : Lava Z60s 🤍 Best phone under 10000 : Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 🤍 Best phone under 15000 Asus ZenFone Max Pro M2 64 GB | 4 GB RAM (Blue) 🤍 Best phone under 20000 Xioami Poco F1 🤍 Best phone under 25000 OPPO F3 Plus 🤍 Premium Phone (My Fav ) OnePlus 6T (Mirror Black, 6GB RAM, 128GB Storage) 🤍

How to FULLY Setup the Ultimate Discord Server!


Thank you Salad for sponsoring the video! Check out Salad 🤍 and use code "NTTS" when signing up to double your earnings up to $2! There are a lot of videos out there that show you how to set up a Discord server but they miss a lot of things that I think are ABSOLUTELY necessary for any server big or small. I mainly focus on the best bots that everyone should have on their Discord server. Keep in mind that you can totally use any alternative but the bots I show have been the most user friendly I have found that also allow you to learn and get comfortable with even stronger and more complex discord bots. To set up a good and professional discord server, you need to have a variety of channels, moderation bots, anti-raid bots (trust me you need these lol), rank rewards, reaction roles, and a flushed out community features to match up with the bigger servers out there. To speed up the process I provided a discord server template based on my Discord server. You can use a different server template or make your own if you wish. Also due to brevity sake, this video won't focus on growing a discord server. If you want to see something like that, let me know :) SPONSORED LINKS - Get Salad: 🤍 Salad's Open Source Code: 🤍 Salad's Reviews: 🤍 Research Resources Provided by Salad How Much Electricity Does Cryptomining Use?: 🤍 Making Money With Salad: What's the Catch?: 🤍 How DAG & Hardware Degradation Affect Miners: 🤍 Does Mining for Cryptocurrency Damage My GPU?: 🤍 Antiviruses and Salad: 🤍 TUTORIAL LINKS - Server Template: 🤍 Rules & Role Info Template: 🤍 Dyno Bot Invite: 🤍 Dyno Bot Dashboard: 🤍 Ticket Tool: 🤍 Beemo Invite: 🤍 Arcane Invite: 🤍 Arcane Dashboard: 🤍 Carl-bot: 🤍 Discord Emojis: 🤍 Discord Stickers: 🤍 OTHER LINKS - Discord Server 🤍 My Gear (Affiliate Links) 🤍 TIMESTAMPS - 00:00 - Intro 00:16 - Salad Ad (SalAD?) 01:17 - Server Template 01:38 - Copying Rules & Template info 03:06 - Dyno's Moderation 10:04 - Ticket Tool's Modmail system 14:06 - Beemo's Anti-raid 15:05 - Arcane's Level Roles 19:34 - Carlbot's EZ Reaction Roles 23:12 - ARCANE AND CARLBOT FIX 24:05 - Server Emojis 24:51 - Server Stickers 26:22 - Community Tab for fanciness 29:30 - Advice & Tips 30:22 - Outro and Clarification

How Use Discord - Mobile App Beginner's Guide


Discord is an all in one communication platform and it has voice chat, video chat, text chat, screen share and it's free to use. In this video, we will focus on the Discord mobile app for iOS and Android, but Discord is also available on discord.com in a browser version and Mac and PC applications. You can learn how to use Discord on the desktop here: 🤍 You can follow public servers or join private ones. Discord is organized this way: Sever is at the top level. Inside of each server, you have channels. Thank you for watching this video! Please share and subscribe and never miss the next great app. = Share this video: 🤍 = See more, easy to follow how-to videos 🤍

How To Make A Discord Server: Full Setup Discord Tutorial With FREE Discord Template!


In this video, I'll show you exactly how to make a Discord server from start to finish. This is a full setup Discord tutorial with a free Discord template you can use to start your server even faster! Link below! Discord is one of the greatest communication tools on the internet. But if you've never made a Discord before it can be a bit confusing at first. There are text channels, voice channels, locked channels, Discord roles, permissions, bots, and so many other things to learn when it comes to making a Discord server. So I decided to make a full setup Discord tutorial that will take you through every step to help you in creating an epic Discord server. We'll cover how to set up your Discord's text channels, voice channels, Discord roles, Discord permissions for those roles, and even how to properly set up categories for server members and subs. After we get done with this tutorial, I'm giving the template for this Discord server away for free so you can get your server started even faster! Make sure to check out all the links below for everything you'll need! TIMESTAMPS: 0:00 - Start 6:50 - Creating Channels & Catagories 21:10 - Roles & Permissions FREE DISCORD TEMPLATE: 🤍 ADDITIONAL DISCORD HELP VIDEOS MENTIONED: Discord Reaction Roles: 🤍 Discord Auto Role Assignment: 🤍 Top 5 Discord Bots: 🤍 VIDEO SPONSOR: Placeit is the best go to find logos, Twitch overlays, graphics, YouTube end screens, animations, and so much more! Using Placeit you'll save time and money while getting professional looking graphics for your content needs. Click the link below to save 15% on your order or subscription and support EagleGarrett at the same time. Placeit.net 15% OFF DISCOUNT LINK: 🤍 SOCIAL MEDIA: Watch me Live on Twitch: 🤍 Join our Discord: 🤍 Check out my merch store: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 #EagleGarrett #Discord #Tutorial MY STREAMING GEAR & RECOMMENDATIONS: 🤍 VIDEO RECORDED ON: Sony a6400 DSLR Camera: 🤍 Sigma 16mm 1.4 Lens for DSLR: 🤍 AKG Perception 200 (Discountinued / Now The 220): 🤍 GoXLR Mixer: 🤍



New Battlefield 2042 animated themes: 🤍 Timestamps: 00:07 - Introduction & Disclaimer. 01:43 - Downloading Better Discord. 02:34 - Installing Better Discord. 03:30 - Installing Themes. 05:13 - Installing Plugins. 07:09 - Troubleshooting & Uninstalling. 09:14 - Final Words. Links: - Better Discord (now also supporting Linux): 🤍 - Better Discord Themes: 🤍 - Better Discord Plugins: 🤍 Extras: - Themes for Browser Version of Discord: 🤍 - My Web Browser Brave (Affiliate-Link): 🤍 - My Desktop Wallpaper (Wallpaper Engine): 🤍 - Vast Discord Theme: 🤍 Frequently asked questions (please don't ask these, you will be ignored): Q: (Recent issue): I installed my theme in the correct folder and as a correct .css file, why does it still not show up in Discord? A: Just go into Discord and press CTRL + R, it will reload the client and the themes will pop up! . Q: My installer gets stuck on "renaming directory", what do I do? A: All you have to do is close the installer and run it as an administrator, that way it has enough permissions to rename the directory accordingly. . Q: Do others on the same server see the theme, or do I only see it? A: Only you see the theme, if you want to sync themes with others use something like Google Drive and share the account, but I won't help you set that up. . Q: Do I get banned for using this? A: If you use the sources I provided, you shouldn't get banned. However, I strongly recommend for you to watch the disclaimer section of this video at: 00:47 . Q: Is this a virus? It gets detected by my antivirus as one. A: No, it's not. But I leave it up to you to decide if you want to bypass you're antivirus. The application is unsigned and therefore detected as a virus. Here is a recent report from VirusTotal: 🤍 ALSO: Shrattly is my channel moderator, and he is there to help me out with comments I can't reply fast enough to. Support: - VAST BD Support (My Discord Server): 🤍 - Official BD Support Server: 🤍 - 2nd Official BD Support Server: 🤍 Music by Joakim Karud. #HOWTO #Tutorial #BetterDiscord #BandagedBD #DiscordThemes #DiscordPlugins #macos #windows #Vast

How to make a Discord verification system (2021)


Discord verification system easy (carl bot)! I will explain How to make a Discord verification system (2021) for your discord server. Such as the carl bot reaction role verification system and the Dyno bot reaction roles that I use and explain in this video for 2021. I also mention other discord bots you could use, that I have previously already made a tutorial about. I also explain the membership screening and welcome page for your discord server. Just like what you see on the: quackity discord server, tommyinnit discord server, custom name discord server, sounddrout discord server and pretty much every other server you come across. So if you want an easy tutorial, keep watching as I teach carl bot reaction roles, reaction roles discord, and of course the discord verification bot and discord verification system. 💠DISCORD SERVER - 🤍 💠 🔰 PATREON - 🤍 🔰 Time Stamps: 0:00 - Steps for verification 1:30 - Roles and permissions setup 4:36 - Verification reaction role setup 10:00 - Membership screen 11:10 - Welcome screen 💥 Check out my other PEPZING reaction role tutorials mentioned in the vid 💥 Carl bot - 🤍 YAGPDB bot - 🤍 Mee6 bot - 🤍 Other videos COLORED DISCORD TEXT - 🤍 Music: Title: Hot Coffee by Ghostrifter Official Genre and Mood: Hip Hop & Rap · Calm Hot Coffee by Ghostrifter Official 🤍 Creative Commons — Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported — CC BY-SA 3.0 Free Download / Stream: 🤍 Music promoted by Audio Library 🤍 License: You're free to use this song and monetize your videos. Title: Oh La La by dyalla Genre and Mood: Hip Hop & Rap + Inspirational Oh La La by dyalla 🤍 Music promoted by Audio Library 🤍 SoundCloud: 🤍 Bandcamp: 🤍 Title: Deux by dyalla Deux by dyalla 🤍 Music promoted by Audio Library 🤍 SoundCloud: 🤍 Bandcamp: 🤍 Title: Heartache by Silent Partner Music: Heartache - Silent Partner 🤍 Title: Dog and Pony Show by Silent Partner ⭐ Free Download: 🤍 Music: Dog and Pony Show - Silent Partner 🤍 Title: Dog Park by Silent Partner ⭐ Free Download: 🤍 Music: Dog Park - Silent Partner 🤍 "Awesome call" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License 🤍

How To Use Discord | Let's Hang Out!


We have a Discord server - yay!! Link: 🤍 Here's a little crash course on using Discord, and what our server looks like 💗💜 can't wait to hang out with all of you there x Instagram: 🤍avantinagral (🤍 Subscribe here: 🤍 Video Edit: Aman Parchure (🤍amanparchure) More vlogs and conversations: 🤍 "The Long Way" by Avanti: 🤍 "He Makes Me" by Avanti: 🤍 "thank u (pls)" by Avanti: 🤍 "Sneaking Around" by Avanti: 🤍

How To Make A GREAT Discord Server (Full Setup)


In this video, I will show you how to fully setup a great looking Discord server for all of your needs. This is going to be a long video, so strap in. Thank you to discords.com for sponsoring today's video. ─────────────────────────────────────────────── YouTube video featured in the video: 🤍 Discord Server List: 🤍 Grow your Discord server with Premium: 🤍 Discord Bot List: 🤍 Discord Emoji List: 🤍 Discord Template List: 🤍 Discord Profiles List: 🤍 Carl-bot: 🤍 Wick: 🤍 Rythm: 🤍 ─────────────────────────────────────────────── Join my Discord server: 🤍 Follow me on Twitter: 🤍 Follow me on Reddit: 🤍 Follow me on Twitch: 🤍 ─────────────────────────────────────────────── TIMESTAMPS: 0:00 Intro 0:06 Creating the server 0:36 Another way to create a server 1:14 Part I - Creating Channels 1:38 Part II - Enable Community 2:58 Part III - Decoration 3:30 Part IV - Roles 4:40 Part V - Channel Permissions 5:54 Part VI - Bots 6:52 Part VII - Configuring Carl-bot 8:06 Part VIII - Configuring Wick 10:01 Part IX - Levelling System 11:17 Part X - Rules and Information 12:17 Part XI - Emojis and Stickers 13:58 Part XII - Adding Your Server to A Server List 14:56 discords.com Premium Plans 15:36 Outro ─────────────────────────────────────────────── Music used: Cafe (prod. by Lukrembo) Late morning (prod. by Lukrembo) Daily (prod. by Lukrembo) Bored (prod. by Lukrembo) Marshmallow (prod. by Lukrembo) Balloon (prod. by Lukrembo) Travel (prod. by Lukrembo) (outro music) ─────────────────────────────────────────────── © 2021 The Stacks Network. All rights reserved

How to make epic discord server | Explained hindi


Epic discord server means you can separate text channels and automate ever text channel and voice channel. How you can make is very easy. So here how to make epic discord server explain in Hindi Timestamps: 0:00 Starting 0:35 Creating server 1:08 Creating Channel category 1:28 Creating text channel 1:59 Creating Voice channel 2:51 Adding Bots 4:21 Creating music channel 5:06 Creating Roles 7:01 Creating a private channel 7:42 Giving Permissions 8:33 Final Decoration ─────────────────────────────────────────────── Find me on: • Instagram- 🤍 • Twitter - 🤍 • Discord - 🤍 ─────────────────────────────────────────────── Gear I use Lights: Digitek 18" Ring Light- 🤍 Tripod: Digitek Tripod- 🤍 Primary Camera: Canon EOS 200D- 🤍 Secondary Camera: One plus 7pro- 🤍 Camera Tripod: Osaka Os550 55" Tripod- 🤍 Collor Mic: Boya BYM1- 🤍 USB Condenser mic: Samson C01u Pro USB Mic- 🤍 Mic Arm : Powerpak NB-35 (Yellow) : 🤍 ─────────────────────────────────────────────── Streaming PC Specs Processor: : Intel i7-8700k - 🤍 Ram: Gskill Tridentz 8x2- 🤍 Liquid Cooler: CM ML360R- 🤍 Mobo: Msi Z390 pro carbon Ac - 🤍 GPU: Msi Rtx 2080ti GamingX Trio- 🤍 Psu : CM 850W 80+ Gold- 🤍 SSD: Hyperx Fury RGB 500gb- 🤍 HDD: WD 2TB 7200rpm- 🤍 Cabinet: CM Mastercase h500p Mesh White- 🤍 Peripherals: Mouse: HyperX Pulse Fire- 🤍 Keyboard: HyperX Alloy FPs- 🤍 Headset: HyperX Revolver S 7.1 Dolby- 🤍 Speaker: Logitech Z906 5.1 Surround- 🤍 Chair: Ant Esport WB-8077- 🤍 ─────────────────────────────────────────────── Second Pc Specs Processor: Ryzen 5 3600- 🤍 Ram: Adata XPG Gammix 16gb- 🤍 Mobo: Msi B450 Vdh Pro Max- 🤍 SSD: Crucial 500Gb- 🤍 HDD: WD 1Tb 7200rpm- 🤍 Cabinet: Coolermaster Mb511- 🤍 GPU: Zotac Rtx 2060- 🤍 PSU: CM 550w 80+ bronze- 🤍 ─────────────────────────────────────────────── TubeBuddy Affiliate 🤍

Ultimate Discord Server Setup 2021 (Setup, Growth & Activity)!


This video will show you how to set up, grow, and retain members and activity on your discord server! This video has been optimised for 2021! Discord: 🤍 Website: 🤍 Store: 🤍 TIMESTAMPS 00:00 - Introduction 00:29 - Server Setup 03:50 - Server Growth 05:45 - Server Activity 07:58 - Extra Customisation Tips 09:44 - Support / Purchases TAGS: Set up discord server, setup server professionally in 2021. Discord server setup, Automator bot, hydro bot, setup bot, ultimate discord setup, discord setup, good discord server, how to gain discord members, how to make a good discord server, how to make server active discord, discord server tutorial, discord server grow, discord, grow fast discord, grow discord for free, set up discord free, free discord setup, setup discord free, set up a discord server 2021, how to discord, how to discord server 2021

Discord Community Setup (2021 Tutorial) - How to Create a Server and Add Moderation Fast


Learn how to create a Discord community and server quickly! We break down the basics you need to know about the community basics, auto moderations, welcome screens, membership screening, and even how to disable some of those annoying notifications. Discord is a powerful tool for any live streamer, YouTuber, or content creator! So learn how to create a server and add moderation and other community tools fast! 0:00 Intro to Discord Communities 0:58 Creating a Discord Server 1:36 Auto Moderation 2:11 Enabling Your Server as a Community 4:54 Setting up a Welcome Screen 5:58 Membership Screening 7:30 Managing Threads 8:40 Outro Twitch Text Emotes .....► 🤍 Get Started at .....► 🤍 Become an affiliate: 🤍 #TwitchOverlays #OBS #StreamGraphics ~ Check out 🤍 Follow Nerd or Die on Twitter 🤍 Follow Us on Instagram 🤍

ASTRO Gaming A50 + Discord Setup Guide


Need help setting up your ASTRO Gaming A50 Wireless + Base Station and Discord on PC? This video will guide you through a simple setup as well as some quick EQ settings within the ASTRO Command Center. For both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions. A50 Wireless + Base Station PC/Mac Setup Guide: 🤍 A50 Wireless and ASTRO Command Center Setup: 🤍 Download the ASTRO Command Center Software here: 🤍 Shop Now: 🤍 Don't forget to subscribe for more updates, event coverage, and exclusive deals! 🤍 Follow the ASTRO Family Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Google+:🤍 🤍

How to Make EMBEDDED Info Channels on Discord! [Step-By-Step]


Oh hey, thanks for being here. Before you go into discohook I wanna say that you should join my discord server! it'd mean a lot thankyou! Thanks! - 🤍 — DISCOHOOK LINKS — Discohook - 🤍 Discohook official bot - 🤍 Discohook support server - 🤍 Join them!! Planet Roonie: 🤍 Dinosaurs: 🤍 Zeekz's Kingdom: 🤍 The Hub: 🤍 — DESCRIPTION — Do you want to have beautiful info channels in your discord? Do you want your important messages to be embedded? ALSO EDITABLE? Today I’m going to show you how you can make embedded messages with banners on your discord server for absolutely the cost of $0 dollars. For this, we are not going to be using carlbot or yagpbd or any other discord bot. We are gonna be using what is called a webhook. I recently came across webhooks and it's so cool that I had to make a video about it — TIMESTAMPS — 0:00 Intro 0:32 Creating a webhook 1:12 Setting up Discohook 1:52 Basic Embed Knowledge 2:50 Banners/Images 3:26 Adding multiple embeds 3:50 Adding Emojis, channels, roles, and users. 5:02 Editing Embeds 5:29 Outro — Get Social — Discord ▶ 🤍 Discord ▶ 🤍 Youtube ▶ 🤍 Instagram ▶ 🤍 Twitter ▶ 🤍

How To Enable 2FA On Discord - Setup 2FA on Mobile & PC


How To Enable 2FA On Discord? In this tutorial, I show you how to enable and setup two factor authentication on Discord. Enabling 2FA increases security for your Discord account and makes it harder for it to be hacked. We go over how to setup 2FA on discord using your computer and phone. Let me know in the comments if you have any questions while you enable 2FA on Discord. How to Make Invisible Profile Picture on Discord: 🤍 How To Change 'Now Playing' on Discord: 🤍 How to Make Discord Username Invisible: 🤍 Discord Tips & Tutorials: 🤍 Helpful Twitch Tutorials: 🤍 Gaming Tips and Tutorials: 🤍 Get the Discord App(paid link): 🤍 Follow the steps below to turn on 2FA on Discord: 1. Open discord and ensure you are logged in. 2. Select the gear in the bottom left near your username to open the user settings. 3. In the Discord user settings under My Account select Enable Two-factor Auth. 4. Enter your Discord password . 5. Install an authentication app like Authy, Google Authenticator, or Microsoft Authenticator. Links below. 6. Setup the app on your phone and scan the QR code created by Discord. 7. Enter the 6 six code from your authenticator app into Discord. 8. 2FA is now enabled on your Discord account. Get an Authenticator app here: Microsoft Authenticator: - iTunes app store: 🤍 - Google Play Store: 🤍 Google Authenticator: - iTunes app store: 🤍 - Google Play Store: 🤍 Authy: - iTunes app store: 🤍 - Google Play Store: 🤍 #Discord #DiscordTutorial #DiscordTrick Disclaimer: Some of the links in this description are Amazon affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, Gauging Gadgets earns from qualifying purchases through affiliate links. This helps support the channel and allows us to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for the support! 😀 HAPPY WITH THE VIDEO? 😀 SUBSCRIBE NOW! CLICK HERE - 🤍 SEND ME A TIP! - 🤍 FOLLOW ME! BLOG: 🤍 FACEBOOK - 🤍 TWITTER - 🤍 REDDIT - 🤍 INSTAGRAM - 🤍 TWITCH - 🤍 Learn How to Crochet: 🤍 HOW DO I DO IT? (Paid Links) TubeBuddy YouTube Toolkit: 🤍 All Thumbnails Made with Canva: 🤍 StreamYard Live Streaming Tool: 🤍?fpr=gauginggadgets&fp_sid=yt Nerd or Die Twitch Overlays: 🤍 My YouTube Setup: 🤍 Dell G3 15-3579: 🤍 Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 + SuperAmp Pro: 🤍 700W Lighting Kit - 🤍 Blue Yeti USB Microphone - 🤍 Logitech C920 Webcam - 🤍 Cell Phone - Pixel 2 XL - 🤍 Neewer Mini Table Tripod - 🤍

Discord Dyno Bot Quick Guide - a "How to Discord" tutorial


Want to know how to Discord? Find out how to add Dyno bot to your Discord server, setup Dyno bot for moderation, automation, management and much much more! This video titled: "Discord Dyno Bot Quick Guide - a 'How to Discord' tutorial ", is the third installment of my "How to Discord" series. In just over 6 minutes, this guide and tutorial video will have you well on your way to Setup Dyno bot in Discord, and give you some ideas on how to use it with ease. In this "How to Discord" guide and tutorial, I assume that you have already created a Discord server, or have access to manage a Discord server. The tutorial then shows you how to perform each step as you follow along as I setup Dyno bot on my own discord server, and then step you through how to add ranks and roles using the Dyno bot custom commands. Please like this "How To Discord" video if it's helped you at all, and subscribe to my channel for more Guides & Reviews on Games & Tech. Please support me: 1. LIKE this "How To Discord" video (if you liked it). 2. SUBSCRIBE to my channel. 3. Drop a COMMENT. 4. FOLLOW me on Twitter and Patreon (it's free) 5. SUPPORT me on Patreon (as little as $5 a month) 6. JOIN DISCORD and come hang out. Thank you for watching, Enjoy! Y0KENB = • Twitter: 🤍 • Steam: 🤍 • Twitch: 🤍 • Patreon: 🤍 Y0KEN'S DOMAIN • Discord Server: 🤍 • Steam Curator: 🤍 • Facebook Group: 🤍 HOW TO DISCORD series: = 1. Connect Your Accounts: 🤍 2. Manage Your Channels: 🤍 3. Manage & Structure Roles: 🤍 4. Dyno Bot Quick Guide: 🤍 5. Custom Dyno Commands: 🤍 6. Dyno Bot Music Channel: 🤍 OTHER LINKS: • Official Discord site: 🤍 • Official Dyno site: 🤍 • Emoji site: 🤍 = GAMING/RECORDING SETUP with Amazon links = MONITORS 2x ASUS VS248H (sides) : 🤍 MONITOR 1x BENQ XL2420G (main) : 🤍 MONITOR STAND Ergotech 100-D16-B03-TW : 🤍 HEADPHONES Logitech G35 : 🤍 KEYBOARD Corsair Gaming K95 RGB : 🤍 MOUSE Logitech G602 Wireless : 🤍 CAMERA Logitech HD Pro C920 : 🤍 TRACKING TrackIR 5 : 🤍 HOTAS Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog : 🤍 MIC Blue Yeti Pro : 🤍 MIC Shock Mount Blue Radius II : 🤍 MIC Boom Arm Rode PSA1 : 🤍 MIC Screen Mudder Foam Windscreen : 🤍 CASE Thermaltake Core V71 Case : 🤍 MOBO Asus Maximus Ranger VII : 🤍 CPU Intel i7 4790K 🤍 4.00GHz : 🤍 GPU 2x ASUS Strix GeForce GTX 970 4GB (SLI) : 🤍 RAM 4x 8Gb G.SKILL Trident X : 🤍 COOLING Corsair Hydro H110 : 🤍 SSD Samsung 250Gb EVO (Primary) : 🤍 SSD Samsung 512GB PRO (Content) : 🤍 SSD Samsung 1 TB EVO (Games) : 🤍 HDD Seagate 2 TB Firecuda (Storage) : 🤍 GREEN SCREEN ELGATO Gaming : 🤍 = GAMING/RECORDING SETUP with Amazon links As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Thank you for your support! = #Y0kenB #discord #dynobot #howto #howtodiscord

How to MAKE MONEY from Your DISCORD SERVER (2022)


Learn how to make money from your Discord Server in 2022! Making money from your Discord Server can not only lead to some passive income online, but allow you to reinvest more money into your Discord Server. Thus, you can grow it easier, and help out the community! In this video, I show you how to use the best discord payments bot to make money from your discord server! The techniques shown can help you make money online, and start reinvesting money into your community to help it grow. (MAKE MONEY) Get Upgrade.Chat today - 🤍 (NEW) How to Grow Your Discord - 🤍 My Discord Server - 🤍 This discord bot will help you make money from your discord server! You should use the income to reward your Discord staff, host discord server events, and giveaways. If these tips helped you make money from Discord, definitely consider subscribing down below. If you want more tips on making money online in easy ways, make sure to subscribe! ⌛ Timestamps: ⌛ 0:00 Introduction 1:00 Making Money from Your Discord Server 3:00 How to Use Upgrade.Chat 4:00 Setup Donations & Roles in Discord 5:00 Sell Products 6:00 Affiliate with Upgrade.Chat 7:00 Conclusion #Discord

How to setup Discord server stats bot 2021 (mobile and pc)


In this video ill show you how to setup server stats bot for your discord server in 2021 so you can have a visual member count at the top of your server for all your members to see. Discord server stats, server stats bot, all that and more taught in this video 🔰 Support me on Patreon with just $1 - 🤍 💠 JOIN THE PEPZING DISCORD COMMUNITY - 🤍 Time Stamps: 0:00 - intro 0:27 - adding/inviting the bot 1:10 - setting up the bot 1:22 - creating the server stats 3:27 - outro 💥 Check out some of my other interesting PEPZING videos 💥 How to make Discord colored text - 🤍 How to make a server modmail system - 🤍 Extra details: Music by 🤍 "Awesome call" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License 🤍 I really hope this video helped! Please check out my links below or consider subscribing as you may never be recommended another one of my videos ever again if you aren't subscribed (or have the bell turned on)

How to make an AWESOME Discord Server


A video showing you how to make an awesome, cool and good Discord Server in 2021. This video contains up to date information, including the community features, advice on Discord Nitro giveaways and growth tips! Check it out to find the best way of doing it in 2021. ➜ Bot Links: Mee6: 🤍 Logibot: 🤍 Aperture: 🤍e/docs/ Rythm: 🤍 GiveawayBot: 🤍 ✯ Other Links ✯ ➜ MY DISCORD SERVER: 🤍 ➜ My Social Media: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 ➜ Partnered Minecraft Server: Mineplex IP: us.mineplex.com ➜ Awesome People: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 ✯ Tech Information ✯ Computer: Apple iMac, Late 2015 Microphone: Shure SM7B Audio Interface: Foucusrite Scarlett 2i2 Recording Software: Screenflick 00:00-00:15 - Introduction 00:16-1:02 - Server Theme / Name 1:03-3:08 - Server Aesthetics 3:09-3:54 - Enable Community Tab 3:55-4:16 - Welcome Screen 4:17-4:33 - Membership Screening 4:34-5:58 - Add Discord Bots 5:59-7:05 - Permissions 7:06-7:25 - Announcement Channels 7:26-8:24 - General Server Setting 8:25-8:44 - Server Discovery 8:45-10:03 - Conclusion and Outro

How to create a discord server for a NFT project | (nft discord tutorial)


Have you ever wanted to create your own discord and one especially for your nft collection! If yes you clicked on the right video, because today we are going to go over the whole nft discord creation process and I am going to show you some different kinds things you absoulutly need for your discord and how to make it look really nice! If you're a new server owner and you're looking to get some clout or upgrade your server, hopefully this tutorial will help you out. Of course, your server will be yours, so you don't need to follow this guide, and you could do whatever you want now. I will be going over a couple of different topics such as: 1. How to create a new discord server 2. How to set up discord bots 3. Channels you need in your discord 4. How to make your discord look great 5. Permissions Link to the emoji-website: 🤍

CARL Discord BOT - HOW to Setup & Configure: Permissions etc (CARL Bot Setup 2021!)


Do you want to learn how to use MEE6? Watch now! Do you want to learn how to setup & Manage Carl for your Discord Server? This is the place for you! ⭐ Subscribe: 🤍 ⚡ New Videos & Tips here weekly: 🤍 👀 Join my Discord: 🤍

How To Use Voicemod On Discord (Guide) | Setup Voicemod On Discord


I show you how to use voicemod on discord and how to setup voicemod on discord all in this video! This applies to voice mod and voicemod pro as well. Voicemod is a discord voice changer for your computer! All information required is in this video! Please like, subscribe and comment! TutorialTucker

How To Add A Bot To Discord


0:00 Intro 0:12 Install the MEE6 Bot 0:52 Setting up a Welcome bot 1:27 Moderator bot 2:14 Twitch stream announcement Here is how to make some popular bots for Discord including a Welcome bot, Moderator bot, and a Twitch stream announcement. We used MEE6 to make the bots. Disclaimer: Our previous headline was "How to make a Discord bot." We changed it to better match this tutorial. We regret the error. MORE HOW TO VIDEOS: How To Use Discord 🤍 How To Zoom In Minecraft 🤍 How To Stream On Twitch 🤍 #Discord #HowTo #TechInsider Tech Insider tells you all you need to know about tech: gadgets, how-to's, gaming, science, digital culture, and more. Visit us at: 🤍 TI on Facebook: 🤍 TI on Instagram: 🤍 TI on Twitter: 🤍 TI on Amazon Prime: 🤍 INSIDER on Snapchat: 🤍 How To Add A Bot To Discord

How To Create Role Dividers/Categories For Your Discord Server In 2021


In this video, I will be teaching you how to create role dividers/categories for your discord server using specific color codes, special characters, and the Dyno bot! If you did enjoy, don't forget to like the video and maybe subscribe if you want ;) Dyno: 🤍 Special Character: ────── Invisible Color Code: 292b2f My Discord server: 🤍 Second channel: 🤍 Tips to support me: 🤍

How to Automatically Post Tweets to Your Discord Server! 2021 Updated


Hey noobs, today in this video I show you guys how you can make a webhook that automatically posts the new tweets of a specific Twitter account on a specific discord channel. Now I know a much simpler way of this could be with a bot like pingcord but in this method, it is highly customizable (even the icon and username of the posting webhook!) and fully automatic with 0 downtimes. A very reliable and sophisticated method, that is. Join my Discord: 🤍 IFTTT: 🤍 !!! THIS METHOD 100% WORKS WATCH THE FULL VIDEO AND FOLLOW THE EXACT STEPS DON'T SKIP AROUND !!! Code for the body segment: { "username":"🤍roonie2021 tweeted", "content":"🤍{{UserName}} tweeted this at {{CreatedAt}}: {{LinkToTweet}}" } My lovely Channel Members: Skittun Galaxy Support The Channel & Become a member today! 🤍 My Socials: Twitter: 🤍 Subreddit: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitch: 🤍

How to stop Viruses and Scam links on your Discord Server!


Update: Crosslink restricted some features to premium only which is sad. You've heard the news from me and plenty of other YouTubers about the number of scams and viruses that plague discord daily. Using a bot called Crosslink, you can stop any suspicious links from being shown on your discord server. This makes your discord server a lot more safe and will save your discord members from falling for these scams. Keep in mind that this doesn't carry over to DMs. So, Crosslink scans attachments and links to determine the contents of the link and will automatically act upon it. If the link is a discord invite, crosslink can automatically delete it. If the link is a virus, Crosslink can automatically delete it and ban the user that sent it. Crosslink can be configured however you want! Keep in mind there will be some false positives so make sure to setup the logs :) Suggested by Yeetus Baboon(0001) DOWNLOAD LINKS - Crosslink Bot: 🤍 OTHER LINKS - Discord Server 🤍 My Gear (Affiliate Links) 🤍 TIMESTAMPS - 00:00 - Inviting the bot 00:44 - Server Setup 09:58 - Channel/Role Setup 11:03 - Link/Server Whitelist



In this video, I show you guys how to monetize your discord server and turn it into a full fledge shop using a discord shop bot, Upgrade.Chat! Upgrade.Chat lets you set up special roles that users can get by paying for them, whether it be a one-time fee, or a monthly fee, and give them access to behind the scenes content! You can also sell products/services through Upgrade.Chat through their product shop feature! Add Upgrade.Chat to your server today ➡ 🤍 More Info ➡ 🤍 ━━━━━━━━━━━━━ 💳 Become a Member today for as low as $1.99 to get custom emotes in my streams, and a progressive member badge to stand out in streams/comments ➡ 🤍 💳 Donate to help support the stream: 🤍 ━━━━━━━━━━━━━ 🎨 Thumbnails done by Justin ➔ 🤍 🎨 Emotes done by Rin ➔ 🤍 ━━━━━━━━━━━━━ 📱 Discord ➔ 🤍 🐦Twitter ➔ 🤍 📷 Instagram ➔ 🤍 👻 Snapchat ➔ 🤍 💻 Reddit ➔ https://​reddit.com/r/gehsture/ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━ My Gear: ►PC Specs: i7 8700k overclocked 🤍 4.3Ghz (Water Cooled), RTX 2060 6GB, 16GB Corsair Vengeance RGB RAM, 256GB SSD + 2TB 7200rpm Toshiba HDD, ASUS STRIX Z370 ► Mouse: Logitech G502 (🤍 ►Keyboard: Dierya 60% (🤍 ►Mic: Blue Yeti (🤍 ►Camera: Logitech C920 (🤍 ►Headset: Astro A40 (🤍 ►Phone: Pixel 2 XL (🤍 ►RGB Back-lighting (🤍 #discord

How to Get the Discord BOT Tag & Badge [Login to a Discord Bot Account]


PRETEND TO BE A DISCORD BOT! Learn how to get the Discord Bot Tag and Verified Discord Bot Badge in this video. Want to pretend to be a bot on Discord? This video shows you how to get the Discord Bot Tag on your Discord profile. You get to log into a Discord Bot account and I'll show you how to be a discord bot. Please read Discord's Terms of Service before attempting this. To download the bot client, you must download the application. You can do that here: 🤍 Please join my Discord: 🤍 Join to participate in Nitro events, and be in the next video! ⌛ Timestamps: ⌛ 0:00 Introduction to Discord Bot Tag 1:40 How to Get the Discord Bot Tag 2:00 How to login as a Discord Bot 3:00 Create a Discord Bot with the Discord Bot Badge 5:00 Invite the Discord Bot to our Server 5:30 Discord Bot Badge Obtained! 7:00 Log into a Discord Bot Account 8:00 Get all the Discord Badges Hack 8:30 Verified Discord Bot Badge Obtained In this Discord Video, I show you how to get the Discord Bot Tag or Bot Badge on your Discord profile! This way, you get to pretend to be a verified Discord Bot. It's a lot of fun, and it even gives you some free #Discord Nitro perks! I also show you how to log in as a Discord Bot, allowing you to pretend to be a fake Discord Bot. It gives you the verified bot badge and all your friends will see you as a Discord Bot.

How to Setup 24/7 Music Bot on Discord


In this video, I show you how you can add a 24/7 music bot to your Discord server. Links: Lofi Radio Bot 🤍 Here's what I use to make my videos: ➤ RAM Memory 8GB - 🤍 ➤ Quite decent Graphics Card - 🤍 ➤ Ryzen 7 1700 Processor - 🤍 ➤ MSI Motherboard - 🤍 ➤ Microphone and Adjustable arm - 🤍 ➤ Audio Interface for Mic (makes it sound decent) - 🤍 ➤ Decently cheap quality webcam - 🤍 ➤ Ikea Chair cuz why not - 🤍 ➤ Cheap standing lights that do the work - 🤍 ➤ LED strips lights TikTok made me buy - 🤍 Our discord server: 🤍

How To Setup A Discord Server To Grow On Twitch - Free Template Server!


Creating a discord server for your stream is absolutely crucial, it is one of the best ways to grow your average viewers on Twitch by converting new viewers into community members and giving them a place to hang out, but creating a server can be time-consuming and daunting right? Not at all, because I have built it for you, and today all you have to do is click 1 link to have your entire server set up. 🔴 FREE Discord Server Template: 🤍 🔴 Check out Eljayem Live Right now: 🤍 🔴 Subscribe To Keep Up To Date With The Latest Twitch Trends: 🤍 🔴 Download FREE Animated Overlays From Our DISCORD Now: 🤍 How To Setup Roles And Set Roles For Your Discord Server: If you need to edit or Add Roles, click Server Settings, Roles, and you’ll see we have a few roles set up. Admin is the role for the person who will run the discord, Moderators have a lot of power so these are your VERY trusted mods, Community Mods have a little less power but can still help a lot. Finally Verified is for all members, and the role you will give to the people who join and meet whatever requirements you want for them to be verified. So if you set it so that if someone posts their Twitch name in Introductions, then a mod can click on their name, click the + next to their name, and click Verified to add them to the discord, otherwise they won’t see anything other than the Welcome Channels. If you want to add more roles, you can just click the + add a new role, including editing all the settings but I would recommend being very careful here not to give someone too much power by accident. 🕘Timestamps: 0:00 - Video Start 0:28 - Introduction 1:10 - How To Setup The Free Discord Template Server 2:03 - How To Setup Discord Server Invites 3:07 - How To Setup Discord Roles And Verification 3:45 - How To Manually Verify New Discord Members 4:05 - How To Add Roles To Your Discord Server 4:35 - FREE Animated Overlays For Your Stream 4:55 - How To Create Channels and Categories In Your Discord 5:10 - How To Edit Channel And Category Permissions 6:09 - How To Add Emojis To Your Discord Channel Names 6:25 - How To Setup Twitch Subscriber Roles 6:45 - Final Tips! How To Create Channels and Set Permissions In A Discord Server: Creating new channels, today I am going to show you how to add a Custom channel, we’re going to be creating a Pet Photos channel, a staple of every discord. What you’ll need to do is go to the category you want to add it to, for example, if I want to add it to the general category, I click this little plus and I name the channel, Pet Photos. If you’re creating the channel inside our discord template and do this, then the permissions should auto-sync to the category, but if you aren’t you’ll right-click the new channel you made, permissions, and add new roles to the permissions. You’ll want to add your admins, mods, etc, and of course the verified ones. The style of this video is similar to Alpha Gaming and Gaming Careers in parts. A large influence on this series has come from content creators like Wild4games and Nutty. 🎬Watch our most recent videos: 🤍 🎬 Playlists You Might Like: Guides and Tutorials: 🤍 Streamlabs OBS Guides: 🤍 Get VidIQ: 🤍 💬 Streaming Guides: The Full Guide to Twitch Graphics: 🤍 How To Stream On Twitch The A to Z Guide: 🤍 SOCIAL 👥Facebook: 🤍 🐦Twitter: 🤍 💬Website: 🤍 🐦Go force Eljay to use Twitter: 🤍 #Guide #Streamer #discord

Top 5 DISCORD BOTS You NEED In Your Discord Server!


In this video, I'll be discussing the top 5 Discord bots you need in your Discord server that will provide the tools necessary to effectively manage your Discord server and take your community to the next level. With Discord being one of the best ways to build your community outside of your Twitch stream or other content platforms, growing and management can start to become a much larger task than a lot of people initially realize. For me, I had no idea that The Flock Discord server I created when I first started streaming would grow to over 12,000 members at the time of recording this video. But with that growth, I've had to look for ways to manage a community in the most efficient and effective way possible. This is where Discord bots come in. A Discord bot can literally save you hours of work by automating things that we'd normally have to spend hours doing manually. With the right Discord bots at your fingertips, you can streamline these tasks and create a server that is not only fun for people to hang out in but also is much more professional than a server without any Discord bots. That is why I'll be showing you what I consider to be the top 5 Discord bots you need in your Discord server and I'll show you a little of what each bot can do. This way, you'll know exactly what they offer which will hopefully direct you to the right bots for you! TIMESTAMPS: 0:00 - Start 1:28 - ServerStatsBot 3:17 - Mee6 Bot 6:45 - Pingcord Bot 9:54 - Dyno Bot 14:41 - YAGPDB Bot DISCORD BOTS: ServerStats Bot: 🤍 Mee6 Bot: 🤍 Pingcord Bot: 🤍 Dyno Bot: 🤍 YAGPDB Bot: 🤍 SOCIAL MEDIA: Watch me Live on Twitch: 🤍 Join our Discord: 🤍 Check out my merch store: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍 #EagleGarrett #Discord #Bots MY STREAMING GEAR & RECOMMENDATIONS: 🤍 VIDEO RECORDED ON: Sony a6400 DSLR Camera: 🤍 Sigma 16mm 1.4 Lens for DSLR: 🤍 AKG Perception 200 (Discountinued / Now The 220): 🤍 GoXLR Mixer: 🤍

How to SETUP and USE YAGPDB on Your Discord Server!


In this video I show you how to setup and use the discord bot YAGPDB. This bot can be a little confusing and frustrating at times but once you get used to it, it's seems much simpler. If you have any questions regarding the video, please feel free to leave them in the comment section down below! My Patreon = 🤍 Music: Powerup! by Jeremy Blake, Nightfall by Kingstep, Miami by Del

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