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How I AFKd a Legendary Ender Dragon Pet | Hypixel Skyblock


Go subscribe to fan19: 🤍 Join my Discord: 🤍 0:00 - Intro 1:04 - Necromancy 2:31 - Other methods 2:51 - ComplexlySample 3:13 - Class start 4:15 - Dragon types 5:04 - Dragon weight 6:15 - Dragon loot 6:55 - Dragon pet 10:15 - Setup 10:44 - Pet chances 12:39 - Summoning eye amounts 13:11 - Other influences 15:25 - Not AFK method 16:47 - Dragons intro 17:45 - 100 dragons 22:40 - Dragon statistics and loot 25:05 - Outro Good day gamers, today me and my long lost twin brother ComplexlySample team up to teach you about dragons. Before I got access to the official hypixel wiki I thought I needed to deal damage to a dragon to be able to drop a dragon pet. I tried everything from Necromancy to thorns without any success. Luckily now that we have the official dragon information as well as the actual drop chances for dragon loot, we have several new methods! Dragon weight is based on three things: 1) Base weight which depends on your position on the dragon leaderboard. 2) Weight based on your damage compared to the top damage. 3) 100 weight per summoning eye placed. Based on how much weight you have you can drop different loot items. We focus on 450 weight because that is how much you need to drop an Epic or Legendary ender dragon pet! To get there and AFK I need to place 5 summoning eyes. I focus on Pet Luck by using full renowned superior, black cat and daedalus axe. My friend fan19 focuses on Magic Find by using sorrow armor and a golden dragon. This way he will get the dragon claw which ups my changes at getting a pet. This video complains a full statistical analysis of the amount of dragons you need to do to drop your own dragon pet, as well as the best gear you could use to do it. After that I do 100 dragons to check out the loot. You want an easy way to drop your very own Legendary Ender Dragon pet? Or even just an Epic Ender Dragon pet and make hundreds of millions of coins? Make sure to fully watch this video! Music: Kevin Macleod - Cipher Kevin Macleod - Hero Down #HypixelSkyblock #Hypixel #Minecraft

AFK from nothing to Hyperion - Ep1 | Hypixel Skyblock


This is the start of a new insane series: AFKing from absolutely nothing to a Hyperion on a new profile! There are a couple of important rules: 1) We can only make money fully AFK, as well as gain EXP AFK. Breaking blocks or hitting mobs is not allowed. 2) We can use the auction house and bazaar but not for flipping, otherwise it would just be flipping to Hyperion. 3) Minions are allowed but only when we are on the island 4) All movement is allowed 5) Subscribe We are AFKing hard! Because we are starting from nothing you guys will see the best AFK money making methods from early game to mid game! We calculated that with our current methods we will have a Hyperion in about 2 months max! That's pretty much a free Hyperion no? Don't forget to like, suscribe, comment and join the Discord: 🤍 🤍 Music: Kevin Macleod Cipher Hero Down Russian national anthem

How to get 2M+ Mithril Powder per hour | Hypixel Skyblock


Hi there gamers, today I'm showing off a way to get more than 2 million Mithril Powder an hour! Sponsor IP: Discord: 🤍 There are a couple of methods to get this powder, going from regular mithril mining to powder ghasts, the method of getting chests in crystal hollows and last but not least goblins! Goblin eggs were recently added to bazaar so now you can get as many as you want. Ever egg you throw has a 0.5% chance of spawning a golden goblin, and those give powder! You need at least hotm5 to efficiently do this because you need to buy the goblin powder perk! Don't invest in luck of the cave. This is by far the fastest way to max out your powder or just get a great and east mithril powder boost if you are working towards a maxed mining setup. It doesn't come free thought, at a price tag of around 40M coins per 1M powder. But you can spend the extra free time grinding gemstones and easily make profit! Music - Kevin Macleod Cipher Hero Down #Hypixel #HypixelSkyblock #Minecraft

How to AFK T5 revenant | Hypixel Skyblock


Good day gamers JOIN my Discord: 🤍 In today's video we found a way to completely AFK the T5 revenant slayer. This was the strongest slayer boss before enderman slayer came out. You need 4221 mana to spawn the Hypixel soul. Hypixel is the owner of the network so his soul from a Master Mode admin room is very strong, it has 750K DPS and 75M health as well. You can even use this method to boss swap as well, which makes it so you can kill several bosses a minute. With the warden heart being very expensive, this can be an insanely good money making method. But offcourse when I filled my RNG meter, i got a beheaded horror. Besides the T5 rev, I also use this soul to kill all other slayers, T4 rev, T3 voidgloom, T4 wolf and T4 tarantula. All of these are super easy to kill, so next Aatrox, make sure you get yourself one of these. #Hypixel #HypixelSkyblock #Minecraft

How to AFK ALL SLAYER BOSSES (FULL GUIDE) | Hypixel Skyblock


0:00 - Intro 01:01 - Subscribe 01:16 - Chapters explained 01:49 - Slayers explained 02:38 - Necromancy explained 03:48 - Advantages of these methods 04:38 - Setup 1 T4s/T2 Void 10:05 - Slayer bosses example 11:57 - Extra ways to get mana 13:18 - Setup 2 T3 Void 18:52 - Setup 3 T5 Rev 24:45 - Setup 4 T4 Void 27:18 - Outro Join my Discord: 🤍 Subscribe, like and leave a comment to help me AFK Youtube rank! Hi gamers, today I have accumulated all the info needed to AFK every slayer out there! This relies on Necromancy! First I explain how Slayers work (There is Revenant Slayer, Voidgloom Slayer, Tarantula Slayer and Sven Slayer). Slayers give you new recipes, talismans, stat boosts and of course the chance to drop expensive RNGs like the wardens heart or judgement core! Now you can drop those while standing still. This has to be the best AFK money making method! You will only need one setup to be able to do all of the slayers efficiently. There are 4 main setups: 1) AFKing all T4 slayers and up to T2 Voidgloom: By using one master mode admin soul 2) AFKing T3 voidgloom: By using two master mode admin souls 3) AFKing T5 revenant: By using one Hypixel soul 4) AFKing T4 voidgloom: By using one Golem soul For every setup I go over the easiest one and the cheapest one, because I know you guys like to save money! The cheapest setup to AFK everything but T4 voidgloom can be around 30M coins, which is insane to me. Spawning a master mode golem is a big achievement for necromancy but this is only the start. Help us find out what the limits of necromancy are by joining my server and joining in on the fun! #Hypixel #HypixelSkyblock #Minecraft

The Account Stealing PLAGUE of Hypixel Skyblock


Hello gamers 0:00 Intro 0:54 RAT?? 1:30 SUBSCRIBE 1:39 RAT steals WHAT? 2:18 Investigation start 3:36 Finding Minecraft name 4:33 Hypixel forums 5:09 Guild Discord 5:42 Scam victim 6:28 Decompiler 7:00 Decompiling RAT 9:21 REAL LIFE CONSEQUENCES 9:45 What to do 10:10 Confronting ratters 12:10 Conclusion 12:34 Outro Subscribe to help me get YT rank Join the Discord: Java decompiler: 🤍 Thumbnail render created by (TRB - Haxor): 🤍 🤍 Ever wondered what to do if you got Ratted on hypixel skyblock? Ratting is something that happens more and more. In today's video I explain what a RAT actually is. A RAT is a remote access tool which can be used to steal information or control someone else's computer from a distance. On hypixel skyblock rats often get disguises as fake mods. A lot of people use mods on skyblock for small QoL improvements but also to see items prices for flipping and more. Auction house flipper mods are pretty common, they will send you items that are being sold for super cheap so you can snipe them and earn easy coins and profit! But it is often too good to be true and it will contain a rat. A RAT will steal your token and gain access to your Minecraft account and your skyblock profile to steal all of your hard earned stuff: hyperions, terminators, money, minions, everything and then delete your profile! You may also get security banned by hypixel itself. I go on a full investigation to show you how you can find out if a mod is a rat or not! This includes decompiling the mod to actually show the code. Music: hero down - Kevin Macleod cipher - Kevin Macleod #hypixel #hypixelSkyblock #rat #Minecraft

AFK from nothing to Hyperion - FINALE | Hypixel Skyblock


Join my Discord: 🤍 The finale of AFKing from absolutely nothing to a Hyperion on a new profile! There are a couple of important rules: 1) We can only make money fully AFK, as well as gain EXP AFK. Breaking blocks or hitting mobs is not allowed. 2) We can use the auction house and bazaar but not for flipping, otherwise it would just be flipping to Hyperion. 3) Minions are allowed but only when we are on the island 4) All movement is allowed 5) Subscribe We are AFKing hard! Because we are starting from nothing you guys will see the best AFK money making methods from early game to mid game! We calculated that with our current methods we will have a Hyperion in about 2 months max! That's pretty much a free Hyperion no? Don't forget to like, suscribe, comment! In this episode we go from AFKing goblins back to Ice Walkers. Now that we have a lot of Magic Find, Ice Walkers are actually better! We can sell the glacite armor pieces and jewels for 1-2M coins per hour, making this the best AFK money making method outside of your island. Speaking about on your island, we unlocked 25 minion slots and built an insane AFK money making setup with slime minions! You can make up to 40M coins per day, even after the nerfed the usage of Bal pet. Once you have this setup, you can get a Hyperion in just about a month from scratch. And you could even upgrade it if you are late or endgame to make close to 90M coins per day. Insane right? Music: Kevin Macleod Cipher Hero Down #HypixelSkyblock #Skyblock #Minecraft

AFK from nothing to Hyperion -Ep2 | Hypixel Skyblock


Episode 2 of AFKing from absolutely nothing to a Hyperion on a new profile! There are a couple of important rules: 1) We can only make money fully AFK, as well as gain EXP AFK. Breaking blocks or hitting mobs is not allowed. 2) We can use the auction house and bazaar but not for flipping, otherwise it would just be flipping to Hyperion. 3) Minions are allowed but only when we are on the island 4) All movement is allowed 5) Subscribe We are AFKing hard! Because we are starting from nothing you guys will see the best AFK money making methods from early game to mid game! We calculated that with our current methods we will have a Hyperion in about 2 months max! That's pretty much a free Hyperion no? Don't forget to like, suscribe, comment and join the Discord: 🤍 In this episode we start AFKing ice walkers and goblins! AFKing goblins is one of the best AFK money making methods in the game right now so obviously we wanted to get there as quickly as possible Music: Kevin Macleod Cipher Hero Down Russian national anthem #Minecraft #HypixelSkyblock #Skyblock

Why YOU Should stab Younglings | Hypixel Skyblock


Join the Discord: 🤍 Subscribe to help me AFK YouTube rank Good day gamer, today I will explain to you WHY YOU SHOULD STAB YOUNGLINGS on Hypixel Skyblock. First of all, it is funny, I mean they are literally called Younglings (Starwars fans unite). They give pretty good combat EXP. This makes the Jungle Village a great spot to T5 Revenant trade during Derpy, for all those people that still want to drop a Warden's Heart. Their kills are actually tracked so you can easily get on a leaderboard that is pretty funny. The most important reason is that they are pretty good as souls on Necromancer weapons. They have 1M HP and 20k DMG, beating all but a couple of the F7 souls. Before mastermode and on ironman these are really good souls to have if you want to do Necromancy. You need to either have a summoning ring in your inventory or kill them with a necromancer weapon. SimplyStabChildren method: - Run around the entire jungle village so all Tribe members spawn - Build a two block tall fence in Hardstone - Punch a child - Lure adults into the fence - Block of the fence - Profit You can use these souls to help you with Slayers. I personally recommend them on Ironman to help you out with Revenant slayer, Sven Slayer or Tarantula Slayer. They are not really that great against Voidglooms but they can still help out. Music: Kevin Macleod - Cipher Kevin Macleod - Hero down Kevin Macleod- The Descent Small clip from Star Wars #Hypixel #HypixelSkyblock #Minecraft

How I AFKd to 30K - Face Reveal


Good day gamers, Check out new channel: 🤍 In this video I quickly go over my 30K stream that ended pretty badly. I was AFKing in my AFK pool with my legendary Ender Dragon but lagging very hard. I use blaze minions so they could have been the culprit. My laptop almost went up in flames and the stream had 1 FPS but I still managed to get a pretty good score on the dinosaur game. Make sure to check out Sarite on twitch because he is a very chill dude. A lot more videos coming: AFKing a Dye, AFKing in dungeons, and new guides for Crimson Isles and how to make money there! Also enjoy the face reveal. Music: Kevin Macleod - Cipher Kevin Macleod - hero Down I am not being controlled by a rat #Minecraft #FaceReveal #Skyblock

How to AFK Ghost farm | Hypixel Skyblock


Good day gamers. In this video I created a method to AFK farm ghosts. There are two big parts: Dealing damage: Ghosts have 1M HP, so how do you deal damage while being AFK? By using necromancy. 2 Master Mode Admin souls have a combined DPS of around 500K. They also often crit. Surviving damage: Ghosts deal 1000 damage and 100 true damage and this is doubled when you get within one block! You need a full tank setup with goldor and reaper mask, as well as a tank pet to properly survive. This method can be made a lot better by having multiple people and using the loot sharing ability of ghosts. Thanks to Powliner for helping me try this out. This could become one of the best AFK money making methods and it doesnt abuse any glitches so it will probably stay in the game! Watch the video untill the end to see the entire guide on what to do to make bank yourself! Join my Discord server: 🤍 Check out Powliner: 🤍 Music: AGST - Fights 🤍 #SkyblockMoneyMaking #HypixelSkyblock #Minecraft

How to AFK Voidgloom Slayer | Hypixel Skyblock


Good day gamers, in this video we break voidgloom slayers! Baocypher123 has created an insane method to get to 7K mana and spawn a tribe member soul in the game. We go over the entire method and gear you can use for this and then we use it to ABSOLUTELY DESTROY voidgloom slayers. In under a minute 30 you can actually fully AFK a T3 which is insane. Since voidgloom slayers still make a lot of money, this could be the best AFK money making method there is right now, with one downside! You need lots of money for this gear, but you can actually get a bit less strong souls and make this work. Music: Kevin Macleod Cipher Join my Discord: 🤍 #Hypixel #HypixelSkyblock #Voidglooms

How to AFK Scatha farm | Hypixel Skyblock


Gday gamers, Join Discord: 🤍 Check Powliner because he is pog (Pogliner): 🤍 In today's video I show you guys two methods to AFK worms and their more rare form, the Scatha in Hypixel Skyblock. The Scatha can possibly drop the Scatha pet which is one of the most expensive pets in the game right now. The legendary pet is as rare as a Phoenix! The Scatha is so wanted because its absolutely insane if you want to do powder grinding with powder chests. For a worm to spawn you need several spawning conditions. The tunnel is 2 blocks high, 1 block wide and at least 15 blocks long. There is a small chance for a worm to spawn when you mine a block at the height of your eyes in a tunnel like that. Scatha is 3-6x more rare. The scatha pet itself has an insanely low droprate but scathas also give fine gemstones instead of the rough ones from regular worms. For the method you need an armadillo and a friend. You place down hardstone in front of your friend while in a tunnel and worms will spawn behind him. For the second method you need a bunch of diorite. Diorite actually respawns in the crystal hollows so you can break it, respawn and break it again! I hope all of you get a scatha pet Music Kevin Macleod - Cipher Kevin Macleod - Hero Down #Hypixel #HypixelSkyblock #Minecraft

How to get FULL DRAGON armor in 2 hours | Hypixel Skyblock


Check out today's sponsor Minetree using my link: Join the Minetree Discord: 🤍 My Discord: 🤍 Good day gamers, today I will show you guys a way to get dragon armor super easily! Even if you are early game. This is THE best and fastest way to get it and you can even use this as a money making method early game. Also really usefull for Bingo! Dragons work by placing down 8 summoning eyes at the altar under the Dragons egg. You get those by killing zealots untill you get a special zealot that will drop you a summoning eye. There are several types of dragons: young, old, strong, protector, unstable, wise and superior. Superior dragon is the rarest one at only 4% chance. Then there is the holy dragon that you can only get inside of dungeons as a Lost Adventurer. Other Lost Adventurers you can find are Superior, Young, Unstable and Holy! By running entrance runs you can get a load of frags per hour. Make sure you check if there are minibosses in the room first, check the stars next to mobs names! Always do Yellow Room in dungeons because it always contains a miniboss! Keep your runs quick at around 3 minutes per run, or quicker if you can run with a party. Make sure you have looting and maybe use hound pet to maximise profit. You will be able to get a young dragon armor set in around 2 to 3 hours! Which is insane. Afterwards you can use the essence you got to star it and then use that instead. Or sell it for good profit! During Paul you can put down cheap buy offers. I hate my zealot and dragon luck, I wanted to drop Ender Dragon Pet but instead i got leggings. Catlord really got me. Music: Kevin Macleod - Cipher Kevin Macleod - Hero Down #Hypixel #HypixelSkyblock #Minecraft

How to AFK Farming EXP AND MONEY | Hypixel Skyblock


Hey gamers, MY IGN is SimplySampleYT Today's sponsor: In today's video I work out a new way to get afk farming exp and money, all thanks to chickens. This method actually makes up to 100K experience and 1.5M coins an hour, which is really good. It is probably the best AFK money making method out there right now, and if you do choose the money route, you still get the extra free farming exp. In this video I show off how to get everything, then how to build this AFK setup and everything else that you need. Make sure to watch to the end to know how you can start making insane money in Skyblock yourself while being AFK. This is a lot more OP than you would think. Music: Kevin Macleod - Cipher #Minecraft #Hypixel #HypixelSkyblock

How to abuse OP Necromancy! | Hypixel Skyblock "Simply explained"


Hi there gamers. Join my Discord: 🤍 And the Necromancy Discord: 🤍 0:00 - 0:36 Intro 0:37 - 0:50 Necromancy drawn 0:51 - 02:23 Necromancer items 02:24 - 03:48 Drop and capture Souls 03:49 - 05:03 Melee Souls 05:04 - 05:57 Ranged Souls 05:58 - 06:35 Rare Souls 06:36 - 07:12 Spawn Souls 07:13 - 08:02 Mana reduction 08:03 - 09:15 Intelligence beginner 09:16 - 12:08 Intelligence medium 12:09 - 13:22 Intelligence expert 13:23 - 15:28 Intelligence sweat 15:29 - 16:06 Necromancy Discord 16:07 - 17:10 Fun facts and outro In today's video I go over everything related to Necromancy because I keep getting questions about this in my previous videos. Yes Necromancy is overpowered and YES you can use it to AFK the strongest mobs in the game, like AFK ghosts, AFK T3 and even T4 voidglooms and AFK every slayer up to T5 rev. Considering the drops you can get, using Necromancy has to be the best AFK money making method out there right now. And if you disagree, well try doing T3 voidglooms for an hour and let me know how your purse feels about that! Currently AFKING YT rank so drop a like, sub and comment! Music - Cipher Kevin Macleod #Hypixel #HypixelSkyblock #Minecraft

How to AFK on Ironman | Hypixel Skyblock Content Coop


Hey gamers, Join my discord: 🤍 Today we are starting off on a new profile, the Ironman content coop with a bunch of other Youtubers: Catlord: 🤍 Cchloe: 🤍 Powliner: 🤍 Dragonhanx: 🤍 This is Ironman so you can't use bazaar or auction house to buy stuff, but you have to grind it yourself. How will I be able to AFK? There are a couple ways to AFK early game: 1) Vampire mask, but you can't get this on Ironman and it no longer works with Thunderlord. 2) Legendary Skeleton pet, but it takes a long time to get a super enchanted egg and I have very bad RNG. 3) Bal pet, this drops from the Bal boss which is hard to get to and is again an RNG drop! I decided to go for the Bal pet. Stay along for the ride where I grind money early game untill I am finally able to AFK. You can follow along with this guide to make good money early game. Music: Kevin Macleod - Cipher Kevin Macleod - Hero Down

Average day in the life of a Dream vs TechnoBlade NON | Hypixel Skyblock


The wool transfers to actual players in front of their eyes! This is what the average TechnoBlade versus Dream Non sees in his head when his Auction House gets bids! If you want to know more about how the clones work, check out the duplication wand video! Enjoy! Join the Discord: 🤍 #Minecraft #Hypixel #Hypixel Skyblock

How to AFK farm Zealots | Hypixel Skyblock


Good day gamers, in today's video we AFK Zealots. My discord: 🤍 Every Skyblock player has been in contact with Zealots before. Its THE way to grind if you are going from early to mid game. Right now because summoning eye prices are so high farming zealots is actually good for everyone! Depending on your luck this can be the best AFK money making method out there. While recording this I actually got 3 summoning eyes in 30 minutes, YouTuber luck? I also show a couple of fun methods to actively grind Zealots and make a lot of money like that. The precursor eye in combination with daedalus axe and endermite pet gives a bunch of money. The silent death is not used that much but its actually pretty overpowered for farming Zealots because of the teleportation ability. Now instead of the old Jerrychine gun you could use a Dreadlord sword to spam as well. Last but not least, you dont need a Juju, Terminator or explosive bow to kill Zealots. Ever since the bow update, you can buy explosive arrows and use those! Music - Cipher Kevin Macleod #Hypixel #HypixelSkyblock #Minecraft

How to AFK T4 Voidgloom | Hypixel Skyblock


Join my Discord: 🤍 Join the Necromancy Discord: 🤍 In this video I figured out a way to do T4 voidglooms completely AFK using Necromancy. The T4 voidgloom slayer boss has to be the absolute strongest mob in the game and is the strongest slayer by far. It also has the most expensive drop, the Judgement Core, that used to go for over 1 billion coin (now a tad bit less). Apart from that it also gives the most enderman slayer exp, 5x the amount that a T3 gives. Now the T4 voidgloom can only be done by players in endgame and even they have to sweat to be able to do it. UP TILL NOW. If you use this method you can easily carry anyone to a higher enderman slayer level, and also go for a judgement core drop. The total setup cost to do this is only a couple 100 million coins divided over 3 people, and most of the cost is to actually spawn Hypixel. Enjoy this way to AFK insane money and enderman slayer exp. Because yes T4 voidglooms make big profit by killing them alone! This has to be the best AFK money making method out there right now. Don't forget to like and subscribe All music by Kevin Macleod - Cipher - The Descent - Cut and dry - Hero down #Hypixel #HypixelSkyblock #Minecraft

How to get GOOD pets on Ironman | Hypixel Skyblock Content Coop


HELP CATLORD TO 50K BRO WHY DONT YOU CLICK THIS LINK: 🤍 Hi gamers, welcome to part 2 of the content coop. In this video I go over all the good ways to get pets on ironman and which pets you should be getting! You can also follow along with this guide if you are not an ironman and make bank by selling the pets you get! Content coop members Catlord: 🤍 Cchloe: 🤍 Powliner: 🤍 Dragonhanx: 🤍 This is Ironman so you can't use bazaar or auction house to buy stuff, but you have to grind it yourself. There are several good ways to get pets. Make sure to first claim your grandma wolf! After that you will get your rock pet by getting enough ores to go to the dwarven mines. A griffin is the best combat pet for early and mid game easily. When you upgrade to uncommon griffin make sure you get the gold from the royal mines instead of goldmine! A guardian pet and squid pet are worth to fish for, and you will slowly upgrade your dolphin pet as well. Then I went to crystal hollows to get bal pet and armadillo as well. Armadillo is amazing to easily get gemstones and make a lot of money already early game, after you get some extra pristine. To craft pets you need chicken minions to get enchanted eggs and super enchanted eggs. With chicken head you can get some of the eggs yourself easily. Music: Kevin Macleod - Cipher, Hero Down, Scheming Weasel #Minecraft #HypixelSkyblock #Hypixel

I created Inflatable 50mMidas | Hypixel Skyblock


Gday gamers Go sub to 50mMidas: 🤍 Join my Discord because you are epic: 🤍 Music: hitman by Kevin Macleod NCS lofi hip hop as background In today's video i created an inflatable 50mMidas. The first and last Legendary inflatable! When you spawn him your intelligence will be set to 1, to get those braincells back you will need to kill him or wait for him to go away. Wherever he moves turns into gold and when the inflatable dies it will created a wave of molten gold (like the midas staff) in a circle around him. When he kills mobs you can get a random amount of coins, but be carefull, this can also be negative amounts! You can get into personal debt making this the worst money making method in Hypixel Skyblock history. One in five inflatables will be an imposter. The imposter will give you blindness and nausea and keep attacking you relentlessly. There is a custom death message though! Like, comment, subscribe and all that cool stuff if you are a true gamer #Hypixel #Hypixel Skyblock #50mMidas



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NEW Sapling Staff lifesteal concept | Hypixel Skyblock


Gday gamers! Join my Discord if you would like to be a tester in videos as well! 🤍 Today I coded the Sapling Staff! Right click while looking at an entity to plan seeds in it. Every once in a while you will gain health and the seeded mob will be hurt! I included some cool particle effects as well. There is a cooldown of 3s, max mob count of 4 and you can't seed a mob that is already seeded. These cooldowns are needed to keep the item from being too overpowered, as you can see in the video. I hope you enjoyed! Share, like and comment! #Hypixel #HypixelSkyblock #Skyblock #Minecraft

SimplySample Gave Me A HYPERION.


DISCORD: 🤍 🤍SimplySample YT: 🤍 My Twitter: 🤍 WATCH THE 12 HOUR LIVE STREAM HERE: 🤍 Hello everyone and welcome to a new video! Thank you so much for dropping in. Today, I cover the story of how SimplySample raided my stream with 100 people and unintentionally got me a hyperion in Hypixel Skyblock. This stream was absolutely crazy and I'll definitely be doing another one of these soon so SUBSCRIBE to not miss out on any videos or streams! I want to personally thank SimplySample and all of those who came into my stream for the generosity that was shown. I had a great time and look forward to doing more streams with you all. As summer is approaching, videos will be releasing faster than ever, so make sure to SUBSCRIBE to not miss out on new content. That is it from me, and I'll see you all very soon with another video. Stay safe everyone. Special thanks to Hague for making the thumbnail. 🤍 SETUP/PERIPHERALS/SETTINGS: PC Graphics Card: GeForce RTX 3060 Motherboard: Gigabyte B450M mATX CPU: Intel i7 10400F RAM: 48gb DDR4 Storage: 1tb SSD and 2tb HDD PERIPHERALS: Keyboard: Ducky Ducky One 2 SF w/ Cherry MX Browns Mouse: Glorious Model O Monitor: AOC 24" 144hz curved Mic: Blue Snowball iCE RECORDING SETTINGS: OBS 120fps 30k bitrate Indistinguishable Quality/Large File Size NVENC Encoder MUSIC: 0:01 Zack Hemsey - Mind Heist 0:06 nymano & DLJ - pure 1:07 Blue Wednesday - toofpick 3:34 Cuphead OST - Victory Tune 5:02 Hague - ID 8:23 Sora - By Myself TIMESTAMPS: 0:00 Intro/Background 0:28 The Beginning. 1:13 SimplySample. 2:24 The Raid Continues. 3:36 My Greatest Day in Hypixel Skyblock. 5:02 What did I spend the 150M on? 6:45 Thank You. 8:01 Fulfilling a Promise. 8:23 Outro TAGS (IGNORE): hypixel skyblock,skyblock hypixel,hypixel skyblock guide,hypixel skyblock afk,simplysample,minecraft hypixel skyblock,hypixel,skyblock,skyblock afk,hypixel skyblock release,hypixel skyblock for singleplayer,hypixel skyblock update,hypixel skyblock dungeons,live,dek live,simplysample raid,live raid,dek raid,dek skyblock #hypixel #skyblock #simplysample Today I played 1.8 Minecraft on the Minecarft server Hypixel. I played Hypixel Bedwars, Skywars, Bridge Duels, TnT Run, Skyblock. I was joined by TommyInIt, GeorgeNotFound, Dream, Quackity, Technoblade, MrBeast, Karl, Pokimane, Sykkuno, Punz, Nihacuu, Wilbur Soot, Philza, Purpled, HannahxxRose, CalebIsSalty, LordOwnage, Luvonox, Bombies. Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin but it is Technoblade & I having incredible intense funny moments. Hypixel YouTubers I enjoy to watch in the Minecraft PVP Hypixel Bedwars / Skywars / Skyblock Community are Evakz, Purpled, Gamerboy80 / Gamerboy8O, SammyGreen, Astelic, Hashito, Technoblade, BahaBlast, JustDash, Refraction, nihte, Zackaria, ItzDime, Tayber, RKY, Guiny, ItsOasis, Beta Ruz, defib, areumadlol, Zyphalopagus / Zyph, iTMG, FireAlfieHD, Ventas MC, xForce, presnt, Qorx, Sola Sky, SoLike, CrabManJones / CMJ, CowIsBad, omqxcookies, Turah, DarkShadowRain, Horchatah, Pavess, MangoPie, ThreadySkate, Sarite, Tryhard, Hyplex, Sayber, TRIPIS, Sackboy_Clank5, dqves, baylow, somanycheaters, Bosnie, Nerx, Adders, Freshi, yusei fudo, ppup, and itzglimpse, dream, techno, technoblade, mrbeast, Mrbeast.

Me! (featuring Noodle & Pals) | + More Kids Songs | Super Simple Songs


Get the Super Simple App! ► 🤍 Learn the names of all the different parts of the body in this catchy song for kids, "Me!" This collection also includes "What's Your Name?", "The More We Get Together", "Butterfly, Ladybug, Bumblebee", and more! 🎶 Sing along with me. La, la, la, la, la. Jump along with me. Wiggle along with me. Point along with me. 🎶 PARENTS AND TEACHERS: Thank you so much for watching Super Simple Songs with your families and/or students. If your young ones are watching without supervision, we recommend some of the following viewing options: ► SUPER SIMPLE APP 🤍 Be the first to watch new Super Simple videos in the Super Simple App! Ad-free and designed for young learners. ► YOUTUBE KIDS 🤍 Designed to make it safer and simpler for young ones to watch online video, YouTube Kids includes a suite of parental controls so you can tailor the experience to suit your family’s needs. ► AMAZON VIDEO Are you an Amazon Prime member? Watch Super Simple videos ad-free on Amazon Prime Video. Just search for “Super Simple.” ► KHAN ACADEMY KIDS 🤍 Super Simple has partnered with Khan Academy on their latest app designed for preschoolers. You’ll find Super Simple Songs worked into the curriculum throughout the app. ► PLAYKIDS 🤍 Do you have the PlayKids app? You can find many of our Super Simple Songs and programs in the app! FREE SUPER SIMPLE TEACHING RESOURCES: 🤍 SOCIAL MEDIA: Super Simple Newsletter Sign Up: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Pinterest: 🤍 * Super Simple Songs® and Super Simple Learning® are registered trademarks of Skyship Entertainment Company. #nurseryrhymes #kidssongs #childrensmusic #supersimplesongs

How I Fixed Years of Suffering For Millions of Players in 1 Second (Hypixel Skyblock)


I like trees. Play on SpaceDelta now: discord: 🤍 ign: SomethingLT the clips are from these guys sub to them: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 I know the pain when you can't find the music from the video so here you go Casual Chic - Ava Low Plastic Waste - Soara Dance of the Dryads - Etienne Roussel First Hit - Max Anson Your Gain - Swif7 Battle Adrenaline - Sons Of Hades Jubilation - Jules Gaia #sponsored if for some reason you wish to support me: 🤍

CUSTOM Implosion Bow concept! | Hypixel Skyblock


Hi there! This is the first of many items I have in mind to add to Hypixel Skyblock. If you like what you see don't forget to like, subscribe and leave a comment. 0:00 Intro 0:31 Explosive Bow info 01:17 Implosion Bow info 01:57 Implosion Bow showoff 02:32 Use cases 03:31 Changing radius 04:31 Crashing server 05:30 Questions and outro

Stranded: Episode 10 - HOW TO STRANDED W/SimplySample | Hypixel Skyblock


Stranded is a new gamemode added to Hypixel Skyblock in which you are stranded without being able to leave your skyblock island. In this video I invited 🤍SimplySample to join my Stranded Co-op for an episode of my stranded series as he is planning to start his own stranded series in the future, so I showed him the basics, the special recipes and methods that you need to know and at the end we traded with villagers for items that are otherwise unobtainable. Deffinetly check out SimplySample's channel: 🤍 Previous Episode: 🤍 Next Episode: 🤍 Check out my channel: 🤍 patreon: 🤍 Join my discord: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 #SimplySample #hypixelskyblock #stranded

These Streamers Thought i was Duping (Hypixel Skyblock)


These streamers thought i was duping (Hypixel Skyblock) Join my discord for giveaways: 🤍 Please consider subscribing Thanks 🤍OhWhite 🤍SimplySample #hypixel #hypixelskyblock #skyblock

Rise, Fall and a SKYROCKET of the GREATEST FARM on Hypixel


I made a farm. It was quite Big. So admins made it useless. So I made it unuseless. The end. or is it ? 🤨

How I Made STARING AT A WALL The Most BROKEN Way to Make Money (Hypixel Skyblock)


This video is about staring at a wall for money. That wasn't a Joke. Discord: 🤍 ign: SomethingLT music: Letter of Resignation - Fabien Tell When Church Bells Ring - Arylide Fields The Glitch Train - Autohacker Keep Standing - Origo feat. Erik Fernholm (Bass Only) March of the Elves - Enigmanic if for some reason you wish to support me: 🤍

NEW Duplication Wand clone concept | Hypixel Skyblock


Good day gamers of Hypixel Skyblock. With this new custom duplication wand, a couple of decoys and someone's soul stuck in a cake, you can get screenies with all your favourite YouTubers! No this item will not DUPE or give you extra coins or wealth (unless you see clones as wealth!). Clone yourself and others and make them attack, defend or even explode. This would bring a new use to dungeon decoys as well as cake souls! If you enjoyed the video, drop a like and subscribe to join the Paper Stack. #Minecraft #Skyblock #HypixelSkyblock

How Anyone Can Get JuJu Shortbow Quick and Easy Hypixel Skyblock


Guide/Tutorial On How Any Early To Mid Game Player Can Unlock JuJu Shortbow In Hypixel Skyblock Official Simpleocity Skyblock Server: 🤍 Active Community We Host Dungeon Carries And More!



So I build a Farm. It's quite big.

DOMINATING IN CREATORS CLASH (w/ @SimplySample and @SomethingLT )



When You Meet Your Favorite Skyblock Youtuber [SimplySample Collab]


🤍SimplySample Thank you so much for being in the video!!!!!!! It was a big help Everyone go show love to him!! SimplySample: 🤍 Subscribe: 🤍

Superhero Sunday #3: Create portals like Blink!


Hello there! Superhero sunday part 3 here. I missed one sunday because I was sick! Feeling better now and thinking of streaming on YouTube too. Music: Kevin Macleod - On the ground Kevin Macleod - Volatile Reaction On this channel you can expect to see a variety of content on the popular game Minecraft, but mostly self made plugins! ► Minecraft Strategies, Guides and Playthroughs. ► Game Strategies, Tips, Tricks & Walkthroughs. ► Awesome Plugins & Mods For Infinite Diamonds, Gold & More! ► Game Updates, Snapshots & Fangames! ► World Records & Achievements ► Minecraft Challenges & Gameplay Other Minecraft Youtubers: Tommyinnit, Dream, Wilbur soot, Technoblade, Skeppy, Badboyhalo, Pewdiepie, Jacksepticeye, Jelly, MrBeast gaming

How to summon Admin Souls (Hypixel Skyblock)


This video is inspired by SimplySample, who uploaded a full Necromancy Guide before this, check out their channel here! 🤍 I just made this video as a concise, unedited guide for how to summon admin souls specifically, and the strategy I use to spawn them without sacrificing damage from talismans. This way you can just send this video to anyone who asks how to summon admin souls, so they don't have to watch an entire guide If SimplySample wants me to take down this video (idk why you would I literally have 1 subscriber), then I will Enjoy! Also subscribe maybe? Idk this is mostly a channel for posting videos to the forums algorithm stuff: Hello everyone in this video I show you how to use the Necromancer Sword obtained from the floor 6 boss fight to summon admin souls that can kill t1 voidgloom, t2 voidgloom, and even t3 voidglooms! This is a very easy and simple way to kill enderman slayer bosses, and I show how to do it in the guide! You need wise dragon armor, a sheep pet, and a mana set, along with a necromancer sword that drops from f6 that has ultimate wise 5 All of this happens in hypixel skyblock, the most popular game on the most popular minecraft server! It is very fun!

How To Get All Types Of Powder FAST In Hypixel Skyblock


Recorded a powder grinding tutorial today due to OBS deciding that it didn't like me and all the audio for what I had recorded being unusable :) Follow Me On Twitch: 🤍 Join My Discord Server: 🤍

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