Capillary action experiment

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Capillary action in plants experiment with paper towel - Science experiments for kids


Capillary action in plants experiment with paper towel - Science experiments for kids You'll need: • Two glasses • Color water • A paper towel or a tissue paper Capillary effect: The movement of a liquid along the surface of a solid caused by the attraction of molecules of the liquid to the molecules of the solid. • Take two glasses • Put them side by side • Fill one of the glass with color water • Now take a paper towel • Pin fold it or fold it into middle • Dip one of the ends of the paper into the color water and put the other end into the glass one beside it • Leave it for few hours • You can observe that the color water gets transferred into the empty glass through paper towel • Its keeps flowing into the glass till they attain equal amount of water in both of them A Closer Look Molecules of water are naturally attracted to each other and form temporary hydrogen bonds with each other; their attraction for each other on the surface of a liquid, gives rise to surface tension. But they are also attracted in a similar way to other molecules, called hydrophilic molecules, such as those in the fibers of a towel; these attractive forces can draw water upward against the force of gravity to a certain degree.

Capillary Action Experiment | Water and Our World | The Good and the Beautiful


Explore the principle of capillary action in this easy science experiment from the Water and Our World science unit from The Good and the Beautiful (Lesson 1, Experiment #1). All you need is two clear glasses, water, paper towels, food coloring, and a spoon. Watch as the colored water slowly moves from one glass to another! This easy science experiment for kids is also a quick and simple science fair project. Introduction: (0:00) Preparation: (0:11) Experiment: (0:24) Conclusion: (1:08) Our science experiment videos are making The Good and the Beautiful science homeschool curriculum even easier to teach! Check out all of the experiment videos for the Water and Our World science unit. _ 👉 Check out our Water and Our World Unit: 🤍 _ ✨ OTHER POPULAR SCIENCE UNITS: Meteorology:🤍 Marine Biology:🤍 Space Science:🤍 🎬 HELPFUL RESOURCES: How to Organize The Good and The Beautiful Science Units: 🤍 How to Organize a Homeschool Day: 🤍 🔔 VISIT AND SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS: The Good and The Beautiful:🤍 The Good and The Beautiful | Kids Channel:🤍 The Good and The Beautiful | Science Channel:🤍 📚 THE GOOD AND THE BEAUTIFUL CURRICULUM: Science: 🤍 Language Arts: 🤍 Math: 🤍 Handwriting: 🤍 History: 🤍 High School: 🤍 Electives: 🤍

Capillary Action Experiment


Capillary Action Experiments


Learn about capillary action through these experiments!

Experiment on Capillary Action or Capillarity using Capillary Tube


A demonstration to show the cause of capillary action and also show the height of the liquid level depends on the radius of the capillary tube.

5 Science Experiments - Capillary Action


5 Science Experiments - Capillary Action Let's do CAPILLARY ACTION of WATER SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS Easy at HOME We will be doing Climbing Rainbow Experiment, Self Blooming Flowers Experiment, Water Filter using Capillary Action Experiment, Walking Water Experiment and a Fun Play Activity Using Tissue Paper. Hope you enjoy the video. Please Like, Share and Subscribe For Business Enquires: Scikidslab🤍 Interesting videos to watch: Diy Bubble Maker: 🤍 Hungry caterpillar experiment : 🤍 Pls Follow on Facebook: 🤍 #capillaryaction #scienceexperimentsforkids #Walkingwaterexperiment #ClimbingRainbow #bloomingFlowers #waterfilter #capillaryactionofwater #scienceexperiments #scienceexperiments #funplay #activities Capillary Action Science Experiment,capillary action experiment,walking water science experiments,science experiments to do at home,cool science experiments,science experiments cool,homemade science experiments,capillary action animation,homeschool science experiments,science experiments,science experiments for kids,science experiment,water tissue experiment,the good and the beautiful science experiment,water experiments,water experiment,capillary action,capillary action,capillary action experiment,science experiment,capillary action of water,science,experiment,science experiments,science experiments for kids,water experiments,experiment to show capillary action of water,science experiment for kids,water experiment,capillary action science experiment,cool science experiments,walking water experiment,fun science experiment,water,capillary science experiment,science experiments at home,kids activities at home,activities for kids at home,kids activities,best kids activities at home,fun activities for kids,activities for kids,kids games to play at home,fun activities for kids at home,indoor activities for kids,fun indoor kids activities,fun activity for kids,home activities for kids,activity for kids at home,craft activities for kids,fun games for kids,activities for kids to do at home,kids- creative activities at home

Class Demonstration of Capillary Rise


Skip to the goods 4:15 I expect I will be re-shooting the close-ups near the end of the video, as they are out of focus, as well as add some more captions.

Capillary action Experiment | Walking water science experiment for kids | Easy science experiment


Walking water science experiment Challenge You have two glasses of water—one empty and one full. You want to pour half of the full glass into the empty one. Here is the condition:- You are not allowed to pick up either glass! Can you make the water to “walk” between the glasses ? - Materials required Clear glasses or cups (at least three) Water Food coloring/water colour paste Tooth pick or small stick Paper towels (at least three) - The tissue is porous and has small holes in it. The holes act as capillaries and water sticks to the walls of these holes and rises up . It is generally known that plants are able to raise the water from their roots up through to their stem and leaves. This works despite there being no mechanized way of moving water, such as a pump. The secret is capillary action and surface tension. The surface tension makes the surface of water behave like a stretched elastic membrane. When it encounters two surfaces that are very close together, this elastic effect or surface tension actually rises up this narrow gap. The tissue used in the experiment demonstrates this natural phenomenon. We place one end of the tissue paper in a glass filled with water and the other end in an empty glass. Water rises in the tissue paper and is transported to the empty glass till both the glasses have equal amounts of water. Plants are able to get nourishment because of this property of water. - Capillary action experiments, walking water experiment, rainbow water walking experiment, surface tension , capillarity, - Watch the complete video, to perform the simple DIY Science Experiment at home. Please watch other science experiment videos How to show Pressure in Liquids 🤍 How to Make water level Indicator at home 🤍 How to Make a rainbow at home 🤍 Magnetic field of Bar Magnet 🤍 Experiment on Refraction of Light 🤍 Experiment on Series and parallel connection 🤍 Experiment on Series and parallel connection in Malayalam 🤍 Experiment on refraction of light in Malayalam 🤍 How to make a simple water level indicator at home in Malayalam 🤍 Bernoulli's Principle Practical experiment in Malayalam 🤍 #Sudharmasphysics #Simplescienceexperiment #Scienceexperimentforkids #kidsexperiment

Capillary Action using Wipes. Science experiments


Capillary Action using Wipes Science experiments for kids * Welcome to my channel. My name is Vitaly, and I love science! My task is to inspire children to explore the interesting science. Here you will find lots of unexpected experiments; crafts improvised with minimal costs; interesting observations, the secrets of unusual phenomena, as well as long-term projects!

Science for kids - capillary action experiment - timelapse


This experiment is very simple, you can do it at home with kids. this water trick is also called "Paper Towel Bridge" you just need food coloring, paper towels and 1 hour... You can notice that blue + yellow = green ;) The time lapse has been realized with a canon 600D camera and magic lantern software (FPS override feature). You can find other videos on this subject here : Battery Kids, "Capillary Action Experiment", 🤍 elearnin, "Capillary action in plants experiment with paper towel - Science experiments for kids", 🤍 Learn To Grow, "Water Experiment Paper Towel Bridge ", 🤍 music : Barton Springs, Bird Creek.

Capillary Action Experiment


Capillary Action happens when adhesion forces surpass cohesion forces. This could be compared to a straw sucking up water.

Capillary Action Science Experiment


Capillary action science experiment. Get the lesson plan and worksheets in the Jarring Science Club! 🤍

Kids Science Experiment - How do Plants Drink Water? | Capillary Action


In this fun chemistry experiment we will see how different types of materials soak up water, and explain why water can travel against gravity! We will use that knowledge to make paper flowers bloom!

Self Moving Toothpick Experiment (Capillary action experiment)


Made for parents and teachers Toothpicks 🤍 My Filming equipment: Cell Phone Tripod 54 inch Travel Tripod with Bluetooth Remote - 🤍 Blue Yeti USB Microphone - 🤍 Green screen & lights - 🤍 Apple iMac 21.5in 2.7GHz Core i5 8GB memory - 🤍 iPhone 8 - 🤍 iMovie for editing (on Mac) Self Moving Toothpick Toothpicks are made of dry wood. When I broke them in the middle, the wood fragments inside compress. Once we add water to the center circle of the star, capillary action causes the water to be absorbed into the toothpicks. The water moves inside the dry toothpick from the starting point of the crack and continues along the length to the pointed tips. The capillary action or water traveling inside the toothpick causes the toothpicks to straighten out. The set up with 10 points creates a 5 point star. Self Moving Toothpick Self Moving Toothpick kids fun science amazing science experiments

RAINBOW WALKING WATER | Walking Water Experiment | Capillary Action Explained |


This experiment is a fun activity for all ages. This video shows the step-by-step instructions in doing the rainbow water experiment. How does the water move from one cup to another? The water moves because of a process called capillary action. Water is able to move against the force of gravity and the water molecules stick to each other and to the fibers of the paper towel. As water molecules are attracted to the fibers of the paper towel, they pull other water molecules with them. As a result, the water travels up and across the paper towel out of one glass and into another. #rainbowwater #walkingwater #movingwater #rainbowwaterexperiment #capillaryactioninwater #watermovement #scienceexperimentsforkids #rainbowcoloredwater #walkingwaterexperiment #hungryscianntist #simpleexperimentsforkids #coloredwaterexperiment #movingwaterexperiment #defyinggravityexperiment #scienceexperiment #whatiscapillaryaction #capillaryactionexplain #capillaryaction

Science Experiment for Kids: Capillary action


Science Experiment for Kids Ever wonder how trees and other plants can still move water all the way to the top of their leaves? This video demonstrates a fun experiment you can do at home to understand capillary action. All you need is water, cups, food coloring and paper towels. See more Science for Kid Experiments at

Capillary Action Explained | Kids Science Experiment | How plants Grow


Capillary Action Explained Cool kids experiment to do at learn at home. Megan's toy Corner. Megan's Toy Corner is for kids. Enjoy the videos and Subscribe for more fun videos.Join me in exploring unboxing, cool experiment , colouring and much much more. Subscribe is free so Please do to help grow my channel. Your feed back is appreciated for growing my channel please leave a like if you enjoy the video. Website - 🤍 Facebook - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 Subscribe- 🤍

The very hungry caterpillar : CAPILLARY SCIENCE EXPERIMENT | Capillary ACTION of Water


Welcome back to ScikidsLab Lets do an AMAZING EASY SCIENCE EXPERIMENT AT HOME and enjoy and have fun while Learning Science concepts! Pls check out below playlists for Amazing videos you will love : Amazing DIY Toys : 🤍 Simple ScienceExperiments : 🤍 Kids Fun play activities at home : 🤍 Kids Painting Ideas: 🤍 #Capillaryactionofwater #Capillaryscienceexperiment #Waterscienceexperimentsathome #The #very #hungry #caterpillar : #CAPILLARY #SCIENCE #EXPERIMENT | #Capillary #ACTION #of #Water #scienceexperiments #science #learnscience #playwaylearning #playwaymethod #scienceexperimentsforkids #kidsscienceexperiments #kidsscience #science #experiments #for #kids #in #30mins Science experiments for kids, easy science experiments , easy science experiments to do at home, science experiments, Simple science experiments, simple science experiments for kids, amazing SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS cool science experiments, amazing science experiments to do at home, kids science experiments, diy science, easy science experiments to do at home, science experiments, SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS FOR KIDS, science experiments at home, kids science experiments at home, simple science experiments, simple SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS at HOME, 30 minutes of science experiments to do at home ,SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS TO DO AT HOME,steam, STEAM,STEAM projects , steam projects for kids, STEAM IDEAS for kids, Steam ideas, STEAM Concept, DIY STEAM For kids, diy steam ideas for kids to do at home, STEAM Experiments to do AT HOME, EASY STEAM EXPERIMENTS to do at home for KIDS Science experiments for kids, easy science experiments , easy science experiments to do at home, science experiments, Simple science experiments, simple science experiments for kids, amazing SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS cool science experiments, amazing science experiments to do at home, kids science experiments, diy science, easy science experiments to do at home, science experiments, SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS FOR KIDS, science experiments at home, kids science experiments at home, simple science experiments, simple SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS at HOME, 30 minutes of science experiments to do at home ,SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS TO DO AT HOME,steam, STEAM,STEAM projects , steam projects for kids, STEAM IDEAS for kids, Steam ideas, STEAM Concept, DIY STEAM For kids, diy steam ideas for kids to do at home, STEAM Experiments to do AT HOME, EASY STEAM EXPERIMENTS to do at home for KIDS

Capillary Action


Learn how plants use capillary action to transport water from their roots to their leaves in this colorful experiment. Materials Needed: 2X Celery Stalks 2x Food Coloring 2x Cups Water

Capillarity and Surface Tension | Surface Tension | Physics


In this activity we take two capillary tubes of different diameters and place them in a beaker of coloured water as shown. We see that the water rises in both the tubes and that the narrower tube has a higher level of water. As water adheres to glass, the water molecules near the glass walls climb up the glass surface due to adhesion. In this process they also carry up the water molecules that are away from the walls due to surface tension and a small amount of water rises in the capillary tube, forming a concave meniscus. The height to which the water rises depends on the diameter of the tube. In plants, the water is absorbed by the roots and rises up the trunk due to capillary action.

Water transport in plants | Capillary action | Plant Science Experiment


This video demonstrates and explains the capillary action in plants which helps in water transport of plants. Try it and enjoy! #handsonlearning #stemforkids #scienceathome #scienceisfun #diyscience #steam #artwithscience

Kids' Science Experiment - Observe Capillary Action with Vampire Vegetables!


In this experiment, you can observe colored water being taken up, via capillary action, into a cabbage. Capillary action is the main force that allows the movement of water up into plants. At-home science provides an environment for freedom, creativity and invention that is not always possible in a school setting. In your own kitchen, it's simple, inexpensive, and fun to whip up a number of amazing science experiments using everyday ingredients. Science can be as easy as baking. Hands-On Family: Kitchen Science Lab for Kids offers 52 fun science activities for families to do together. The experiments can be used as individual projects, for parties, or as educational activities groups. Kitchen Science Lab for Kids will tempt families to cook up some physics, chemistry and biology in their own kitchens and back yards. Many of the experiments are safe enough for toddlers and exciting enough for older kids, so families can discover the joy of science together. BUY THE BOOK: 🤍 Keep up with the latest book releases by subscribing: 🤍 Like us on Facebook: 🤍 Love our Instagram: 🤍 Follow us on Twitter: 🤍 Read our Blog: 🤍 Visit our Website: 🤍

🦎Capillary Action Experiment


Thorny devils are small Australian lizards that live in the sandy deserts of central and Western Australia. They feed on ants, and their mouths are so specialised, or well suited to eat ants, that they can’t drink water by licking it from puddles or drops of condensation. So they have had to come up with a different way of drinking. Follow on with Jean as she explores the incredible way that thorny devils drink, and play with some things you have at home to show the process in action. For your very own experiment card and more, head to 🤍

Fun Water Experiment / Capillary Action


Roasted Experiments #5 Always wanted to get water from one place to another, but don't have a bucket? Well look no further! Easy and interesting experiment to show how water moves through capillary action. ♫ INTRO music used: Neuro Rhythm by Aaron Spencer 🤍 Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (🤍 ♫ OUTRO music used: Syn Cole - Feel Good [NCS Release] 🤍 ♫Music used in video: (By NCS) ○Syn Cole - Feel Good [NCS Release] 🤍 •Follow Syn Cole 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍

WALKING WATER using capillary action | Kids science experiments


Walking water (walking colors) -Capillary action is the ability of the liquid to move in narrow spaces without the assistance of, or even in opposition to, external forces like gravity. This simple science experiment explains capillary action(walking water) using below things - 1.Five glasses 2.Paper towel 3.Food colors 4.Water You can also follow us on Upload your videos on our website 🤍

Science Mom's Guide to Water, Part 3 - Capillary Action


Siphons are often explained incorrectly as being driven primarily by air pressure. The main force driving them is GRAVITY. But don't let that trick you into thinking that water always flows downhill, because it can flow uphill too with CAPILLARY ACTION. In this video we explore how water movesboth through capillary action and siphons. You can download the foldable book that accompanies this guide at 🤍 The team over at "Periodic Videos" put together an excellent video where they showed a siphon working in a vacuumwith no air (or air pressure) whatsoever. Check it out here: 🤍 Here's a link to a good (and brief) explanation of how siphons work for those who would like a slightly more in-depth explanation: 🤍 The Curiosity Show has a fun little clip about self-starting siphons-which we didn't have time to explore in this guide, but I hope to get to in the future: 🤍 And with most of my science activities, I've done them for so many years and seen the activities so many other places that I can't remember when or where I first learned them. But I do remember the first place I saw the "Fountain in a Bottle." It was from this video: 🤍 So if you would like some more detailed instructions about how to make your own fountain in a bottle, check out the clip above. And last, here's a link to the Amazon author page for Nathan Hale, author of fantastic graphic novels that take informative and entertaining tours through various episodes of U.S. history: 🤍 I recommend starting with "ONE DEAD SPY," as it's the first in the series, but the other 4 members of my family picked different books as their favorites (The Alamo, The Underground Abductor(2 votes), and Big Bad Ironclad.) Each volume can stand on it's own. This video was made using iMovie and all the music is from the iMovie library: Broadcast News Medium, Curtain Call Long, Off Broadway, and Progressive House. And special thanks to my kiddos who provided some voice overs in the video.

Celery Capillary Action


Plants take up water threw there roots in a process called capillary action.

Walking water Science Experiment| Capillary Action | Science Projects for class 5 |Educational video


Isn't it fun to see the wonders of science happen just in front of your eyes? This video presents one such moment to understand how plants get water and nutrients from the soil. This is also how our body systems supply blood to every cell in our body. Get set go for Capillary Action.



simple science experiment to demonstrate how plants absorb water and how it travels with the help of capillary action #easyscienceexperiment #indooractivitiesforkids #scienceexperimentforkids #diyscience #science #scienceexperiment #homeschooling

Capillary action experiment video | capillary action of water | capillary action explained


# capillaryactionofwater #Capillaryactionexperimentvideo #Enhanceeducation In this video demonstrate of capillary action of water under the name of tittle this video Capillary action experiment video | capillary action of water. capillary action of water capillary action experiment video capillary action explained capillary action watering plants capillary action animation capillary action in soil capillary action and surface tension capillary action lab capillary action application capillary action and adhesion capillary action activity capillary action and gravity capillary action and meniscus capillary action and viscosity capillary action biology capillary action by physics wallah capillary action by khan sir capillary action brazing capillary action band capillary action between parallel plates capillary action basement capillary action byjus capillary action chemistry capillary action chromatography capillary action celery capillary action cohesion capillary action cohesion or adhesion capillary action celery experiment capillary action copper pipe capillary action coffee filter capillary action demonstration capillary action demo capillary action diameter of tube capillary action definition capillary action depends on capillary action derivation capillary action dressings capillary action drainage capillary action examples capillary action explanation capillary action fluid mechanics capillary action friday night dinner capillary action for kids capillary action fountain capillary action fountain pen capillary action flower experiment capillary action for watering plants capillary action forces capillary action glue capillary action gecko capillary action geography capillary action gravity capillary action ganesh capillary action physics galaxy capillary action hindi capillary action hvac capillary action how does it work capillary action how it works capillary action human body capillary action how high capillary action horizontal tubes capillary action kya hai capillary action in surface chemistry capillary action in fluid mechanics capillary action in hindi capillary action in malayalam capillary action in tamil capillary action in telugu capillary action in surface tension capillary action kiwi crate capillary action khan academy capillary action kya hota hai capillary action ks2 capillary action namo kaul capillary action lesson plan capillary action limit capillary action lab report capillary action lead flashing capillary action of liquid capillary action time lapse capillary action malayalam capillary action mercury capillary action mohit tyagi capillary action molecular level capillary action metal roof capillary action meniscus capillary action mcq capillary action microfluidics capillary action ncert capillary action of water explained capillary action of water in plants capillary action of water and mercury capillary action of water in hindi capillary action of water malayalam capillary action one shot capillary action physics capillary action plant capillary action practical capillary action physics wallah capillary action perpetual motion capillary action plant watering capillary action phenomenon capillary action soil capillary action science experiment capillary action straw capillary action soldering capillary action surface tension capillary action straw experiment capillary action siphon capillary action suture capillary action to water plants capillary action tlc capillary action tissue paper capillary action theory capillary action test capillary action thin layer chromatography capillary action toothpicks capillary action unacademy capillary action using paper towels capillary action video capillary action vs surface tension capillary action vs adhesion capillary action video for kindergarten capillary action viscosity capillary action vs gravity capillary action water capillary action welding capillary action with paper towels capillary action water pump capillary action with celery capillary action water lab capillary action walking water

Walking Water Science Experiment | Capillary Action Experiment | Science Experiment.


#Walkingwaterexperiment #ScienceExperiment #CapillaryAction =❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 = 🍀WELCOME TO NENENO'S WORLD🍀 = Hello Friends, ~It's me Again Trinity, 😉and today is Experiment day!! ~This is fun and easy Experiment that we can do it at home.100% Fun😊 that you will enjoy it.. in this Science Experiment we are going to learn a water trick called "Walking Water" and it shows how Capillary Action works. Watch for more Fun Experiment. Pepper Germs Experiment 🤍 = I hope you Enjoyed our video! Thank you!! = =❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

The Amazing Tightrope Water - Adhesion and Capillary Action


Just a very basic explanation of adhesion and capillary action along with two demonstrations.

Easy Science Experiment to do at home for kids| easy Capillary Action | walking water experiment |


In this video I will be showing you science experiment -Capillary Action. It is an easy and fun experiment which all of you can try out. Materials Required Fod colour (Red) Blue ink 4 glass 3 tissue paper water related queries #easykidsexperimentsathome #scienceexperimentsforkidsathome #easyexperimentwithwater #walkingwaterexperiment #easyscienceexperimenttodoathome #capillaryactionwithwater #kidseasyscienceexperiment #amazingkidsscienceexperiments 1)How do you demonstrate capillary action? 2)How do different materials affect capillary action? 3)Howdoyouexplaincapillaryactionto preschoolers? 4)What is capillary action in physics? #capillaryactioninplants #capillaryactionpapertowel

BI 112 (and BI 101) Capillary Action Experiment


This video shows the fluid levels inside of a capillary tube apparatus, with tube diameters of 17.2, 1.0, 1.6, 2.5, and 4.8 millimeters (in order of measurement). You will need to read the ruler as the video plays to determine the height for each tube.

EASY DIY Rainbow Walk Science Experiment for Kids! Learn about Capillary Action!


Fun educational Video for Kids! My little scientist’s will help teach you about Capillary Action and color mixing as they create the colorful and fun rainbow walk experiment. Easy experiment that kids can do with some guidance at home. All in all, this a is fun science experiment and educational video for kids! #rainbowwalkexperiment #science4kids #kidactivities Watch more kid friendly videos here: 🤍

Water Walking "CAPILLARY ACTION" - Cool Science Experiment


Basic concept of Capillary Action of liquid is explained using color water travelling on the tissue paper. #rainbowexperiment#capillaryaction#travellingwater



KIWICo CRATE | KIDS EXPERIMENT | CAPILLARY ACTION | FUN FILLED ACTIVITY #kids #children #fun #play #experiment #flowers #trees #activity #kidsactivity

Agua trepadora. Experimentos (Divertiaula). Capillary action experiment.


Experimento sobre la capilaridad. DIVERTIAULA experimentos. Fun science experiments. Los experimentos que aquí se recogen van dirigidos a niños de primaria y aportan algunas revelaciones sorprendentes acerca de sustancias, materiales y objetos que nos rodean. El objetivo es despertar el interés por la investigación, la afición a descifrar mediante experimentos, los secretos de la Naturaleza. 🤍

Flowers Changing colours - Capillary Action experiment


In this video, Juliana is showing how Capillary Action works and how plants get water through the stem all the way up to the flowers or leaves. She is doing an experiment using paper flowers and string stems with  paint tray and food colouring

Capillary Action Experiment with Ellie!


Check out this cool experiment with Ellie G.! All you need is three cups, some water, and a piece of paper towel.

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