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Bloodborne vs. Dark Souls 3


To round out the Souls franchise, let's compare the two newest games: Bloodborne and Dark Souls 3! what's new, what's changed, and what makes us want to die because we can't get gud enough? Let's find out! SPOILER WARNING BTW. Support snomaN Gaming on Patreon! 🤍 Intro animated by Pop Punk Game Time! Youtube: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Intro music - "Undertale Sucks" by animeistrash: 🤍 Subscribe: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Twitch: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Ask.fm: 🤍

Soulsborne Games Ranked from Worst to Best (Including Elden Ring)


Bloodborne Playthrough: 🤍 How Elden Ring Changes You: 🤍 Responding to Comments: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Music Channel: 🤍 Consider Supporting me on Patreon: 🤍 Thanks to Brad for the thumbnail! Intro: 0:00 Demon's Souls: 0:26 6: 1:39 5: 4:24 4: 6:28 3: 8:33 2: 10:52 1: 13:42

Dark Souls vs. Bloodborne: The Player Character


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Why You Should Play: Dark Souls | Demon's Souls | Bloodborne | Sekiro | Elden Ring


If you’ve looked around the gaming sphere for a bit, chances are you’ve seen something like “_ is the Dark Souls of _”. While both a meme and lazy journalist heuristic, a big reason why Fromsoft’s games create so much buzz is because they’re awesome! The difficulty and the difficulty “debates” are popular topics, but that’s not the only thing that makes these games so good. Fromsoft’s games are rich worlds, littered with fantastic characters and histories. And when you add in tight gameplay and fantastic level design, well, baby you’ve got a stew going. So, in this spoiler-free* guide, I’ll do what I can to explore what makes these games so good, and how to git less bad. Chapters and Timestamps: 00:00 Intro 06:09 Part 1: Why They Rock 11:14 Part 2: An Overview 13:12 Demon’s Souls 17:07 Dark Souls 21:05 Dark Souls 2 23:08 Bloodborne 27:47 Dark Souls 3 29:48 Sekiro 40:39 Elden Ring, and Beyond (Sorry about the Sekiro section, there just wasn’t a lot I could cut out lol. Blame Miyazaki.) -The Wikis and Other Useful Info- Demon Souls Wikis: (The OG and Remake are pretty much the same, besides a few minor rebalances and item placement changes) -Demon Souls Original:- 🤍 -Demon Souls Remake Wiki- 🤍 Body Form and Soul Form in Detail: 🤍 World Tendency in Detail: 🤍 -Dark Souls Wiki- 🤍 -Dark Souls 2 Wiki- 🤍 Detailed Breakdown of ADP and Agility ADP: 🤍 Agility: 🤍 Estus Shard Locations: 🤍 -Bloodborne Wiki- 🤍 Weapons and Weapon Movesets: Main Weapons 🤍 Guns and Offhand Weapons: 🤍 Farming Spots: 1. Central Yharnam: Runs are fast, and vial drops are fairly plentiful. The entire area is good, but the Werewolves on the Bridge, and the Sewers, are a bit better for Vials. (Early Game) 2. Witch’s Abode, Hemwick Charnel Lane: Lots of vial drops and Echoes for the mid-game 3. Lecture Hall: You can kill the Uni students for a ton of Echoes, which you can use to buy levels and Vials. They also drop a decent amount of bullets! (Mid Game). 4. Cainhurst Castle: Similar to the Lecture Hall, the specters drop lots of Echoes, which you can turn in for Vials and bullets. (Mid Game). 5. Mergo’s Loft: Middle: The pigs drop lots of Echoes, and you can force the Shadows and pigs to fight each other if you go further up. It’s the best late game farming spot by a long shot. -Dark Souls 3 Wiki- 🤍 Estus Shard Locations: 🤍 -Sekiro Wiki- 🤍 Posture in Detail: 🤍 Gourd Seed Locations: 🤍 Complete list of Skill Books: 🤍 #FromSoftware #DemonSouls #DarkSouls #Bloodborne #Sekiro #Elden Ring

Bloodborne is Better Than Elden Ring


Bloodborne is Better Than Elden Ring and here's why. The game may be in dire need of an update and in dire need of Bloodborne on PC one day, but it still holds up in its story, combat, and exploration unlike any other souls game before or after it. I love Elden Ring to death, in fact I am happy it has seen so much success, lifting it to the grand stage, however it only made me want more Bloodborne after my first playthrough. This video goes over the Fromsoft / Souls community, the Demake of Bloodborne, PC port or remaster of Bloodborne, Sony and licensing, Elden Ring and its struggles in replay ability, the future of Elden Ring and Bloodborne, and so much more! I hope you enjoy as this one was a passion project more than anything! RHULK, DISCIPLE OF THE WITNESS DROP: 🤍 RHULK DISPLATE: 🤍 5000 FREE SAMPLES CODE "300K" & CODE SHIP "EVAN": 🤍?afmc=Evan STREAM THAT CHANGED EVERYTHING: 🤍 Need a clan or a community, join my DISCORD: 🤍 TWITTER: 🤍 Everything else (Patreon, Insta, Tiktok, Merch, etc): 🤍 Intro: 00:00 Story and Replayability: 03:07 Elden Ring Comparison: 05:27 Save Bloodborne: 10:00 Outro: 13:24 Video/ Music Credits: Lilith.zip: 🤍 Boss Fight Database: 🤍 First 10 Minutes Gameplay: 🤍 RabidRetrospectGames: 🤍 xHolmesWalkthroughsx7: 🤍 Shirrako: 🤍 Moros Nyx: 🤍 Maximilian Dood: 🤍 Wisochibii: 🤍 Radthar: 🤍 Aeroz Chris: 🤍 Cycu1: 🤍 IGN: 🤍 PlayStation: 🤍 Is Bloodborne on PC: 🤍 fengze yao: 🤍 - Bloodborne OST: Omen Hunter's Dream Bloodborne Cleric Beast Rom, the Vacuous Spider Moonlit Melody Elden Ring OST: Main Theme Roundtable Hold Character Creation Theme Ending Theme

Top 5 : Reasons Bloodborne Is Better Than Dark Souls | Bloodborne Gameplay


TGN Partner Rurikhan brings you a Top 5 list of things Bloodborne does better than Dark Souls "Top 5 Reasons Bloodborne Is Better Than Dark Souls." Rurikhan is our resident Dark Souls & From Software expert. Bloodborne's gameplay is the next generation of Dark Souls inspired titles with amazing graphical detail and improved gameplay across the board. Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments below! Last Top 5 Video ➜ 🤍 Top 5 Content ➜ 🤍 Bloodborne Content ➜ 🤍 Rurikhan's Channel ➜ 🤍 =-=-==-==-=-= #BreakIntoTheGame: Partner with TGN ➜ 🤍 TGN's Website ➜ 🤍 TGN YouTube ➜ 🤍 TGN Army YouTube ➜ 🤍 On Twitter ➜ 🤍 On Twitch ➜ 🤍 On Facebook ➜ 🤍 On Google+ ➜ 🤍 On Our Forums ➜ 🤍 =-=-==-==-=-= What is Bloodborne? Bloodborne is an upcoming single-player action role-playing game for the Playstation 4. Online, the game will also have multiplayer and co-op play. Bloodborne is developed by From Software and SCE Japan causing it to have many similarities with the Souls series - Demon Souls, Dark Souls, and Dark Souls 2. The game takes place i n a fictional city known as "Yharnam," where the citizens become mutated and insane. =-=-==-==-=-=

Souls Games Ranked From Easiest to Hardest


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Dark Souls VS Bloodborne RAP


📷Instagram: 🤍 ▶️Facebook: 🤍 🎵Spotify: 🤍 ♪TikTok: 🤍 💬Streams: 🤍 ✉️Mail de negocios: dankun.contacto🤍gmail.com Produced by: Vendetta Beats, Didek Beats, Fifty Vinc Link de la instrumental: 🤍 Puedes elegir de qué será mi próximo Rap, solo escríbelo en la sección de comentarios.

Elden Ring Expert Plays Bloodborne


I did A LOT in Elden Ring yesterday and thought Bloodborne filler was a smart idea. I was wrong and sold the game at GameStop ~Social Media ~ Twitter: 🤍 Twitch: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍

Souls Inheritors: Bloodborne vs. Sekiro vs. Elden Ring [Spoilers]


This is a comprehensive video retrospective and critique of the three follow-up games From Software did in the wake of their iconic Dark Souls trilogy Bloodborne, Sekiro, and Elden Ring. It looks at each game through the lens of both how they construct their unique artistic identities and how they all connect back through the legacy of their inherited systems. FULL SPOILERS FOR ALL GAMES. This video made with production assistance from Nate Greene. _Table of Contents Intro 00:00 Bloodborne 00:15 Sekiro 1:23:49 Elden Ring 2:41:17 Special Thanks 4:18:17 If you enjoyed this video and want to contribute to the production of others like it, please consider donating through the crowdfunding website Patreon: 🤍

Dark Souls Lore VS Bloodborne Lore


Elden Ring VS Bloodborne


In this video, I compare the only 2 FromSoftware games I've played: Elden Ring and Bloodborne. Realistically, there's no comparison in terms of technical specs and game features: Elden Ring is leagues ahead of Bloodborne, but other than the technical aspects, how do the two games stack up to each other? I hope you enjoy the video:)

MEGLIO BLOODBORNE o DARK SOULS 3? Un inno a From Software



Sekiro vs Dark Souls vs Bloodborne | How Are These From Software Games Different?


Dualshock 4 Back Button Anlysis : 🤍 Join the WOLFPACK & Subscribe for more videos! Sekiro, Bloodborne, and Dark Souls 3 are all very similar yet very different at the same time. From Software games rock! SUBSCRIBE GAME: Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice / Bloodborne /Dark Souls 3 Ps4/ Xbox / PC Like Metal? Check out my band: IN VICE VERSA #darksouls #sekiro #bloodborne #fromsoftware MUSIC: Intro TH3 DARP X GODMODE - SAMURAI [COPYRIGHT FREE MUSIC] 🤍 Avery Alexande4r Fantasy Music - Passing the Crown 🤍 OCTILARY - CHILL TRAP BEAT | No Copyright Trap 🤍

Orphan of Kos VS Soul of Cinder | Dark Souls 3 X Bloodborne Boss VS Boss


What happens when you put an Orphan with the strongest Lord of Cinder in a room? Well, chaos does not even come close! ► Boss Health Values: (All NG+6) Orphan of Kos: 19217 HP Soul of Cinder: Phase 1: 6557 - Phase 2: 4209 ► Special thanks to PapaAppa for his work on the Call of the Abyss mod (specifically the effects for Lady Maria), and Kez for making Bloodborne bosses work in Dark Souls 3. I was inspired by BonfireVN Boss VS Boss videos, and I thought of sharing the fun of boss wars, but in Bloodborne and Demon's Souls! ► Discord Server Link: 🤍 ► Support this channel on Patreon, and get access to many benefits! 🤍 ► Huge thanks to all Pateron supporters: Travis Singleton, Gabe Mason, MoodyB #Bloodborne #BossVsBoss #PS4 #Mod #Hack #FROMSoftware #Hacking

Obliterating my Sanity with Bloodborne, Sekiro and Elden Ring | Reviewing Every Dark Souls Spinoff


hello darkness, my old friend...? *SPOILERS FOR ALL GAMES BTW* FromSoft developed 3 spinoff titles that pushed the boundaries of the Dark Souls framework. Each of them bring interesting innovations to traditional souls gameplay, and get creative with the aesthetics too. This is part 2 of my patron-backed look at the Dark Souls series. Final verdict? I like every souls game, period. It took a while to get there for more than one, however, and I finally took the time to figure out my own biases and latent frustrations with Bloodborne. Sekiro was fascinating and rewarding, but that controller definitely cost at least $20. Elden Ring is incredible and the hype is deserved - even if only for the aesthetics, though I really enjoy the additions to gameplay. Making me enjoy an open world isn't some small feat. I won't tier these because it's sliiightly tacky? Like not really, but I'd rather you all draw your own conclusions and love/hate what you do regardless of me. It's worth mentioning that every title across the series struck down almost everything else I've played for a long time - they're just fun games, and I love customizability and character building, fantasy, etc. Q: KBash you forgot to mention Patches! A: YOOO Patches thooooo *is shot dead immediately at ten paces* Q: KBash you forgot to mention Berserk! A: YOOOOO I *mario hoo sound* LOVE BERSE *is thrown shrieking under a stump grinder* Affiliate link: Check out Total Play, a gaming retailer near me 🤍 totalplay.ca/discount/KBASH Enter Discount " KBASH " at checkout for 10% your order. Good until December 2022! If you'd like to help support the show, here's my thingy: 🤍 I still have polls posted - they're looking mostly decided, but I don't wanna make assumptions. Looking pretty JRPG heavy. Here's the first part: 🤍 0:00 Premise 2:02 Bloodborne 33:56 Sekiro: Act 1 35:24 Sekiro: Act 2 1:05:28 Elden Ring Special thanks to Ryan "Mori" Brooks for helping with Sekiro and Elden Ring, and for creating the pickle pizza. Uncontested legend, you live in our hearts from today onward. MUSIC IN ORDER Intro Into the Woods - I Am Setsuna BB Intro - Bloodborne Ganado I - Resident Evil 4 Hubris - Soulcalibur 2 Eversong Worlds - World of Warcraft They Know My Name - Call of Cthulhu, Dark Corners of the Earth Cleric Beast - Bloodborne Lullaby for Mergo - Bloodborne Isamat Urbur - Lost Kingdoms 2 Outtake 1 - Diablo 2 The Atrium II - Styx Desperados 3 - Troublemakers in Flagstone Bowerstone - Fable Warcraft 3 - Carrion Waves Beast Hunt - Gothic 1 Riku - Kingdom Hearts Tristram - Diablo 1 Amygdala - Bloodborne Blood Starved Beast - Bloodborne Bloodborne - Bloodborne Sekiro Sekiro's soundtrack was varied enough to use in sum. Also I use Fable's Summer Fields early, along with Climb Up! And Grab the Last Chance! From F-Zero. ER Tal Tal Heights - Link's Awakening High Seas Moment - World of Warcraft Colony 9 - Xenoblade Chronicles Omega Ruins - FFX Title Theme - Final Fantasy Tactics Among Stately Peaks - Octopath Traveler Showdown - Tactics Ogre Road to Gran Soren - Dragon's Dogma Bluemoon Tower - Dragon's Dogma Desert Lands - Final Fantasy Tactics Impregnable Defense - Tactics Ogre No Turning Back - I Am Setsuna Abandoned Mines - Vagrant Story Under the Stars - FFT The Brotherhood Escapes - Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Gilgamesh Boss Fight - FFXV Alien Manifestation - Nier Automata Forest of Myth - Nier Path of Redemption - I Am Setsuna #bloodborne #sekiro #eldenring #kbash #retrospective

كمبتدئ أيهما أفضل لي؟ BloodBorne أم Dark Souls 3؟


في هذا الفيديو سأقوم بالاجابة على سؤال لأحد الأعضاء في صفحة Haki Gamer بالفيسبوك حول هاتين اللعبتين و أيهما أفضل للمبتدئين في سلسلة ألعاب ال Souls من وجهة نظري التي تحتمل الصواب أو الخطأ. 🤍

Dark souls lore vs bloodborne lore


Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice vs Bloodborne | Direct Comparison


Visual and gameplay comparison of FromSoftware's latest "Sekrio - Shadows Die Twice" and their 2015 classic, Bloodborne. #Sekiro #Bloodborne #Comparison

First Impressions of Dark Souls 3, From a Bloodborne Player


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Dark Souls 3 .vs. Bloodborne


🤍 ► RESIDENT EVIL 7 DEMO ANALYSIS This week we're throwing Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne into the pit!! We highlight 5 similarities you may not have caught between the new upcoming installment of Dark Souls and the beast-hunting adventure platform, Bloodborne. Please let us know if there are any other similarities we may have missed, or if you just hate the video enough to leave a comment (You'll do that whether I tell you to or not...) 🤍 ► DRUNKBORNE 🤍 GAMING PEEVES | FALLOUT 4 MUSIC: Alex Roe - Abandoned By God (Seriously, look this dude up! He's amazing!!) 🤍 FACEBOOK: 🤍 TWITTER: 🤍 PATREON: 🤍 Rusty Molboxer brings you weekly content on gaming and gaming culture. Please subscribe for more. THANKS FOR OVER 75,000 SUBSCRIBERS!!!

Which Soulsborne Tutorial is the Best? (Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Elden Ring)


Today, we're playing through every tutorial in each of the souls games by FromSoftware to see which one is the best as well as the most difficult. This includes Demon's Souls, Dark Souls 1, Dark Souls 2, Dark Souls 3, Bloodborne, Sekiro, and Elden Ring. I wanted to review each tutorial because I think they have have unique aspects about them that aim to teach the players different lessons about the experience. Shirts: 🤍 Timestamps 0:00 - Intro 0:10 - Demon's Souls 1:57 - Dark Souls 3:32 - Dark Souls 2 4:52 - Bloodborne 6:22 - Dark Souls 3 7:57 - Sekiro 9:32 - Elden Ring Join My Discord Server: 🤍 Follow Me! Instagram: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Don't forget to like and subscribe! #eldenring #eldenringgameplay #darksouls #sekiro #bloodborne #demonssouls #darksouls2 #darksouls3 #fromsoftware #soulslike #soulsborne #soulsgame #soulsgaming

Обзор Dark Souls 3. Лучше Bloodborne?


Серия Dark Souls по праву считается одной из самых хардкорных. Но настолько ли сложная третья часть игры? В этом видео Паша Панда решил рассказать о своих впечатлениях об игре и сравнить её с не менее сложной игрой Bloodborne. 💵 Поддержи нас– 🤍 👥 Группа в вк– 🤍 👾 Twitch– 🤍 📍 На чем играем: 🎮 PlayStation 4 (fat) 🕹 Nintendo Switch 💻 PC (AMD Ryzen 7 1700, GTX GeForce 1070Ti, 16GB DDR4) 📍Оборудование: 📹 Вебка–Logitech C922 🎞 Карта захвата–Avermedia LGP2 Plus 🎙Микрофон– Samson C01U Pro #DarkSouls3 #Bloodborne #ДиванныеИгры

Bloodborne is the Best Souls Game


This is the greatest souls of All Time

Amygdala VS Soul Of Cinder (Bloodborne x Dark Souls)


Thank PappaAppa - Creator & Main Dev of The Call Of The Abyss Mod for allowing me to use the modded files :) Call Of The Abyss Mod: 🤍 Call Of The Abyss Channel: 🤍 Support dev team: 🤍 🤍

ЛУЧШАЯ ИГРА FROMSOFTWARE ( Dark Souls 1,2,3, Sekiro и Bloodborne )


Получить подарки в World of Tanks - 🤍 (Важно! Танк Т2LT, неделя премиум-аккаунта и 400 тыс. кредитов выдается при регистрации нового аккаунта) Инста - 🤍 Паблик - 🤍 Здорова, сегодня не самый обычный ролик. Сегодня я решил выяснить какая же все таки лучшая игра FromSoftware. Dark Souls 1? Dark Souls 2? Dark Souls 3? Bloodborne? Sekiro? Я представлю вам свои размышления на этот счет, так что надеюсь будет интересно. #DarkSouls #Sekiro #Bloodborne

A Hot Take on Every Soulsborne Game (Including Elden Ring)


Uh oh...Don't flame too hard pls I have a family. Music Channel: 🤍 TV/Movies Channel: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Consider Supporting me on Patreon: 🤍 Intro: 0:00 Demon's Souls: 0:17 Dark Souls: 0:23 Dark Souls 2: 1:53 Bloodborne: 2:51 Dark Souls 3: 3:51 Sekiro: 5:22 Elden Ring: 6:29

Opinion on Bloodborne vs DS3


Was asked for an opinion between Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne. Apologies for the quality, it was made on potato-tier equipment :(.

Аналитическое сравнение: Bloodborne vs. Dark Souls 1/2 vs. Demon's Souls


Что же все-таки лучше, и почему? Видео в 30фпс и 1280х720 потому что ютуб не позволяет скачивать свои видео в более хорошем качестве (по крайней мере без всяких извращений). И да, я ничего не сказал о сюжете и еще некоторых вещах, но если бы я пытался поговорить вообще обо всем, то это видео было бы на несколько (десятков) часов длиннее, и вышло бы лет так через 5. Музыка в видео: Саундтреки Dark Souls 1 и Bloodborne Видеоряд: Dark Souls, Dark Souls 2, Bloodborne, Demon's Souls Мой твиттер: 🤍 Стрим: 🤍



Un enfrentamiento que ha tenido a los fans discutiendo por siglos, Dark souls 3 vs bloodborne, ¿cuál es mejor?, en este video te damos nuestra opinión al respecto Síguenos en Facebook: 🤍 Contacto Dinosagrios: dinosagriosnegocios🤍gmail.com #darksouls #demonsouls #bloodborne #darksoulsvsbloodborne

Lady Maria VS Pontiff Sulyvahn | Bloodborne X Dark Souls 3 Boss VS Boss


Who is the best dual-wielding boss? The most beloved Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower faces against the mighty Pontiff Sulyvahn, in this epic Dark Souls 3 X Bloodborne Boss VS Boss mod fight battle video! ► Special thanks to PapaAppa for his work on the Call of the Abyss mod (specifically the effects for Lady Maria), and Kez for making Bloodborne bosses work in Dark Souls 3. Make sure to check out their Patreon: 🤍 ► Discord Server Link: 🤍 ► Support this channel on Patreon, and get access to many benefits! 🤍 ► Huge thanks to all the Pateron supporters: Travis Singleton, Gabe Mason, MoodyB

¿Es mejor Dark Souls 3 o Bloodborne? ¡Cara a cara!


¡Alabado sea el dolor! Dark Souls 3 ha llegado y es todo un torrente de calidad. ¡También lo es de dificultad, como no podía ser menos! Antes de Dark Souls 3, nuestras temblorosas manos gozaron con Bloodborne, un título no conectado con la saga, pero que mantiene muchos puntos en común: ambientación oscura, poca clemencia con el jugador y muertes, muchas muertes. La pregunta es: ¿cuál de los dos juegos es mejor? Nuestros paladines del acero, Álvaro Alonso y David Martínez, dirimen sus diferencias en torno a estos títulos: ¿más acción o más rol? ¿Hay hueco para las pistolas o solo para armas blancas? Estos y otros sanguinolientos argumentos os esperan en el Cara a cara de esta semana. Por supuesto, esperamos vuestras impresiones en torno a Dark Souls 3 y Bloodborne. ¿Cuál de estos dos títulos revoluciona más vuestras vísceras? ¿Somos masoquistas? Quizá, pero de pata negra.

Dark Souls x Bloodborne Teaser


BB models & shadow import by Hung: 🤍 BB models import by COTA: 🤍 🤍 Enemy replacements by El Fonz0: 🤍 🤍 Music: Lord Of Cinder & Omen

Dark Souls VS Bloodborne VS Demon's Souls VS Dark Souls 2 - ANÁLISIS: CUAL ME GUSTA MÁS ?


Dark Souls VS Bloodborne VS Demon's Souls VS Dark Souls 2 - Análisis en español. Cual me gusta más y me parece mejor? Estáis de acuerdo? Opinad!! :D ¿Te ha gustado este vídeo? ¡SUSCRÍBETE PARA MÁS! 🤍 Links de interés: Guía de Dark Souls: 🤍 Guía de Demon's Souls: 🤍 Guía de Dark Souls 2: 🤍 Guía de Bloodborne: 🤍 Dark Souls es un RPG de acción en tercera persona con elementos de Hack and Slash, que se caracteriza por una atmósfera oscura y una dificultad muy por encima de los estándares actuales. El juego recibió excelentes críticas debido a su jugabilidad desafiante, su atmósfera absorbente, sus controles prácticos y a su innovador modo multijugador, la mayoría de estos aspectos importados de su predecesor espiritual Demon's Souls. El juego tiene lugar en los últimos días de la "edad del fuego", la cual, como es relatado al principio de la historia, comenzó tras la derrota de los dragones que anteriormente reinaban el mundo. Bloodborne es un videojuego de acción RPG desarrollado por FromSoftware en exclusiva para PlayStation 4. Su estreno se produjo el 24 de marzo de 2015 en Norteamérica y el 25 en Europa. Bloodborne tiene lugar en la antigua ciudad de Yharnam, conocida por albergar un remedio médico, una "panacea" que se dice puede curar cualquier enfermedad. Durante años, muchos viajeros peregrinaron hacia allá buscando un remedio para sus males, siendo el cazador uno de ellos. Al llegar allí, no obstante, se descubrió que fue invadida por una plaga que ha transformado a la mayor parte de su población en bestias terroríficas. Demon's Souls es el último juego de rol (RPG) creado por el aclamado estudio japonés "From Software", creadores de franquicias como Armored Core, Tenchu, Otogi o Chromehounds, y publicado por Sony Computer Entertainment en Japón y Asia, por Atlus en Norte América y Namco Bandai en Europa. Es el sucesor espiritual de King's Field, también creado por From Software. Demon's Souls trae el estilo RPG más hardcore a nuestras PlayStation 3. Dark Souls II, es un juego desarrollado por From Software y sigue la estela de Dark Souls. Fue anunciado el pasado 7 de Diciembre de 2012. El juego se desarrolla para el PS3, Xbox 360, y PC por Namco Bandai Games. El 7 de abril de 2015 se estrenó Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin, una versión especial del mismo. La historia de Dark Souls II no conecta directamente con la de Dark Souls, aunque ambos toman lugar en el mismo mundo. El protagonista se encuentra en Drangleic, una tierra anteriormente muy próspero que se ha caído en ruinas, para buscar una cura para su aflicción, la maldición de los No Muertos. Empieza en el Altar Encantado, un lugar custodiado por las ultimas Guardianas de Fuego, despues de decir tu nombre te recompensan con una Efigie Humana (notese que el jugador estaba en estado Hueco) luego se personaliza al protagonista y su viaje empieza. Despues de pasar el tutorial, el jugador llega a Majula, un pueblo donde llegan a parar todos los No-Muertos , ahi se encuentra con la Heraldo de Esmeralda, el NPC encargado de subir niveles al jugador a cambio de almas, tambien esta el Herrero, al principio no podra entrar a su taller pero luego podra mejorar armas y armaduras, el Mercader comercia con armas y armaduras, en ese lugar es donde los NPC se reunen en distintos puntos, ya desde Majula se puede ir a cualquier lugar. Este vídeo forma parte de la serie "Guías, análisis y gameplays de videojuegos y de YouTube", unos vídeos donde hablaré de distintos temas de actualidad relacionados con Youtube: 🤍 Todos los días intentaré subir un vídeo nuevo al canal, así que te animo a que vuelvas a Powerbazinga TV! Visita mi canal para más vídeos: 🤍 Suscríbete para recibir los nuevos vídeos: 🤍 La música de fondo es de audionatix.com

Steven en Skate blikken terug op Dark Souls / Bloodborne


Het is weer de hoogste tijd om te kijken hoe ultimate warriors Skate en Steven hun favoriete game series niet los kunnen laten. Het is niet lang geleden dat de allerlaatste DLC van de Dark Souls serie is uitgekomen. Met The Ringed City werd de geniale reeks in stijl afgesloten. Het is nu een paar maanden later en Skate en Steven zijn de game nog lang niet vergeten. Zie hoe de mannen terugdenken aan veel van de mooie ervaringen die zij in de afgelopen jaren rijker zijn geworden in de SoulsBorne terugblik. Het valt niet te ontkennen dat de SoulsBorne reeks de harten van Skate en Steven heeft veroverd Het begon allemaal met Demon's Souls. Een game die een gloednieuwe insteek had en als geen ander de game wereld verraste. Steven en Skate moesten even wennen aan hoe het werkte, maar het duurde niet lang voordat ze verkocht waren. In de jaren die volgden gingen er weinig gesprekken voorbij, waarin de met lading gevulde woorden Dark Souls, of Bloodborne niet voorbij kwamen. Je zou kunnen zeggen dat deze games hun leven permanent hebben veranderd. Afscheid nemen is altijd moeilijk, maar ook te vermijden als je nog 7 keer een new game+ kan starten en daar zo lang plezier aan hebt, dat je daarna gewoon weer met een andere Dark Souls of Bloodborne kan beginnen. Ja, ja... Het valt niet te ontkennen dat de unieke SoulsBorne reeks de harten van Skate en Steven heeft veroverd. Ze denken dan ook met veel plezier terug aan hoe zij keer op keer dood gingen en gefrustreerd voor de honderdste keer een boss te lijf moesten gaan. Ben je ook helemaal verliefd geworden op de Soulborne reeks? Vind je de games loslaten ook moeilijk? Schuif dan aan bij de andere veteranen. Tijd om herinneringen op te halen en het post traumatische SoulsBorne disorder te verwerken in de SoulsBorne terugblik.

Bloodborne vs Dark Souls


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Connections Between Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Sekiro


Ah! The connections aren't over yet, lets look the Dark Souls series within Bloodborne, and Sekiro. Thank you to all of the Reddit threads and Youtubers that highlighted some of these connections it is much appreciated! [🤍 - Boss Fights! [🤍 - 100% Guides [🤍 - Lance McDonald Music: [🤍 - Greenpath [🤍 - Firekeepers [🤍 - Majula [🤍 - Dirtmouth The final song isn't on YouTube but its called "Words Riding on the Wind" 00:00 - Foreshadowing Bloodborne 00:42 - Foreshadowing Sekiro 01:01 - The Bald Menace 01:11 - Sekiro's Patches 01:44 - Bloodborne to Dark Souls 02:06 Bloodborne to Demon's Souls 02:26 - The Gross Brain Chain Enemy 02:40 - ah man not the brain suckers 02:59 - Dancer and One Reborn 03:17 - Logarius 03:36 - Bloodborne Mechanic in Ds3 03:59 - Slugs?!? 04:18 - Represents Each Game 05:06 - You know what Sword 05:29 - The freaking pillars 05:55 - Final Boss Arenas and a tad bit of Elden Ring A tutorial on the effect at the beginning of my videos [🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitch: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 These take you to social medias I don't have, I just like the look of a full description.

Bloodborne vs Dark souls


Elden Ring vs Bloodborne - Direct Comparison! Attention to Detail & Graphics! 4K


Elden Ring vs Bloodborne - Direct Comparison! Attention to Detail & Graphics! 4K In this video you will see a graphic and gameplay comparison between Elden Ring vs Bloodborne. My PC SPECS: MB: MSI Z390-A PRO CPU: i7 9700K RAM: HyperX Fury Black 16GB DDR4 3200MHz GPU: GTX 1080 TI SSD: ADATA Ultimate SU650 480GB Thank you for watching!!! #EldenRingvsBloodborne #EldenRing #Bloodborne

The “Elden Ring” vs “Bloodborne” Problem! Pt 1 of 2 (A Tragic Love Story)


Part 2: 🤍 #eldenring #bloodborne #darksouls #fromsoftware #playstation

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