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How to Use Ink Pads and Stamps with Courtney Cerruti | Creativebug


Learn how to stamp like a pro with this quick tutorial. SUBSCRIBE: 🤍 About this class: Courtney demonstrates the proper way to ink up your stamps and discusses uses for different kinds of ink. Connect with Creativebug: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Pinterest: 🤍 Google+: 🤍 About Creativebug: Our Creativebug channel brings you inspiration and know-how to realize your creative potential. Experience the pride and satisfaction of making something by hand, through hundreds of videos featuring top designers and artists. Timecodes: 🤍00:27 Dye-based inkpads 🤍02:30 Pigment-based inkpads 🤍03:41 Quick drying inkpads 🤍04:07 Metallic inkpads 🤍04:18 Hybrid inkpads for non-porous surfaces 🤍04:40 Rubber stamp method 🤍06:45 Heat setting ink About Courtney: Courtney is an artist and the author of Washi Tape: 101+ Ideas for Paper Crafts, Book Arts, Fashion, Decorating, Entertaining, and Party Fun! and Playing with Image Transfers. How to Use Ink Pads and Stamps with Courtney Cerruti | Creativebug 🤍

epson ink pad is at the end of its service life error message problem is solved


In this video i am showing you how to make epson l series inkpad at home

HOW TO RESET EPSON PRINTERS INK PAD for FREE & 100% WORKING | tagalog w/ English subs


#inkpadreset #wicreset #epsonprinter You can use it one time only and after that, you can delete the app and download it again for another printer reset. Pwede ang wicreset sa halos lahat ng EPSON printers especially for L series..di po siya gagana sa Epson XP.Libre po siya..walang reset key na kailangan..guys pls like and subscribe for more tutorials

Ink Pad Comparison (A Simple Way To Understand Ink Pads and Their Properties)


What do you really need in an inkpad? What's the difference between all the different brands? Today I hope to demystify some of this for you. Keep in mind there are many equivalent products so use what fits your needs and budget. If you are new to stamping I highly recommend checking out my free Stamp School series: 🤍 My old ink pad cheat sheet is still pretty accurate if you want to download it: 🤍 Inkpads mainly come in two types: Pigment or Dye. tjhere is also a trd type call "Hybrid" that combines some of the qualities of both (fast-drying, solid images, can be used with watercolor and alcohol markers) but still resembles a dye pad more than a pigment to me anyway. Dye-based pads are usually transparent because they absorb into the paper and they dry quickly. They are usually water-based but can be solvent-based like Staz-on or oil-based like Ranger Archival. Some pads are waterproof (like Archival and staz on) and some are water-reactive like Distress, Harmony, and Prism. the pads you choose depends on the type of stamping you like to do and the mediums you like to use. My recommendations for dye pads: Ranger Archival in black or sepia for watercoloring: 🤍 Memento Black or Brown for alcohol marker coloring: 🤍 For a good variety of colors, I recommend the Memento dew drop mini pads in the 12 color sets: 🤍 *there are 3 unique sets of 12 colors *Refill inks are available for all recommended brands. Ink pads made by Stampin Up, Stewart Superior (they make most stamp companies inks), Tsukineko and Ranger are all top-notch as well. Use what you have or is easiest to find. Stick with name brands here and purchase reinkers as needed to save money. Pigment-based pads are slow drying and tend to be opaque because the ink is thicker and it sits on top of the paper. They are good for heat embossing. Often you can use these on fabric and heat set them for permanance. They can be oil or water-based. They tend to resist fading due to pigments rather than dyes being used. Some are waterproof. Oil-based pads like Versafine are waterproof, have excellent coverage, and capture fine detail. They are great for embossing and watercoloring. You can also get clear pigment pads for embossing, watermarking and resist effects. Water-based pigment inkpads often have a spongy surface, some are waterproof when dry and some are not. The Distress oxide pads have a hard pad and are very water reactive leading to fun effects if you like to great inky backgrounds. *for oil-based pads I purchase reinkers. They usually have a hard pad. for water-based pads I make my own ink with gouache, glycerin, and water. These are not waterproof. I recommend Versafine Clair: 🤍 #thefrugalcrafter #watercolor #art Want more inspiration? Here are some classes! 🤍 Want to help with closed captions and translations? 🤍 I often get asked about my favorite supplies. You can find & shop them here: 🤍 Credits: Video production and Craft ideas: Lindsay Weirich Music: Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 🤍 Sign Up For The Frugal Crafter News! 🤍 For Sponsorships or Product Reviews email Lindsay at: artstudiosofbangor🤍 SUBSCRIBE! 🤍 Follow along and have fun! Thefrugalcrafter Community on Facebook: 🤍 Join in the fun! Visit my blog: 🤍 Follow me on Pinterest: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Subscribe: 🤍 *This post may contain affiliate links

Make Ink At Home! Ink Pad Recipe Bonanza!


DIY Ink Pad Recipe Bonanza! Sponsored by Lava® Soap. Find Lava soap at Walmart, 🤍 and other fine retailers. Visit 🤍 to learn more and find a store near you. For money saving coupons click here: 🤍 Follow Lava Soap on Facebook for more tips on how to clean up after craft projects: 🤍 *Keep in mind the best practices for keeping your ink pads in good working order is to use the appropriate reinker: 🤍 I make sure to have a reinker for any inkpad I rely on. Sometimes though a company doesn't offer reinkers or they discontinue a color but you still have the pad. Or you are in the middle of a project and neek ink ASAP in which case we have you covered! Protect your workspace! I use these super cheap teflon mats than can be cut up to convenient sizes. You get 3 huge ones for $7 on amazon: 🤍 *They are $25 each or more at the craft store! Reinking a dye based ink pad. I have to say that for dye ink pads that adult stampers use your best bet is to buy a commercially prepared reinker. Most dye based pads are similar and you can cross brands. I have used Stampin Up reinkers to ink of other brands pads with no issues. In face many popular companies all have their inks made by the same company. I like juicy ink pads to I keep adding ink to my pad until it stops absorbing ink. DIY Dye Based Ink Recipe: Liquid watercolor : 🤍 Vegetable Glycerin: 🤍 *For childrens ink pads mix liquid watercolors to desired share and drip on inkpad. For adult stampers ink pads add 1 drop glycerin to every 2 drops liquid watercolor (mix to achieve the correct color) and apply to inkpad. If the inkpad stamps splotchy or seems to juicy leave uncovered for a few hours and do a test stamp. That will allow excess water in the watercolor to evaporate. DIY Embossing ink: Glycerin: 🤍 DIY Ink Refresher: Fill a 4oz spray bottle with water and 1 Tablespoon of glycerin, shake and spray on dried out dye ink pads. DIY chalk ink: Drugstore Isopropyl Alcohol or distilled water (in a spray bottle) Chalk pastels: 🤍 Spray some rubbing alcohol (or distilled water) on a teflon mat and scribble the select colors of pastel chalks to match the inkpad you wish to reink. You will make a cream consistency slurry or ink. Use your chalk inkpad to sop up the ink. Easy peasy and with 64 colors in the $10 chalk set you probably won’t have to mix colors! DIY Ink Pads For Dye inks you need Cut and Dry Felt: 🤍 (more expensive on Amazon) 🤍 For pigment or chalk inks you need Cut and Dry Foam: 🤍 (more expensive on Amazon) 🤍 A shallow container such as clamshell packaging. Directions: Cut the felt to size and ink up with the appropriate ink! *This is great for making custom rainbow and ombre inks. For a disposable option you can add reinkers to a baby wipe. DIY Pigment ink: Gouache: 🤍 Glycerin A palette knife or spatula for mixing Directions: Take a pea-blueberry size dab of gouache and add 5 drops of glycerin, mix well with a palette knife and apply to dry pigment inkpad. If the ink feels too thick spritz with distilled water or drugstore alcohol. *For metallic ink use metallic gouache or Pearl Ex (see below) Pearl-Ex Ink pads Pearl Ex mica powder: 🤍 Glycerin Directions: Add ½ teaspoon of pigment powder to the inkpad. Drop on 10 drops of glycerin on top. Spread out with an old gift card. If it feels to dry spritz with alcohol. *This will also work for old Mica Magic Ink pads, this is great on black paper! Staz-On Ink refresher (alcohol ink pads) Denatured Alcohol 🤍 Apply to dry or sticky stazon pad. I use about 15 drops and let sit an hour before using. If your inkpad is used up you will get a faint impression but if it is just dried out this will reconstitute the ink. I alternate using Staz-On Reinker and Denatured alcohol because if you get too much reinker on the pad it feels sticky. *You can also use denatured alcohol to revive dried up alcohol pens. Do not spray apply denatured alcohol! Don’t forget to use Lava soap to clean up your hands afterward! Happy crafting! *This post may contain affiliate links

Diy Stamp Pad -How to make Stamp Pad at home/Diy Homemade stamp pad ink/diy homemade black stamp pad


Diy Stamp Pad -How to make Stamp Pad at home/Diy Homemade stamp pad ink/diy homemade black stamp pad..Make your own stamps and stamp arts and crafts, lockdown timepass diy, diy art, twin tag art and crafts, twin tag channel, diy fun idea.....!!!! 👉Homemade Stamp :- 🤍 👉Homemade Sticky notes :-🤍 🔴Instagram💫 :- 🤍 amazing craft ideas. Plz Subscribe for more videos. Don't forget to SHARE with your friends. thank you 💞💞👍

How to Re Ink an Ink Pad


Re-Inkers are perfect for refilling your favorite ink pads or using on their own for watercolor, creating DIY Ink Pads, colorizing Texture Pastes & other mediums, and for Gel Plate printing techniques. In this video, you will see how simple to it is to add ink to dry ink pads with Re-Inkers. #rangerink #stampingink #reinkers • SHOP Ranger Products Here: 🤍 • SUBSCRIBE for the lastest videos & inspiration: 🤍 • SIGN UP for our newsletter for new products and promotions: 🤍 Full Supply List with Links: Wendy Vecchi Make Art Blendable Dye Ink Pads: Wendy Vecchi Make Art Blendable Dye Re-Inkers: Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pads: 🤍 Tim Holtz Distress Ink Re-Inkers: 🤍 Tim Holtz Distress Oxide Ink Pads: 🤍 Tim Holtz Distress Oxide Ink Re-Inkers: 🤍 Ranger Archival Ink Pads: 🤍 Ranger Archival Ink Re-Inkers: 🤍 Simon Hurley create. Dye Ink Pads: 🤍 Simon Hurley create. Dye Ink Re-inkers: 🤍 Ranger Craft Scraper: 🤍 FOLLOW US Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Pinterest: 🤍

The TRUTH behind why most ink pads don't make the cut!


What the heck is the difference between all the ink pads out there? Felt pads? Foam Pads? Dye ink? Pigment Ink. And now there is a hybrid ink.. Oxide ink. Good God. How do you choose? I break it down for you in this video! No more second guessing or wasting money... VERSAFINE CLAIR IS A PIGMENT INK!! MY APOLOGIES! PIGMENT IS OPAQUE AND DYE IS TRANSLUCENT! The first 1000 people to use the link will get a free trial of Skillshare Premium Membership: 🤍 * Click to download FREE INK Comparison worksheet: 🤍 ——— S U P P L I E S ——— • Ink – Catherine Pooler, LLC ——— 🤍 [ CTH ] ——— 🤍 [ ELH ] ——— 🤍 [ SBC ] • Ink Refills ——— 🤍 [ CTH ] ——— 🤍 [ SBC ] ——— 🤍 [ ELH ] • VersaFine Clair Ink Pad, Nocturne - Ellen Hutson LLC ——— 🤍 [ ELH ] ——— 🤍 [ SBC ] ——— 🤍 [ SSS ] • Tsukineko - VersaFine Clair - Inker - Nocturne ——— 🤍 [ SBC ] ——— 🤍 [ ELH ] ——— 🤍 [ SSS ] • Obsidian, Altenew Pigment Ink ——— 🤍 [ ELH ] ——— 🤍 [ SSS ] ——— 🤍 [ ALTN ] • Today Sentiments Stamp Set – Catherine Pooler, LLC ——— 🤍 [ CTH ] • Embossing Stamp Pad By WOW ——— 🤍 [ CTH ] ——— 🤍 [ ELH ] ——— 🤍 [ SSS ] • Embossing Ink Pad Refill By WOW ——— 🤍 [ CTH ] ——— 🤍 [ ELH ] ——— 🤍 [ SSS ] • Mug Shots Stamp Set – Catherine Pooler, LLC ——— 🤍 [ CTH ] ——— 🤍 [ SBC ] • Mug Shots Dies – Catherine Pooler, LLC ——— 🤍 [ CTH ] ——— 🤍 [ SBC ] • 60 Standard Ink Organizer - OrganizeMore ——— 🤍 [ ORG ] Recommended black ink for alcohol markers: • Tsukineko - Memento - Fade Resistant Dye Ink Pad - Tuxedo Black ——— 🤍 [ ] ——— 🤍 [ Ellen Hutson ] ——— 🤍 [ SimonSaysStamp ] • Tsukineko - Memento - Fade Resistant Dye Ink Pad - Reinker - Tuxedo Black ——— 🤍 [ ] ——— 🤍 [ SimonSaysStamp ] Product list made with LinkDeli - 🤍 Quirky Crafting for the Curious Creator, because art shouldn't be so serious! #laurelbeard #cardmaking #watercolor #painting #gelprinting YOU CAN ALSO FIND ME: • Blog: 🤍 • Instagram: 🤍 • Facebook: 🤍 ——— D I S C L A I M E R ——— All of the products used in my videos are purchased on my own OR were given to me with no expectation of using them. I am affiliated with several companies, which means that I make a small commission when you shop through the links at no cost to you. I do not work for these companies for money. I only talk about quality products and give honest reviews. Royalty free music from: 🤍 This video is sponsored by Skillshare.

DON'T BUY the WRONG INK PADS! Watch this first!


If you're thinking about buying ink pads, here are some helpful questions to help you consider which ink pads are best for you. With so many brands out there, it can be difficult to know which inks to choose from. I'm here to help you decide and give you some industry secrets on how to save money. 🍿 🎞 M E N T I O N E D 🍿 🎞 Blog Post: 🤍 Are Ink Refills a Waste of Money? 🤍 17 Ways to Use Your Ink Refills: 🤍 5 Ways to Use Distress Oxide Inks: 🤍 ——— S U P P L I E S U S E D——— ❗️❗️❗️FULL VISUAL LIST HERE: 🤍 • Catherine Pooler Inks ——— 🤍 [ ] ——— 🤍 [ ] ——— 🤍 [ Ellen Hutson ] • Concord & 9th Inks ——— 🤍 [ Concord & 9th ] • Distress Ink ——— 🤍 [ ] ——— 🤍 [ ] ——— 🤍 [ Ellen Hutson ] ——— 🤍 [ SimonSaysStamp ] • Altenew Inks ——— 🤍 [ Altenew ] ——— 🤍 [ Ellen Hutson ] ——— 🤍 [ SimonSaysStamp ] • Exclusive Inks ——— 🤍 [ ] • The Stamp Market Inks ——— 🤍 [ ] • Versafine Clair Inks ——— 🤍 [ ] ——— 🤍 [ Ellen Hutson ] ——— 🤍 [ SimonSaysStamp ] • Gina K Designs Inks ——— 🤍 [ ] • Hero Arts MISTI Stamping Tool The Most Incredible Stamp Tool Invented ——— 🤍 [ ] ——— 🤍 [ SimonSaysStamp ] 🦚 L I N K S 🦚 BLOG : 🤍 INSTAGRAM : 🤍 PINTEREST : 🤍 ❗️❗️❗️ D I S C L A I M E R Links above may be affiliate links.

Clean Touch Ink Pad - Review & Demo!


Clean Touch Ink Pad for Baby Handprints and Footprints: 🤍 About the product • OUR LIFETIME GUARANTEE: We'll refund your money within 12 hours & you can keep the book! No questions asked, no time limit asking for a refund. It's our way of saying thank you for believing in us • SUPERIOR SAFETY – Nothing is more important than keeping your little one safe. That’s why Tiny Gifts’ inkpad sets the safety standard. Unlike other kits, Clean Touch takes your baby’s hand or foot imprint without the ink ever touching their skin! It’s totally non-toxic and baby safe, so you can focus on capturing moments that will last a lifetime. • QUICK & EASY – Raising a newborn is no easy task, but with Tiny Gifts, taking their tiny prints will be! Just place the pad ink-side-down on any paper or card, gently press your baby’s hand or foot into the upward-facing side for a few seconds, and voila: A fast-drying, smudge-free, high detail stamp without the mess! • FOREVER KEEPSAKE – Whether you’re expecting your first or you’re no stranger to parenthood, an ink pad from Tiny Gifts is the ideal way to treasure those teensy toes and sweet hands for a lifetime. Stamp handprints or footprints onto their birth certificate or in their baby book for a keepsake you’ll be able to cherish forever. • PRECIOUS GIFTS – Give a gift that’ll last way past the dirty diaper days! If you’re looking for the perfect baby shower gift or a thoughtful Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthday, or christening gift, you can’t go wrong with Tiny Gifts! It’s the priceless present that they’ll appreciate always. • LIMITLESS POSSIBILITIES – Large, 5x3.5”, size fits your child’s hand and foot, be they an infant or a baby. Since you get 2 uses in every pad, you don’t have to choose between their fingers and toes. And Tiny Gifts isn’t just for babies! Big kids can use it as a fingerprint pad, and dog parents can even put their puppy’s prints in ink! → BUSINESS INQUIRIES: MamaMittens22🤍 ← *Disclaimer: I received this product for review purposes. All opinions expressed are my own.

Big stamp + small ink pad | how to make your ink pads work for you ✱ ParadeMade


What do you do if your ink pad is too small for your rubber stamp? How do you obtain a nice and even print with your rubber stamp? What should you do before switching to another colour with your rubber stamp? This video is all about ink pads - how to use them and how NOT to use them. Featuring Versacraft, Versafine and Versamagic ink pads from Tsukineko. Subscribe to my channel so you never miss a new video: 🤍 Link to this video: 🤍 ▲▲▲ Materials used in this video: ▷ Tsukineko ink pads 🤍 Stamp carving tools and materials available as a DIY kit on my online shop: 🤍 ▲▲▲ About Me Hello my name is Jiahui, the Singaporean rubber stamp artist behind ParadeMade. I made my first rubber stamp in 2011, from an eraser and a pen knife, and never looked back. Leave a comment to tell me what to carve for my next video! ▲▲▲ Connect with me! Instagram: 🤍parade.made Facebook: parademade Website: 🤍 Email: hello🤍 ▲▲▲ Music Music by Nico Anuch - With You - 🤍

Epson XP error - ink pad replacement and reset of the printer using a code / key


My XP printer stopped working and the error on screen was the ink pad is at the end of service life contact Epson support. For £10 and about an hours work it's simple and very cost effective for any DIY enthusiast to do the same. At the end of the video I show where I ordered the new ink pads from and the access code needed to reset the printer. Replacement of ink pads.

The Best Tips for 3 Ranger Archival Ink Pad - Inktoberfest Day 25


More on the blog at: 🤍 Use the ranger code in this link: 🤍 - no code needed the discount shows up at the checkout not in the cart Join the challenge at 🤍 Grab our new essentials in papercrafting course now at: 🤍 Become an HH channel perks member and get 10% off at Tonic Studios US & Worldwide stores every day, 10% off at Ellen Hutson, extra savings at Elizabeth Craft Designs US & EU stores, 10% at the HH store, 15% off at Sunny Studios, 10% off at Ranger Ink and more being added daily! 🤍 Shop the HH Kit at 🤍 Become an HH channel perks member and get 10% off at Tonic Studios US & Worldwide stores every day, 10% off at Ellen Hutson, extra savings at Elizabeth Craft Designs US & EU stores, 10% at the HH store, 15% off at Sunny Studios, 10% off at Ranger Ink and more being added daily! Become a member & get:  10% off at Elizabeth Craft Designs  $5 any order over $25 or 5 Euros off a 25 Euro order 10% off at the Hedgehog Hollow Store  10% off at Ellen Hutson all month long 12% off your total Tonic Studios 15% off the Craft Perfect Paper Category FREE SHIPPING at Sunny Studios on orders over $25  international customers get a $4 SHIPPING CREDIT on orders over $25  15% off at the Ranger Ink store  Therm O Web are offering 10% off all purchases Pink & Main are giving you FREE SHIPPING on orders over $20  PLUS  more being added Also get early access to our video, get exclusive member badges & emojis, as well as exclusive member videos, behind the scenes access and more for only $4.99 a month! All our current content will remain free these are just extra benefits! If you are a channel member on iPad we know member posts are hard to see, join our facebook group to see them all and chat with other members at: 🤍  Shop the HH Kit at: 🤍 This months exclusive coupons so far are: 10% off at Elizabeth Craft Designs with link 🤍 no code needed; 10% off at Arteza until September 15th with link: 🤍 and code HedgehogHollow3 Ellen Hutson, use link 🤍 and code HHOctober19 to save 10% off; exclude BCHF & Mama Elephant releases in last 30 days Weekly Inktoberfest savings at Tonic Studios off the collection (🤍 🤍 (USA) 🤍 (UK) Shop the October Ink-redible sale at: 🤍 (USA) 🤍 (UK) gemini stampin up simon says stamp jennifer mcguire

How To Clean Waste Ink Pad | EPSON L360


#DigitalPrintingBusiness #tagalogtutorial #SharingIsCaring Salamat sa inyong panonood.. hehe wag kalimutan mag SUBSCRIBE at click nyo na din po yung notification bell para updated tayong lahat sa mga sususnod pang mga viseos.. HAPPY PRINTING po sa lahat!!!

Diy Stamp Pad -How to make Stamp Pad at home/Diy Homemade stamp pad ink/diy homemade black stamp pad


Hey guys, In this video we will see that how to make stamp pad at home THINGS WE NEED- 1) Face Wash 2) Any Water Based Colour 3) Container 4) Scrub Sponge 5) Scissor 6) Paint Brush DIY STAMP-🤍 Hope you like this video ❤️ If you like this video then please like,share and subscribe to my channel 👍🏻 Till next video byee ❣️ IGNORE THIS- how to make stamp pad at home, how to make stamp at home, homemade stamp pad ink, homemade diy stamp pad, how to make foam stamp, diy rubber stamp, diy foam stamp, diy stamp pad at home, homemade stamps, diy Emoji Stamp, diy projects, diy stamp, diy custom stamp, diy ink pad, diy craft idea, art and craft, craft idea, diy, stamps, stamp pad, stamp, Let's be creative Let's be creative channel ❤️LOVE YOU ❤️

Ink Pads 101


Edit: No need to take notes during this video, I created an ink pad cross reference sheet you can print for free here: 🤍 Are you confused by all of the ink pad choices available today? Are you worried that you are going to buy the wrong kind? Today I am going to offer advise on choosing the right inkpad for you. If you have any question please leave a comment (or read other's comments to see if the question has been asked already:) and I will help you pick the right ink for you. There are many good brands out there and today I will share my favorites:) I will post a recap on my blog this weekend: 🤍 PS I forgot to mention Distress Ink, I really don't consider it a stamping ink (the ink beads up on stamps) more of a specialty ink for direct to paper techniques, water-coloring and blending. You can do many of the same techniques with the dye based stamping inks I recommend. distress inks are fun but not a basic must have, I would get good dye stamping inks before investing in Distress. I'm not knocking them at all, I use them and they are fun, just not a beginner must have supply! Music credit (if music is present in video) Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 🤍

DIY Ink Pads


Creating your own ink pad with reinkers and baby wipes. SUPPLIES ARE LINKED TO STORES BELOW For more info: 🤍 SUPPLIES These are the main supplies used. Affiliate links may be used at no cost to you. For additional sources and other supplies, visit my blog: 🤍 • SSS Altenew Fabulous You Stamps —— 🤍 • My Favorite Things Modern Trees Stamps —— 🤍 • MFT Rectangle Peek A Boo Window Die —— 🤍 • My Favorite Things Blessed and Blessings Dies —— 🤍 • Kirkland Baby WIpes —— 🤍 • Ranger Specialty Stamping Paper —— 🤍 • MISTI Stamping Tool —— 🤍 • Bar Magnet —— 🤍 • Embossing Magic Powder Bag —— 🤍 • Hero Arts Heat Gun —— 🤍 • VersaMark Ink —— 🤍 • WOW Gold Glitter Embossing Powder —— 🤍 • WOW Gold Glitter Embossing Powder —— 🤍 • Festive Berries Distress Ink Reinker —— 🤍 • Picked Raspberry Distress Ink Reinker —— 🤍 • Spiced Marmalade Distress Ink Reinker —— 🤍 • Abandoned Coral Distress Ink Reinker —— 🤍 • Fossilized Amber Distress Ink Reinker —— 🤍 • Twisted Citron Distress Ink Reinker —— 🤍 • Mowed Lawn Distress Ink Reinker —— 🤍 • Peeled Paint Distress Ink —— 🤍 • Be Creative Double Sided Tapes —— 🤍 • White Craft Foam —— 🤍 DISCLOSURE Compensated affiliate links may be used at no cost to you. Products with asterisks received from the company with no expectation. (Head here for more details: 🤍 This video was NOT sponsored, requested, or paid and I did it only because I wanted to. The information provided in this video is based on my own personal experience. I am not an expert nor do I work for these companies. I just am sharing what *I* like. :) For affiliate and product disclosure, visit 🤍 FIND ME Find me on social media: 🤍

How To Clean EPSON West Ink Pad Counter | l3110,l3116,l1110,l3150,l3156 Service Required Solution


नमस्कार दोस्तों आज इस विडियो में आप जानेगे की किस तरह से आप जो है epson ecotank series के प्रिंटर की west ink pad की सफाई किस तरह से कर सकते है और साथ ही एक जुगाड़ बताएँगे जिससे आपको service required जैसे समस्या से छुटकारा मिलेगा उम्मीद करता हु आपको विडियो पसंद आये धन्यवाद्... Our Official Website- 🤍 solutioninnhindi support call 09 AM - 09PM 91+ 7582896874 whatsapp Link- 🤍 EPSON SOFTWARES _ EPSON L3100,L3101,L3110,L3115,L3116,L3150,L3156 Resetter Download Free - 🤍 L3110-🤍 L380,L383,L385,L485-🤍 L110,L210,L300,L350,L355-🤍 L130,L220,L360,L365-ht🤍 L605-🤍 L405-🤍 L4150,L4160-🤍 CANON G Series and All- 🤍 Social Media Links- INSTAGRAM- 🤍 Facebook 🤍 YouTube- 🤍 twitter- 🤍 "Copyright Disclaimer under Section 107 of the copyright act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favour of fair use." Keywords- Epson L220, l210 , l360 l380 Ink Pad Cleaning And Service Required Solution part 9,Epson L210 Waste pad cleaning and 200 series,LIMPIAR CABEZAL EPSON l355, l210, l220, l375, l455, l555, l1800, xp211, tx125, l850, l800, xp235,How to solve epson ink pad is at the end of its service life error message problem is,epson waste ink pad ,Epson L3110 || L3150 Ink Leak Problem And Problem Solution In Detail,How to solve in leak problem,epsonL3110,L3115,L3101,L3116,L3100,L3150,L3156,L3160,L1110,How to locate epson L3110 waste tank,How to reset Epson 3110 | Re-setter Free Download,Epson L3110 Adjustment Program + Keygen FREE,Two Method To Fix Epson Red Light Blinking L220, L360, L800 All Model, epson l3110 waste ink pad resetter free download,download resetter epson l3110 full crack,epson waste ink pad reset key,epson m200 ink pad is at the end of its service life,resetter epson l3110 online,epson adjustment program, epson l3110 driver,epson xp-830 ink pad replacement,

How to make ink pad at home |No sponge,foam,acetone|Sayantika's Crafts


Pls pls help me to reach 75 subscribers. And don’t forget to like and share this video. pls subscribe my channel and support me Homemade craft stamp:👉🤍 Subscribe this channel for more videos🙂🙂




Fix Epson ET-2720 Waste Ink Pad "End of Life" - Install External Waste Tank with EcoTank Supertank


How to add external waste ink tanks to your EcoTank or Supertank, and reset the waste ink pad counter back to zero. We used software from this company: Company name: INKCHIP Solution For Chipless Printing Web page: 🤍 (🤍 Tel.:+372 8173 0240 Address: Level 15, Nexxus Building, 41 Connaught Rd Central, Central, Hong Kong Email: info🤍 Whatsapp: +372 8173 0240 WeChat ID: inkchipnet Link to download software: 🤍 Canal YouTube: 🤍



How to revive your dry ink pad with no re-inker - using glycerin does the job here’s a great tip try it you’ll see it works in the nick of time! As Always 😊 Happy Crafting 🌹 Not made for kids 🌺

How to remove Waste Ink Pads Epson inkjet Printer EcoTank


How to replace and clean the waste ink pads on an Epson Inkjet printer Eco-Tank ET-2550 and other printers Epson printers produce waste ink that is sent through a tube to the waste ink pads where it’s collected. The printer has a counter that send an error message "The printer's ink pads are at the end of their service life," once a certain number of pages have been printed or when the ink pads are full. You can bring the printer to a repair center, or you can fix the problem yourself saving money. - Activate subtitles in your language - For any question or suggestion leave a comment. - email: link.accessori🤍 other links: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 -

How to clean waste ink pad Epson L210, L220, L360, L380


LEARN HOW TO REPLACE AN INK PAD ON AN EPSON PRINTER Watch this video to fix the problem yourself if you want to save money. If you have an Epson printer and get an error message reading then the printer's ink pads are at the end of their service life. It may well mean that your ink pads are full and need to be changed. In the process of printing, the printer produces waste ink that has to go somewhere. It is sent through a tube to the ink pad, where it is collected. The printer has a counter that initiates the above-mentioned error message once a certain number of pages have been printed. According to the Epson manual, you need to take the printer to be serviced and may even need to replace the whole printer. Please subscribe, comment, like & share if you like this video. Thanks for watching!! The signs of printer blinking: 1. In the printer status menu will appear the warning “Parts inside the printer are nearing the end of their services life” 2. The printer and ink power button blinks alternately 3. When the printer is turned on, the carriage (cartridge’s house) does not move 4. Main pad counter 100% Other Videos:- 🤍 (Amazing Way to Reuse Old Keyboard) 🤍 (How To Make Ribbon Roses) 🤍 (Satin Ribbon Flowers for Special Occasion) 🤍 (Wall Hanging Wind Chimes) 🤍 (Handmade Grapes) 🤍 (Color Flower Vase) 🤍 (Plastic bottle craft idea) 🤍 (How to make 3D Cactus) 🤍 (How to Make Rose Flower) 🤍 (World Biggest Star Egg Plate) 🤍 (Chandelier Dreamcatcher) 🤍 (Car Hanging Dreamcatcher) 🤍 (Cotton Swabs House) 🤍 (CD craft ideas DIY) 🤍 (Hanging Flower Basket) 🤍 (Tummy Trimmer) 🤍 (Petal Flowers Making) 🤍 (Hanging Flower Basket) Music by:- Cartoon - On & On (feat. Daniel Levi) [NCS Release] -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "How to Make Dream Catcher || Slow video tutorial DIY" 🤍 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

Epson EcoTank Printer Waste Ink Pad Replacement and Ink Counter Reset (ET-2550) Procedure (How to)


#Epson #DIY #printer Last time I made a video about this, I talked about the "being thrown in the ocean" feature where Epson permanently disables your printer for what is basically a $10 part. In this video, I explain how to replace/clean the waste ink pad, and then traverse the mine field of weird websites to reset the internal ink pad counter. Go to this website AT YOUR OWN RISK. I am not affiliated with it, don't know if it has viruses or steals your information, and I curse Epson eternally for having this be the only option for repairs: 🤍t/download/ ET-2550 ink pad replacement: 🤍 Ecotank ET-2550 ink set: 🤍 Disclaimer: I'm an Amazon affiliate.

Kaisercraft Ink Pad Swatch Tests & Review


I said when Kaisercraft next did their big 4 for $10 ink sale I'd get all of them and I have gone and done it. These pads are vibrant, have a good range of colours and I think are excellent quality. Check out the whole video for swatches of each of the pads I got as well as a full review! 🤍 🤍 🤍 plum.mashable01🤍 Po Box 229 Werribee VIC 3030 Inserts: My inserts are from Aussie Planner Chick. You can find them here: A5 Week to a Page Inserts: 🤍 A5 Month to a Page Inserts: 🤍 Discount Codes: Beehaven Designz: ASHLEIGH10 for 10% purchases (excludes Honey Pot) Blitsy: 🤍 Planners Anonymous: 🤍 Mumsy & Bub: PLUM5 on any of their TN’s for 5% off! - Products Featured: Kaiserstyle Ink Pads (All colours can be found here) 🤍 Colours are: Plum, Cotton Candy, Fern, Blue Haze, Chestnut, Licorice, Permanent Black, Chocolate, Metallic Silver, Peacock, Denim, Spearmint, Flamingo, Grape, Burnt Orange, Amber, Blush, Smoke, Sea Breeze, Forest, Lipstick & White

EPSON L565 : RESETTING INK PAD COUNTER ( A Printer's ink pad is at the end of its service life )


EPSON L565 : RESETTING INK PAD COUNTER A Printer's ink pad is at the end of its service life EASY STEPS DOWNLOAD LINK SITE: 🤍

How to reset EPSON L3110 | Reset waste ink pad


In this video tutorial, I'll show you how to reset EPSON L3110 printer. Ressetter link password=JC-TECHTIPS 🤍 If this video, help you... Please Support this Channel 💰₱💰 GCash - 09067641389 Paypal - 🤍

epson l800 ink pad reset


epson l800 ink pad reset. epson l800 resetter. epson l800 ink pad resetter. epson l800 ink pad reset software. epson l800 waste ink pad reset free download. epson l800 printer waste ink pad resetter. Free Download Resetter Software from here. 🤍 🤍 For more video please subscribe to My channel. Like and Share. WEBSITE: 🤍 Facebook:🤍 Email: ali9242🤍 how to fix -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "how to fix hp officejet pro 8610 missing or failed printhead" 🤍 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

Epson L120 ERROR - Lampu Berkedip - Tidak Bisa Print - Ink Pad is at the End Of its Service Life


Epson L120 akan error ketika sudah mencetak dokumen sebanyak 6.000 Halaman. Solusinya adalah melakukan Reset Printer dengan bantuan Aplikasi Resetter yang bisa di download di Link Berikut : Link 1 : 🤍 Link 2 : 🤍 Semoga bermanfaat

how to solve epson L220 ink pad is at the end life


how to solve epson ink pad is at the end Please subscribe This Type Of videos 🤍 solving on this this type of epson printer problems 1.Epson ink pad reset 2.Epson L220 reset software download 3. how to install epson adjustment program l220 4.Epson adjustment program l220 setup pad at the end of service life l220 fix epson l220 printer maintenance 6. epson l220 all lights flashing 7.How to Fix Epson waste ink counter overflow 8. reset epson printer waste ink counters 9epson printer l220 printer driver download 🤍

DIY Acrylic Paint "Ink" Pad // MIXED MEDIA TOOL!


DIY Acrylic Paint "Ink" Pad // MIXED MEDIA TOOL! You will need: Thin styrofoam packaging materials acrylic paint stamps Directions: 1. Cut Styrofoam to the size of stamp. 2. Squirt paint on Styrofoam and brush out to an even coating. 3. Use just like you would any stamp pad. Sorry about the mixed aspect ratio filming, I was experimenting with a 3 camera set-up using my cell phone, a web cam and my normal camera. You won't know til you try right! DIY Acrylic Paint "Ink" Pad // MIXED MEDIA TOOL! Credits: Video production and Craft ideas: Lindsay Weirich Music: "Life of Riley" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 🤍 Sign Up For The Frugal Crafter News! 🤍 For Sponsorships or Product Reviews: 🤍 SUBSCRIBE! 🤍 Follow along and have fun! Thefrugalcrafter Community on Facebook: 🤍 Join in the fun! Visit my blog: 🤍 Follow me on Pinterest: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Subscribe: 🤍

Staz-On Solvent Ink Pads


Learn about Staz-On Solvent Ink Pads for glass, plastic, vellum, and other non-porous surfaces. Tips for re-inking and stamping success, too!

Solusi Mengatasi Printer Epson a printers ink pad is at the end of its service life


Kali ini seputar teknologi akan membuat video Solusi Mengatasi Printer Epson a printers ink pad is at the end of its service life L380, 385, L383, L485, L210, L310, L220 dll Solusi Mengatasi Printer Epson a printers ink pad is at the end of its service life, Solusi Mengatasi Printer Epson Masa Pakai Bantalan tinta Printer Telah Berakhir, Hubungi Dukungan Epson, Please Contact Epson Support, MengatasI Masalah Printer Epson L110 L210 L300 L350 L355 L130 L220 L310 L360 L365, Cara Memperbaiki Printer Epson, Jangan Lupa Like dan Subscribe. Terima Kasih

DIY Ink Pad Storage: Easy, Cheap, and AWESOME


Please give a thumbs up if you liked what you saw, and subscribe if you wish. Thanks for watching! Big hugs, Kristina CraftyPaws Blog Post: 🤍

Cara Ganti Ink Pad Pembuangan Epson L110 L120 L210 L220 L310 L360 Sayem Printer


Suport Printer : Epson L110 L120 L210 L220 L300 L310 L350 L355 L360 L355 L380 dan lain lain Untuk menghindari banjir karena ink pad yang terlalu penuh. Cara ganti sangat mudah dan aman, silahkan cek video kami sampai habis. Order : website 1 : 🤍 website 2 : 🤍 Dari website bisa masuk ke akun Bukalapak, Tokopedia, Shopee

Black Ink Pad Comparison/Demonstration Video


Blog Post w/Pictures: 🤍 ——— S U P P L I E S ——— • Gina K Black Onyx Ink Pad  ——  🤍 • Ranger Archival Ink Pad - Jet Black  ——  🤍 • Ranger Jet Black Archival Ink Pad (AZ)  ——  🤍 • Memento Tuxedo Black Ink Pad (AZ)  ——  🤍 • Versafine Black Onyx Ink (AZ)  ——  🤍 • VersaFine Ink Pad, Onyx Black (EH)  ——  🤍 • StazOn Jet Black Ink Pad (AZ)  ——  🤍 • Apple Pie Memories Acrylic Stamping Blocks (AZ)  ——  🤍 • Hero Arts Ultra Clean Spray Stamp Cleaner 2oz  ——  🤍 • Ultra Clean Stamp Cleaner Refill Bottle - 8oz  ——  🤍 • Stewart Superior Ultra Clean Stamp Cleaner Refill 8oz (AZ)  ——  🤍 • Ultra Clean, 8 oz. Refill (EH)  ——  🤍 • Hero Arts/SS Ultra Clean Stamp Cleaner 2oz (AZ)  ——  🤍 • Hero Arts Clear Stamp Cleaner, Ultra Clean (EH)  ——  🤍 • The Absorber  ——  🤍 • Inkadinkado STAMPING SURFACE  ——  🤍 • Stewart Superior Double Stamp Scrubber 5"X7.5"  ——  🤍 • Stewart Superior Stamp Scrubber (AZ)  ——  🤍 an InLinkz product list: 🤍 Thanks for watching! Kat 🤍

EPSON L360..How to reset Epson waste ink pad error within 3 minutes FOR FREE!!!


Problem Description When printer is turned on, alternate flashing lights is observable. On monitor screen we can see error message "A printer's ink pad is at the end of its service life" Solution 1. "A printer's ink pad is at the end of its service life" 2. Make sure the printer is on and connected to your PC. 3. Download and install Adjustment Program. ( Download on the link below ) 4. Select Model Name and Port and Click "Ok" 5. Click "Particular adjustment mode" 6. Find "Maintenance" "Waste ink pad counter" Then Click " OK" 7. Tick "Main pad counter" -Click "Check" Wait for few sec values will be shown in main pad counter point. 8. Tick "Main pad counter" -Click "Initialization" Wait for few sec Then turn off your Printer. 9. Click "Finish or Cancel" Then close the application. 10. Turn on the printer for test print. 11. The printer now has been reset and Ready for printing. Feel free to comment and make suggestion.Hope will like and share this video and don't forget to subscribe. Just hit the bell to be notified for new videos..Thanks .. 🤍 Resetter link (Password rex39) 🤍

Epson L220, l210 , l360 l380 Ink Pad Cleaning And Service Required Solution part 9


Printer ink Pad Is And of At sirvice life Service Required Reset Epson Printer Epson Printer L220 Service Required Solution Epson l220 Red Light Blinking Solution in hindi

epson ink pad reset in hindi // Epson Printer Ink Pad End Error reset kese kare in pm245


This is the error come in epson printer pm245 "The printer's ink pad are nearing the end of their service life . please contact Epson Support." Service required . follow the step to solve the problem in all epson printer . Steps to reset Waste Ink Pad Counter on Epson Printers download set up file from 🤍 extract the file with WinRAR follow the step by step of the video all softwere:- Epson Photo P50_A50_T60_T50 Epson Workforce 1100 - W1100 Epson A920 Epson A730 ५. Epson A1430 ६. Epson L100 ७. Epson L200 Epson Stylus Photo 1290 3. Epson Stylus Photo SP1390 Vietnam (14/10/2007)४. EPson Stylus Photo R1400 - 1410 (11/07/2008)५. Epson Stylus Photo SP2000P 6. Epson Stylus Photo SP2100 Adjustment Program - reset counter 7. Epson Stylus Photo SP1420 Epson China (EEE) Adjustment Program - reset counter Free Download Resetter (Reset Waste Counter) - Adjustment Program Epson R Series Free Download Resetter (Reset Waste Counter)- Adjustment Program Epson PM Series 1. Epson PM270 - Epson Picture Mate 270 Adjustment Program - reset counter 2. Epson PM250 - Epson Picture Mate 250 Adjustment Program - reset counter 3. Epson PM215 - Epson Picture Mate 215 Adjustment Program - reset counter 4. Epson PM210 - Epson Picture Mate 210 Adjustment Program - reset counter 5. Epson PM225 - Epson Picture Mate 225 Adjustment Program - reset counter 6. Epson PM235 - Epson Picture Mate 235 Adjustment Program - reset counter 7. Epson PM260 - Epson Picture Mate 260 Adjustment Program 8. Epson PM290 - Epson Picture Mate 290 Adjustment Program - reset counter Free Download Resetter (Reset Waste Counter) Adjustment Program Epson C Series 1. Epson C41 - C42 - C43 - C44 - C45 - C46 Adjustment Program - reset counter Download Epson L130, L220, L310, L360, L365 Resetter : Download How to Reset Epson L130, L220, L310, L360, L365 Waste Ink Pad Counter By Adjustment Download Epson L1300 Resetter Download Epson L1800 Resetter : Download How to Reset Epson XP 225,XP 322, XP 325, XP 323, XP 422, XP 425, XP 423 Waste Ink Pad Counter By Adjustment Program: Click Here Download Epson L110.L210.L300.L350.L355.L550.L555 Resetter : Download How to Reset Epson L110.L210.L300.L350.L355.L550.L555 Waste Ink Pad Counter By Adjustment Program People ask for How to Reset Ink Pad End Of Its Service Life Reset Waste ink Pad Counter - Epson Inkjet Printer epson ink pad reset in hindi reset ink pads epson free download epson ink pad reset utility l380 epson ink pad reset utility l220 a printer's ink pad is at the end of its service life epson l380 epson ink pad reset utility l3150 epson waste ink pad reset key epson resetter software free download how to replace ink pads on epson printer How do I reset my Epson l110 waste ink pad? How do you fix a printer's ink pad at the end of its service life? How do I clear an Epson printer error? How do I reset the waste ink pad on an Epson l1300? How do I reset my ink pad? How do I reset my ink levels? Epson Ink Pads Reset Utility epson pm 245 printer waste ink pad resete kese kare epson pm 245 waste ink pad How do you reset the waste ink pad on an Epson l805? How to replace ink pads on epson printer? How to reset epson l3110 ink pad? How to reset epson l380 ink pad How to reset epson pm245 ink pad Music i use Diskofunque - Francis Preve _ Royalty Free Music - No Copyright Music _ YouTube

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