PlayStation VR2 Unboxing, Setup Walkthrough, & Settings: Things To Know!



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Sony's next generation of virtual reality for PS5 is here, PS VR2! We've been following the development and news cycle of this headset for awhile, so now it's time to finally unbox the retail device, set it up, browse the settings, and start playing some games! This will be more of a tour / walkthrough of PS VR2, before we really dive into the games. So for those curious on the headset, controllers, & set up wizard. It's all right here. And yes, I did say 'real life' when referring to the Snapmaw in Horizon. It looked real enough in there, and I'm glad we don't have to actually deal with something like that. Because we'd be boned. Big time. ► Support the channel on Patreon! Every amount helps and keeps product placement off the channel. 🤍🤍 ► PS5 Compatible SSD’s and Heatsinks: 🤍🤍 ► My YouTube Equipment, Gaming Accessories, and Recommendations: 🤍🤍 *As an Amazon Associate I earn a commission on qualifying purchases* Follow Me Places: ► Twitter: 🤍🤍 ► Twitch: 🤍🤍 ► Instagram: 🤍 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Outro song ‘I dunno’ by Grapes: 🤍 Music by Ryan Little: 🤍🤍 ► Thank you to these wonderful Patreon supporters! Abdullah Dahlia Ali Almutawa Andrew Pack Andrew Ritter Angelo Sparacio Anthony Gallagher Austin Post Beau Tepley Ben Lindey Blaiseiken Bohdan Koshyrets Brian Brian Burton Carlito J. Hoogdorp Claudio Sepúlveda Huerta Cody Messick Colton Tompkins Crispin curryking3 da_Heino David Lin EliteSlayerPaul Eric Ruelle Evening On A Deserted Sea Gabriel Guevara Gustav Christiansen Isa Din Isaiah Hooks jacob Jafet Dolande Jamie Johnson Jarryd Howard Jason Moore Jazzy Boswell Jip van der Kramer John hubble Jon Sturtz Josh Barker Justin Sweet Karawettu Kyle Kelm lauzoff Lee McDonald Mark Sean Roocroft Martin Nachev Mashud Mohammed Max Well Fed Michael Tisdale Michael Wallace mike durocher Moises Nicolas Lafarge Penny Parker PHILIP NATHANIEL GO Philip Ricketts Quentin Price Rashid NHM Rebekah Sam Brown Santiago Macho-Vidal sean nilsen Shaun Stamper Skip Jordan Skull King spencer sorensen Sven Mueller thetalkingcure Tyler Botill Tyler Haydt Tyler Moon Tyler Unger unbound23x Vinny Sivaraman Wheels87 William O’Carroll Will Clements znk3r TIMESTAMPS: 0:00 - Intro 0:24 - PS VR2 Unboxing 2:05 - VR2 Sense Controller Charging Stand Unboxing 3:29 - Tour Of PS VR2 Headset 4:22 - PS VR2 Earbuds 4:49 - Pulse 3D Wireless Headset On PS VR2 5:03 - Remove Light Shield On PS VR2 5:34 - PS VR2 USB-C Cable Length 5:53 - PS VR2 USB-C Cable Not Replaceable 6:13 - Close Look At VR2 Sense Controllers 6:56 - Setting Up PS VR2 For First Time 7:09 - See-Through Mode 7:38 - Room Scanning 8:25 - PS VR2 Quick Settings Card 8:59 - All PS VR2 Settings 10:19 - PS VR2 Gameplay & Impressions #PSVR2 #PS5 #PlayStation5

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PlayStation VR2 Unboxing, Setup Walkthrough, & Settings: Things To Know!
PlayStation VR2 Unboxing, Setup Walkthrough, & Settings: Things To Know!
PlayStation VR2 Unboxing, Setup Walkthrough, & Settings: Things To Know!
PlayStation VR2 Unboxing, Setup Walkthrough, & Settings: Things To Know!
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Комментарии пользователей:
2023-09-02 19:24:45

xRCEfjq6Pxo&t=12m20s 12:20 what is this game?

2023-08-07 13:48:49

Even though PlayStation doesn’t sell the controllers separately there is a 1 year warranty for you PSVR 2

2023-08-02 14:08:28

I’m considering buying it,but out of curiosity does it need to be charged does does connecting it with my ps5 charge it.

2023-07-24 23:18:59

Psvr 2 is absolutely amazing im loving mine 😍

Nabil Papu
2023-07-21 03:01:14

I will buy this one next year for sure I am waiting to have more games in PSV2 or even the ability to play PSVR games as well in this one.
thanks for the video.

Dylan Medina
2023-07-12 02:25:24

Knockoff version of meta quest pro

Eugene L
2023-07-11 15:50:55

Is it possible to set it up without a TV?

2023-07-03 19:24:53

Is this worth buying ? Thanks.

Ok Then
2023-07-03 17:04:38

So you can't replace the cord if it shorts out on you......that's gonna be a problem down the line, If damaged your whole headset is useless

Steve Protoss
2023-06-22 15:03:20

Any reviewer who says it’s a crystal clear image with 4K hdr quality is lying. Got this yesterday and it’s my first experience with vr. The immersion is mind blowing. I cannot understate how indescribable the feeling was when I first got into the pool in Kayak. Mind blown. BUT… I look around, I notice things aren’t nearly as crisp and clear as the reviews said. It’s almost like I need glasses. But I wear contacts. The image is a bit fuzzy and when you’re moving your head around quickly, there is an annoying ghosting/blurry effect on objects you’re looking at. Deal breaker? Hell no. It’s truly the best home console experience I have ever had. A bit let down by the display? You bet. A mediocre HD tv makes my games look better. I can’t wait until they get these displays up to snuff. Because then it will be worth whatever they want to charge. To be clear: It’s worth every penny I spent. Just don’t expect HD images like you would from your tv or the videos they show of gameplay on reviews.

2023-05-27 01:18:40

If they don’t make a vr spider man games for psvr2, imma be so mad

Aust Gaming
2023-05-10 07:30:42

Now I’m kinda interested in maybe getting a PSVR 2 one day

Krazy and Flip
2023-05-08 18:50:39

When the PSVR 2 controllers are on the charging station, do they turn orange or something?

2023-04-30 12:52:43

Does the new vr play ps4 vr games?

2023-04-28 19:54:15

Using a pad in racing games in vr always gave me motion sickness. Use a wheel and it totally transforms the experience.

Uuii with anxiety
2023-04-28 09:27:08

Can someone please tell me is vr chat can be played in psvr2?

2023-04-27 02:04:22

Yeah, that's a instant down vote I'm just trying to find the section not properly labeled. How do I make it fit my head and I've already gotten seven add

2023-04-23 08:28:00

I've had two of these. I couldn't get the first to be in focus, no matter how many times I did the calibration or how I adjusted the headset on my head, so I returned it for a replacement. That was the same, so I returned it for a refund. Ergonomically, Sony made a good headset, but it's a visual device and the visuals are blurry. It has noting to do with mura, although that is annoying. People (although not Sony) talk about a sweet spot, but if hours of trying to find it end in failure, it's probably a myth. I'm glad that people love it, but I'm baffled that they do, and I wonder if they are so thrilled to be 'in the game', so to speak, that they overlook the out-of-focus visuals. Also, it's misleading when people on YouTube show us what would be displayed on their screens rather than what they see in the headset, as though the feed is from a monitor or TV, or from the console, rather than from the headset itself. I expect that what they see is not as clear and sharp as what they show us.

Mark Hernandez
2023-04-19 06:15:40

So I have an odd, but legit question regarding the controllers. Unfortunately, I lost the fingertips on my right index and middle finger (right at the first bend)in an accident a couple months ago. I really want the PSVR 2, but I’m not sure if I will have an issue reaching/using the trigger button on the right hand. Since these aren’t in stores, I have no way to test. I currently am able to use my ps5 and can use both fingers on the right trigger buttons, but not sure if I’ll be able to on the PSVR 2 controllers. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!

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