The Outer Rim is HERE in Blade and Sorcery U12 With All NEW Features and Lightsabers!



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Hi! The Outer Rim has finally been updated for Blade and Sorcery U12! It includes over 130 lightsabers, 30 blasters, and more! Watch until the end for a surprise! This was a lot of fun to make for you all, so If you enjoy it, make sure to like and subscribe! MOD WEBSITE: 🤍 VR DISCOUNTS: 🤍 ►All my media: 🤍 ►Join my Discord: 🤍 ►Support the channel: 🤍 ►Buy some merch: 🤍 ►Check out my mods: 🤍 $30 Free credit and 25% DISCOUNT on VR games 🤍 Best Inexpensive VR Equipment: ►Quest 2: 🤍 ►Quest Pro: 🤍 ►PlayStation VR: 🤍 ►PlayStation VR 2: 🤍 ►Valve Index: 🤍 ►HP Reverb G2: 🤍 ►HTC VIVE Pro 2: 🤍 ►Quest 2 Charging Dock: 🤍 ►Quest 2 Replacement Dock: 🤍 ►Quest 2 Carrying Case: 🤍 ►Quest 2 Adjustable Head Strap: 🤍 ►Quest 2 Anti-Glare/Blue-Light Glasses: 🤍 ►Index Charging Dock: 🤍 ►USB-C Cable: 🤍 ►Micro USB Cable: 🤍 ►USB-C Hub: 🤍 ►Dual Power Adapter: 🤍 ►AA Rechargeable Batteries: 🤍 ►AA Battery Charger: 🤍 ►Gaming Laptop: 🤍 ►HyperX QuadCast: 🤍 ►2TB External Hard Drive: 🤍 Want the best anime merch? Use my personal discount code: Piepop101Discounts ►Naruto: 🤍 ►Dragon Ball: 🤍 ►One Piece: 🤍 ►All Anime: 🤍 Want to get games cheap? ►🤍 ►🤍 ►🤍 ►🤍 ►🤍 Twitter: #BladeAndSorcery​ 🤍BladeAndSorcery YouTube tags: "Blade and Sorcery" #BladeAndSorcery​ Store Page: 🤍​ Discord: 🤍​ Reddit: Twitter: #vrgaming #virtualreality blade and sorcery,blade & sorcery,blade and sorcery nomad,blade and sorcery star wars,blade and sorcery nomad u11,blade and sorcery mods,blade and sorcery mods oculus quest 2,blade and sorcery tutorial quest 2,blade and sorcery tutorial u11,blade and sorcery modding tutorial,best blade and sorcery mods,best gore mods for blade and sorcery nomad,blade and sorcery op,blade and sorcery kamehameha,blade and sorcery rasengan,kamehameha vr,Blade and sorcery top mods, blade and sorcery new,blade and sorcery new update,blade and sorcery new spells,blade and sorcery new weapons, Blade and Sorcery's New Update is Incredible Downloaded EVERY SPELL in Blade and Sorcery VR Blade And Sorcery Brutality Blade and Sorcery Nomad Update is INSANE Blade And Sorcery VR on Quest 2 MASSIVE NEW and UPGRADED SPELLS! Trials of the Shinobi 1.4 | Blade and Sorcery U11.1Update! 6 new Blade and Sorcery U11 Super Omega Rocket ship Mods Blade and Sorcery Nomad Update is INSANE, blade and sorcery nomad u11, blade and sorcery u11 mods, blade and sorcery nomad u11 mods blade and sorcery u11 mods,blade and sorcery u11.1,blade and sorcery update 11.1 ,blade and sorcery lag fix,blade and sorcery laggy,blade and sorcery lag oculus quest 2,blade and sorcery increase,blade and sorcery increase fps,blade and sorcery increase performance how to fix lag in blade and sorcery u11.1 blade and sorcery u11.1 lag fix blade and sorcery naruto Becoming A God of Lightsabers in VR | Blade and Sorcery U11 Best Mods! NEW OVERPOWERED Marvel Mods You NEED for Blade and Sorcery U11 | The Top Most OP U11 Mods! Top 6 OVERPOWERED Blade and Sorcery U11 Weapons, vr rpg games,virtual reality games,vr gameplay,vr games oculus quest 2,free vr games,new vr games,updated vr games,best vr games,best quest 2 vr games,best oculus games,most popular vr games ,blade and sorcery modding guide,how to mod blade and sorcery u11,how to make mods for blade and sorcery u11,blade and sorcery how to make mods,how to mod blade and sorcery,tutorial modding blade and sorcery,how to make spells blade and sorcery,piepop101,piepop101,blade and sorcery nexus mods, blade and sorcery trials of the shinobi,naruto vr,blade and sorcery naruto,blade and sorcery anime mods Naruto VR Become CORVO Use BLINK in VR dishonored vr NEW LIGHTSABERS in Beamsabers

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The Outer Rim is HERE in Blade and Sorcery U12 With All NEW Features and Lightsabers!
The Outer Rim is HERE in Blade and Sorcery U12 With All NEW Features and Lightsabers!
The Outer Rim is HERE in Blade and Sorcery U12 With All NEW Features and Lightsabers!
The Outer Rim is HERE in Blade and Sorcery U12 With All NEW Features and Lightsabers!
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Комментарии пользователей:
Darth Talon
2023-09-04 02:46:14

no way thats u12 cuz from U8 and higher there isnt mod support or mods dont work

2023-07-22 08:34:24

i dont see this on your website?

2023-06-09 04:32:38

Can you give a run down on how to download The Outer Rim because when I try to do it, it gets stuck at 0% on the “Loading Mods” screen.

2023-06-08 08:25:25

why doesn't the mod work on the oculus blade and sorcery

2023-05-31 17:32:25

wait where is the download?

2023-05-25 13:18:55

I'm having my game stuck at loading 'refreshing catalog: wave" at 33%. Anyone face the issue?

2023-05-25 12:04:15

When I add the outer rim to my folder it makes my game very buggy. Biggest problem is that I am stuck on 88% when I press start. How do I fix this

XxunfadingxX Ttv
2023-05-25 00:23:50

I can’t find it on the mods tab

2023-05-21 20:18:57

How do you download the outer rim mods and are you able to do it on stand alone quest?

2023-05-21 19:14:06

I got the mod works great but there’s no lightsaber color it’s just a white blade is that a bug or did I not install it right?

2023-05-19 20:56:59

why do your npcs attack slowly? mine always attack at lightning speeds like the lightsaber has no weight, is there a mod im missing?

Jackmartin #1
2023-05-17 02:34:05

Is this for Quest 2?

2023-05-16 17:24:56

Can we download this mod in the game now

Brick Sith
2023-05-15 20:13:21

I rly want this mid to come to nomad version

2023-05-15 18:37:47

I’ve tried to download this mod do I need to download the requirements

2023-05-15 11:48:01

Thia mod will probably never come to nomad😢

2023-05-15 08:15:56

i installed the mod and it gives me a infinite loading screen, i've tried everything like deleting my save and deleting all of my other mods and nothing works. can you help me please?

2023-05-15 04:39:38

My lightsabers just randomly went from looking really good to looking like plastic lightsabers and i have not changed any setting

Arthur Morgan
2023-05-15 04:00:07

Do you still need all the u7 requirements for the outer rim to work?

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