The Quest 3 has been revealed!



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Hello and welcome to, TUESDAY NEWSDAY! Your number one resource for the entire week's worth of VR news! Today we got a lot on our plate from a 240 degree field of view prototype to the somnium VR1 finally entering production with final specifications. The main excitement however is centered around the first ever hands on preview of the Meta Quest 3 and apple's showcase event. Of course we also have a VRChat update im pretty excited about. I WILL BE STREAMING THE META GAMING SHOWCASE TOMORROW! Looks like we may even get a sneak peek of the Quest 3! TUNE IN: 9 AM EST For more information join the discord and check out my other links: Links I used in this video: EverSlaught Quest: 🤍🤍 SadlyItsBradley coverage 🤍🤍 DeeSaxVR 🤍🤍 00:00 Intro 00:48 HYPERVISION 02:16 Somnium VR1 03:52 Quest 3 08:55 Apple 10:10 VRC Creator Economy 12:26: PSVR 2 games 13:17 Everslaught 14:12 Outro

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The Quest 3 has been revealed!
The Quest 3 has been revealed!
The Quest 3 has been revealed!
The Quest 3 has been revealed!
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Con Pin
2023-09-16 05:35:04

jID3QptLJz4&t=1m03s 1:03 I belong to neither resolution or fov
just give me lightweight devices that have everything "good enough" and are just like 600-800$ for everything.. headset, controller, trackers, etc

Luis Dias
2023-08-14 15:28:31

if god rays are gone , it is enough for me. no need for better resolution.

2023-08-06 15:28:06

Yay! I love Wednesday newsd- wait, what?

2023-07-21 21:22:07

Quest for budget AND portability

nada nada
2023-07-18 22:51:52

What im most worried about is the stick drift. The oculus quest 2s controllers got stick drift way too easily and considering how similar the Quest 3s controllers look to the Quest 2s there could be a big risk for stick drift on this headset aswell

2023-07-03 15:16:36

Apple competes in a completely different bracket. It's not a real quest 3 competitor.

Ipad apps vs PC apps. Yea no thanks.

Also the quest 3 still looks big and heavy while there are some 200 gram headsets on the way and some already exist.

Not excited for the quest 3 tbh.

Speed Racer
2023-07-03 05:13:34

If I wanted to buy a headset for flight simulator, would the quest be a good starter headset or would something else work better if I don’t need full body tracking?

Robert Weekes
2023-07-02 05:13:19

jID3QptLJz4&t=14m00s 14:00 Idk how Everslaught can have such good looking game models and such terrible blood effects

2023-06-27 23:36:52

god damn the vr1 would be my dream headset

Munchy Monk
2023-06-27 00:50:10

Good video Thrill

2023-06-26 09:30:02

Vr is becoming mainstream!!

2023-06-24 00:41:33

Watching this video still using Quest 1 and Rift S. lol My next headset will be PSVR2 and then looking at a dedicated PC headset to replace my Rift S. I hardly use my Quest. It's noticeably heavier due to it being all self contained and the heat build up is also an issue for me vs the Rift S.

2023-06-23 08:41:41

If the Quest 3 isn't fixing that ridiculous heat issue I want nothing to do with it. No damn reason for a headset to be that hot, already a huge issue with the shitty Vive headsets that nearly bankrupted their company

2023-06-23 05:05:46

I guess I gotta finally upgrade from my q1 to the q3. You’ve served me well, little friend

Jonatan S
2023-06-22 20:32:58

What are the best god games for VR? I cant seem to get a good overview of what exists

PPE Archive - PNC
2023-06-21 03:28:23

But can it run half life Alyx standalone?

The Galaxy King
2023-06-17 17:23:25

these vids are so entertaining i hearf about the apple vr and instantly searched up thrillseeeker

The Galaxy King
2023-06-17 17:22:54

knew you was uwuxd

Astien Perez
2023-06-16 19:04:35

The reason we dont have better games and graphics is because their worried about passthrough so fucking much🖕like the only ppl who care about that shit is bots in the comments, actual humans just want better games instead of cooking/computer simulators and car washing tf.

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