These VR Prototypes RUINED Me...



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At SID Displayweek 2023, the big thing on the showfloor for VR was doing 4K x 4K per eye. I put my eyes up to every single one I could find. And it has ruined every HMD I've used before this Support this Trip: 🤍 #VR #technology #oled

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These VR Prototypes RUINED Me...
These VR Prototypes RUINED Me...
These VR Prototypes RUINED Me...
These VR Prototypes RUINED Me...
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Jason Eisenberg
2023-08-31 03:37:32

Pleeeeease stop saying O L E D sounds so awkward. Can you just say O-Led like almost everyone else

2023-07-25 06:32:44

Having single-pixel things that cycle between colors is a super-old technology, mostly used in DLP displays but there have also been a few other exotic displays that use it. Technology Connections did a video on a CRT that worked that way a few years back. Personally I'm not a fan of that color multiplexing technique because I'm sensitive to the rainbow shimmer; 1DLP TVs always gave me a headache because I'd see a big flash of color every time I had a saccade.

2023-07-24 18:13:32

I hate this guy

2023-07-02 19:27:31

looking good man!

Jarrod Clyne
2023-06-29 10:51:17

Wow, what kind of GPU will we need to run these 4k per eye VR headsets?

2023-06-29 01:44:14

OdHbQpg4pOA&t=4m16s 4:16 "We need 4K per eye to have a good VR experience"
It's more that we need a suitable PPD/pixel-per-degree. If you could do a video about which PPD is optimal, that would be lovely. I think it prolly needs to be 40+, right?

Jeroen de Cloe
2023-06-22 08:03:28

I think where there's a lot to win is FOV. Right now it usually maxes out at 110. Both eyes can get near 180 degrees. This gives me the feeling looking through two toilet paper rolls.

Shoobidy Boop
2023-06-12 18:26:42

Wiki says 4K is 8M pixels, eg 3840x2160. If so, then pimax crystal is 4K, as it's got 8M pixels. Varjo aero's basically 4K, at 7.8M pixels. Maybe PPD is a better metric.

Game One
2023-06-11 09:44:49

Micro oled is the best for VR/AR games and Porns

Alex Tigre
2023-06-08 22:00:20

I hope in the near future I can "gut" my oculus rift and "upgrade" (more like a total haul) the optics.

2023-06-08 01:06:20

Jesus Christ who needs needs 5000 nits in their eyes?!

2023-06-07 08:02:11

A field sequential display could use a third of the energy of a normal lcd at a given brightness, but per subpixel quantum dot color conversion can narrow the gap. As well as a single subpixel per pixel field sequential display having one third the horizontal resolution of a normal lcd.

Michael C
2023-06-07 07:10:42

I'd say it's actually the ladies hair and Macaulay Culkin goatee that ruined you.

2023-06-06 23:24:52

<3 thanks

Christian Luczejko
2023-06-06 18:50:50

These new ones sound like what are in the Vision pro.

2023-06-06 10:36:35

Why is this tech so 'here' now, yet... never actually here now for real. I felt like this sort of thing was around the corner 5 years ago.

2023-06-06 02:03:30

Apple Vision at 90hz confirmed ?!

2023-06-05 20:31:56

Apple just announced their headset with 4k per eye (like 30mil pixels?)

Jagroop Deol
2023-06-05 14:44:13

That looks so real. Can not wait for this tech to get better.

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