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Worth the wait?? The Schlage Encode Plus Smart Lock with Apple Home Key is here! [Full Review]


Download the Signals for HomeKit app today! 🤍 The first lock to support Home Key in the US is now available: the Schlage Encode Plus. I'll cover everything from the installation to the features, plus everything I love and everything I don't love about using this smart lock with HomeKit. Schlage Encode Plus: 🤍 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 🔔 Subscribe! New HomeKit videos EVERY Sunday: 🤍 ❤️ Join! Become a channel member. Get perks! 🤍 👕 Merch! 🤍 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ✅ LET'S CONNECT ► Instagram – 🤍 ► Twitter – 🤍 ► Website: 🤍​ :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Other Products Seen in Video: Apple Watch: 🤍 Apple TV 4K: 🤍 HomePod mini: 🤍 Nanoleaf Elements Wood Panels: 🤍 Xiaomi Bedside Lamp: 🤍 VOCOlinc PureFlow: 🤍 Pitaka EZ Slider 4 in 1 Charger: 🤍 NOTE: This description contains affiliate links that allow you to find the items mentioned in this video at no cost to you. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 🎥 Recommended Playlists: HomeKit 101 Playlist: Getting Started 🤍 🎥 Recommended Videos: Wemo Doorbell Camera - Better than Logitech? 🤍 DIY HomeKit Security System - Aqara 🤍 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Video Chapters: 0:00 Finally a smart lock with Home Key 1:27 Price & Availability 1:53 Options & Features 2:25 Wifi, Bluetooth & THREAD 3:06 Everything in the Box 3:37 Installation 5:20 Pairing to HomeKit 6:58 Using the Thumb turn & Key 7:20 Sponsor - Signals for HomeKit app 8:25 Using the The Keypad 9:56 Using Home Key 10:44 HomeKit/Home Key Settings 12:00 Schlage App Settings 13:43 The Pros 15:44 The Cons 18:25 Final Thoughts: Is it worth it? :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: #HomeKit #SmartHome #HomeKey

The HYPE is REAL - Schlage Encode Plus with Apple Home Key


The Schlage Encode Plus is a HomeKit compatible smart lock that supports Apple’s Home Key feature via NFC. In this video, I’ll show you what this lock can and cannot do in HomeKit, how the new Home Key feature works, some weird issues I’ve experienced during day to day use, and if it’s worth the hype. [ ⬇️ WATCH NEXT ⬇️ ] 📺 5 MUST HAVE Apple TV 4K Accessories! - 🤍 ⚪️ 5 MUST HAVE HomePod mini Accessories! - 🤍 [ 🛍 VIDEO LINKS 🛍 ] (Affiliate link. Helps support the channel at no extra cost to you!) Schlage Encode Plus Aged Bronze (I got this in 4 weeks): 🤍 Schlage Encode Plus Satin Nickel: 🤍 Level Lock+: 🤍 Home Key info: 🤍 Schlage website: 🤍 [ 📺 PLAYLISTS 📺 ] ⚡️ Siri Shortcuts: 🤍 🪄 Automation Ideas: 🤍 🔊 HomePod mini videos: 🤍 📺 Apple TV videos: 🤍 [ 💬 CONNECT WITH ME 💬 ] 📸 Instagram: 🤍 🐦 Twitter: 🤍 [ ⏰ CHAPTERS ⏰ ] 0:00 - Intro 0:37 - Unboxing 1:01 - Installation 1:19 - Setup 2:03 - Schlage App Features (Not Available in HomeKit) 3:15 - Thread Support 4:09 - HomeKit Features 6:01 - Home Key (Incredible!) 9:13 - Issues With Access Codes + HomeKit Bugs 11:17 - Battery Life 12:07 - Schlage Encode Plus vs Level Lock+ (Brief Comparison) 12:52 - Final Thoughts *Note: Guests in the Apple home app won’t have access to Home Key. Only “residents” have access to Home Key* #HomeKit #SmartHome #HomeKey

Schlage Encode Plus: I waited a year for this smart lock!


My Schlage Encode Plus smart lock is finally here! I'll set it up, show you its features, and explain why I waited so long for THIS lock. Schlage Encode Plus: 🤍 Klein Tools Screwdriver: 🤍 Leatherman Wave Plus: 🤍 (affiliate links) DISCOVER MORE Schlage Encode Review: 🤍 Wyze Lock Review: 🤍 FOLLOW ME Subscribe to Reed's Smart Home: 🤍 Subscribe to Smart Home Solver: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍 0:00 Intro 0:30 Installing 2:26 What I like 3:43 What I don't like 4:53 Overall thoughts - MUSIC Operatic 3 by Vibe Mountain

Schlage Encode Plus - 3 Things You Need to Know! (re-released)


The Schlage Encode Plus is a first-of-its-kind! Not only is it the first smart lock with THREAD, but it's also the first smart lock in the USA with Apple HomeKey! 🤍 (affiliate link) Apple HomeKey allows you to use your phone or your Apple watch to unlock the door simply by holding it up near the lock. It's so simple but so cool! FYI: the video was produced around September 2022 but not released on Youtube due to limited supply. It is now more available. Although many sellers are price gouging, so beware. PRODUCT UPDATE: Schlage has addressed the Battery life, and it has improved greatly and lasts around the advertised time frame, obviously depending on personal use. BUY FROM AMAZON - (affiliate link) 🤍 (beware of price gougers) OTHER PLACES TO BUY - (affiliate links) Matter Black - 🤍 Satin Nickel - 🤍 MORE PLACES TO BUY - (affiliate link) 🤍 (beware of price gougers) OTHER MUST-SEE VIDEOS 🎥 Schlage Sense for HomeKit 🤍 🎥 VOCOlinc Smart Lock for HomeKit 🤍 🎥 August Smart Lock for HomeKit 🤍 JOIN THE MODERNDAY COMMUNITY DISCORD 🤍 SUPPORT Thank you for watching my video. Putting out quality informative videos takes a lot of time and effect, and I hope you would consider showing your support. Please click the link below to find out ways you can help support my channel. - 🤍 MERCH STORE 🤍 (affiliate link) VIDEO GEAR 🤍 (affiliate link) YOUTUBE & INTERNET MUST-HAVES Services that I personally use. ✔️ Tubebuddy - 🤍 (affiliate link) ✔️ Epidemic Sound - 🤍 (affiliate link) ✔️ REV (Closed Captions) - 🤍 (affiliate link) ✔️ VPN Service - 🤍 (affiliate link) BE MY FRIEND ► Twitter: 🤍 ► Facebook: 🤍 ► Instagram: 🤍 ► Website: 🤍 ► Discord: 🤍 DISCLAIMER As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases I participate in the Amazon Services, LLC Associates Program, and other affiliate programs. If you click on a link and purchase an item, I will receive a small affiliate commission at no additional cost. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my viewers/readers. FOR MORE INFORMATION AND FULL FTC DISCLOSURE CLICK HERE - 🤍 #moderndayreviews #moderndaytech

Apple home key NFC support w/ the Schlage Encode Plus! Is this the best smart lock?


The Schlage Encode Plus is the best smart lock I've used, because it's super versatile, and supports with NFC-enabled Apple home key! Buy from Home Depot - Century Matte Black (🤍 and Century Satin Nickel (🤍 Subscribe: 🔔 🤍 Comment: 📝 Let me know what you think... Follow: ✅ 🤍 | 🤍 Buy at Amazon: 🤍 Full written review: 🤍 Availability post: 🤍 Schlage Encode Plus: 🤍 FTC: We use income earning auto affiliate links: 🤍 GEAR I USE - Canon R5: 🤍 - Canon RF 24-70mm f/2.8L IS USM Lens: 🤍 - Universal Audio Apollo Twin X DUO: 🤍 - Shure SM7B: 🤍 - Audio-Technica ATH M50x: 🤍 - iLoud Micro Monitors: 🤍 - MacBook Pro (16-inch M1 Max): 🤍 - Pro Display XDR: 🤍 CHAPTERS: 0:00 Introduction 1:31 Installation 3:53 Initial setup 5:21 Touchscreen features 8:12 Methods for unlocking and locking 10:30 Home key tidbits 14:02 Schlage app features 15:07 Things that could be improved 16:00 9to5mac's take FOLLOW - 🤍 - 🤍 CREDITS - Final Cut Pro Plugins by MotionVFX: 🤍 - Music by Soundstripe: 🤍 - Captions by Rev: 🤍 TAGS #homekit #homekey #smartlock

Level Lock+ vs Schlage Encode Plus - Which Smart Lock is BEST?


Terry White takes a look at the first two smart locks available in the US that support Apple Home Keys! See which lock may be best for your Apple HomeKit home. The Schlage Encode Plus was the first lock in the US to have Home Keys support. It also has Thread and WiFi built-in. The Level Lock+ is the second lock to offer Apple Home Keys support in the US. It's the invisible lock for those that want a smart lock that doesn't look like a smart lock. Both are great, but only one is the best. See which one Terry ultimately picks. You can find out more about the Schlage Encode Plus here: 🤍 You can find out more about the Level Lock+ here: 🤍 Be sure to follow Terry on social and please like this video and subscribe to the channel 🤍

Schlage Encode Plus! Is this new HomeKit compatible smart lock worth the upgrade from Schlage Sense?


Schlage Encode Plus! Worth the upgrade from Schlage Sense? I finally get my hands on the Schlage Encode Plus with support for Apple HomeKey! I already have a very capable Schlage Sense that has been the most reliable HomeKit compatible device in my home. Is the switch to the Encode Plus worth it for Apple HomeKey? I try to answer that question for Schlage Sense owners like myself. Have you already made the switch, share your comments below. Please Like, Share and Subscribe! Music: 🤍 / 🤍dcuttermusic 00:00 Intro 02:05 Unbox 04:51 Install 10:37 Setup 16:40 Many ways to unlock a door 18:38 Let’s look at the software 25:38 Is it worth the switch? 27:44 Final Thoughts Schlage Encode Plus (camelot aged bronze): 🤍 Schlage Encode Plus (camelot satin nickel): 🤍 Schlage Encode Plus (century matte black): 🤍 Schlage Encode Plus (century satin nickel): 🤍 Schlage Sense: 🤍 Friday Smart Lock install: 🤍 Other HomeKit compatible smart locks seen on this channel: Level Touch: 🤍 August Smart Lock 2nd Gen: 🤍 Friday Labs HomeKit compatible smart lock (Bronze): 🤍 Friday Labs HomeKit compatible smart lock (Satin Nickel): 🤍 Reagle Smart Lock (satin nickel - shown): 🤍 Reagle Smart Lock (dark bronze): 🤍 iPhone 13 Pro Max (Sierra Blue): 🤍 iPhone 13 Pro Max (Sierra Blue): 🤍 Try Amazon Prime FREE for 30-Days!: 🤍 #homekey #schlagencodeplus #homekit ▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾ This post contains affiliate links, I may earn a small commission, and this is at ZERO additional cost to you. I am not sponsored so please consider using the links in support of my channel. Your continued support is MUCH appreciated :)

Schlage Encode Plus Holmes 30 Sec Apple HomeKeys


The Schlage Encode Plus™ Smart WiFi Deadbolt is changing the way you protect what matters most. Still with the most trusted features you expect from Schlage, our latest smart lock works with Apple® home keys. Easily lock and unlock your door using your Apple Watch®, iPhone® and HomeKit®, plus seamlessly manage codes and more with the complete Schlage® Home experience right at your fingertips.

Schlage encode plus with Apple HomeKey full review 


I finally got my hands on the Schlage encode plus and here are my thoughts and if it’s worth it to own a Schlage encode plus for your apple home 

Schlage Encode Plus Door Lock Review


Today we are checking out a smart lock with Apple Home Key integration and so much more! This door lock is by far one of the most feature rich locks on the market right now. Check out my review and drop any questions in the comments below!

Schlage Encode Plus Smart Lock (HomeKit & Apple Key compatible) - Unboxing, installation & overview


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Schlage Encode Plus Smart Lock Review: How to Unlock Your Door with Your iPhone or Apple Watch


#homekit #smarthome In this video, I review the Schlage Encode Plus Smart WiFi Deadbolt, one of the latest locks compatible with Apple HomeKit and Home Keys. I show you how easy it is to install and set up this lock, and how it works with your iPhone, Apple Watch, Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant. I also compare it with other smart locks on the market, such as the Level Lock Plus and the Kwikset Premis. If you are looking for a smart lock that makes your life simpler and more secure, you should definitely check out the Schlage Encode Plus. Watch the video to see the Schlage Encode Plus in action and find out why I highly recommend it for anyone who’s a part of the Apple ecosystem. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for more tech reviews and tips. Thanks for watching! Links: Schlage Encode Plus Smart WiFi Deadbolt: 🤍 Installation video: 🤍 Level Lock Plus: 🤍 Kwikset Premis: 🤍 Hey listen, I love to view anything tech if you are interested in me reviewing your product you can reach me at qcdads🤍 or simply just DM me on Twitter (🤍applefandad). Disclaimer: DISCLAIMER: If something belongs to you, and you want it to be removed, please do not hesitate to contact us at qcdad🤍 As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Expert Tips for Schlage Encode Deadbolt Install & Setup


This video provides tips from Schlage to help ensure a successful install and Wi-Fi setup for the Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt. It includes mechanical installation tips, and best practices for connecting the lock to the Wi-Fi network. To skip to a section or tip, see below: 0:00 Overview 0:49 Installation Tips 0:53 Tip #1: Check the strike prep 1:22 Tip #2: Observe the power up 1:49 Tip #3: Test User Codes 2:23 Tip #4: Test the deadbolt 3:04 Wi-Fi Tips 3:09 Tip #1: Factory Default Reset 4:01 Tip #2: Avoid interruptions 4:31 Tip #3: Know the Wi-Fi info 4:50 Tip #4: Check phone power 5:09 Tip #5: Turn Bluetooth off & on 5:35 Summary For more information, visit the Encode support page at 🤍

Schlage Encode Plus Overview


Schlage Encode Plus Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt 🡻 Click SHOW MORE 🡻 for more info 🡻 As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. ✅ Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt: 🤍 ✅ Eufy Smart Lock Touch and Wi Fi: 🤍 The New Schlage Encode Plus Smart WiFi Deadbolt is one of the latest Upcoming electronic lock by Schlage ➤ with Wi-Fi integration. ➤ this new version now works with Apple Home Keys ➤ also open/lock with apple watch ➤ all other features are the same as the Schlage Encode But...Unlike any other smart lock in the market This 2021-2022 eufy smart lock is definitely a unique one, With 256 AES high security keypad with AI Chip Technology and fastest Biometric reader. Unlike the old Biometric locks the eufy is Super Fast & accurate. ➤ included 5 High Security keyway cylinder with 5 pin, which make it in general much more secure. ➤ IP65 Rating Weather Resistant ➤ Auto locking feature enabled. ➤ Connectivity: Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth ➤ 100 User Codes ➤ Advanced Fingerprint Reader - Up to 60 Fingerprints. ➤ Control the Smart lock remotely and also get push notifications to your smartphone when someone entered & exit the door. ➤ Voice control using Google assistant and Amazon Alexa. ➤ Security Rating: ANSI/BHMA Grade 2 ➤ Good for property management and Airbnb. ➤ Universal fit an easy installation. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. My Camera Kit: ✅ 🤍 00:00 Introduction 01:16 Schlage Encode Plus and new Features 02:40 My thoughts of the Schlage Encode Plus 03:29 who is eufy and the eufy smart lock touch and Wi-Fi Vs Schlage Encode Plus 05:52 The Upcoming eufy video smart lock 06:32 Final Thoughts Main website: 🤍 Henderson Website - 🤍 Facebook - 🤍 Yelp - 🤍 Twitter- 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 BBB: 🤍 dTree: 🤍 🤍 🤍 #schlageencodeplus #schlage #eufy

Schlage Encode Plus Smart WiFi Deadbolt | Do we have everything? :60


The Schlage Encode Plus™ Smart WiFi Deadbolt is changing the way you protect what matters most. Built with the most trusted features you have come to expect from Schlage, this innovative smart lock also works with Apple HomeKit and home keys. Easily lock and unlock your door using your iPhone or Apple Watch, plus schedule codes and more with the complete Schlage Home app experience. Click here to learn more about the Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt: 🤍 Not sure which Schlage smart deadbolt is right for you? Find answers with our Get Help Deciding Tool: 🤍

Schlage Encode Plus - 2 Month Review/Update


Link to video at the end: 🤍 Youtube Chapters 0:00 - Intro/price/battery 1:25 - No Matter 1:58 - Using the lock/unlocking with home key 2:14 - Tip on strike plate screw 2:44 - Would i recommend? 3:19 - Clip on screw comparison

First Look at the New Schlage Encode Plus with Apple Home Keys Support


The Schlage Encode Plus is the first smart lock with Apple Home Keys Support to hit the US. Now not only can you lock/unlock your doors with voice commands and automations on the various smart home platforms, but you can also unlock it with your iPhone or Apple Watch using iOS 15's Home Keys Support.

How to rekey the Schlage Encode Plus and Level Lock+


Both HomeKey smart locks currently on the market can be rekeyed to use your existing house key with a $30 kit available on Amazon. In this video, we’ll look at the process of rekeying these locks so you can DIY! Please Like, Share and Subscribe! Music: 🤍 / 🤍dcuttermusic 00:00 Intro 01:56 Schlage Rekey Kit 04:48 Removing the Key Cylinders 10:14 Rekeying the Cylinder 19:33 Putting everything back together 23:26 Level Lock Touch? 24:30 Final thoughts Schlage Rekey Kit: 🤍 iFixit Manta Driver Kit: 🤍 Schlage Encode Plus (camelot aged bronze): 🤍 Schlage Encode Plus (camelot satin nickel): 🤍 Schlage Encode Plus (century matte black): 🤍 Schlage Encode Plus (century satin nickel): 🤍 Level Lock + (Nickel): 🤍 Level Lock + (Black): 🤍 Level Lock Touch: 🤍 Level Lock Bolt: 🤍 #levellock+ #schlageencodeplus #homekit ▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾▾ This post contains affiliate links, I may earn a small commission, and this is at ZERO additional cost to you. I am not sponsored so please consider using the links in support of my channel. Your continued support is VERY MUCH appreciated :)

Schlage Encode Smart Keypad Deadbolt Review | Mr Locksmith Video


Schlage Encode Smart Keypad Deadbolt Review | Mr Locksmith Video Online and Hands-On Locksmith Training go to 🤍 JOIN MR. LOCKSMITH™ YOUTUBE MEMBERSHIP CHANNEL TO GET ACCESS TO MEMBER ONLY PERKS: 🤍 Use the Schlage Home app on your smartphone to lock/unlock your door from anywhere, no additional accessory or hub required. You specify who has access and when by setting up to 100 permanent, recurring or temporary lock codes that you can change as you see fit or by sending virtual keys to trusted guests via text or email. Built-in WiFi allows you to lock/unlock from anywhere, plus set up guest access codes for recurring, temporary or permanent access when paired with the Schlage Home app or Key by Amazon app, no additional accessories required. For additional convenience voice commands via Alexa or Google Assistant and others.  - Create and manage up to 100 access codes for trusted friends and family to use with the fingerprint-resistant, capacitive touchscreen with easy one-touch locking. - Create and manage up to 100 access codes for trusted friends and family to use with the fingerprint-resistant, capacitive touchscreen with easy one-touch locking. - Built-in alarm technology senses potential security breaches at the lock. - Low battery indicator offers weeks of advanced warning for battery replacement. - Easy to install with just a screwdriver. Unique Snap n Stay technology snaps the deadbolt onto the door so both hands are free during installation. - Guaranteed to fit standard doors (1-3/8 in. to 1-3/4 in. door thickness and 2-3/8 in. or 2-3/4 in. backset). - Limited lifetime mechanical and finish warranty and 3-year electronics warranty. - Certified Commercial Grade 1. - Graded Best in Residential Security, Durability, and Finish. Codes: Pre-set, unique 6-digit programming code, two pre-set unique 4-digit access codes, 100 code capacity. I like the Sense but if you want total home integration, with home automation, WiFi, etc. the Encode has built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The Schlage is using encrypted Bluetooth. In this video I am going to review the Schlage Encode Deadbolt I am going to install and review the Schlage Encode. The Schlage Encode is one of my favorite electronic deadbolts for customers who want to integrate into their home automation.  Mr. Locksmith™' Locksmith Courses: 🤍 4 Day Hands-On Training: 🤍 How to Pick Locks: 🤍 How to Open Sentry Safes: 🤍 How to Make Keys for Thule & Yakima Ski Rack and Bicycle Racks: 🤍 Certificate in Professional Locksmithing: 🤍 ONLINE AUTOMOTIVE LOCKSMITH COURSE "How to make keys to cars and trucks" 🤍 Business email: terry🤍 Fan mail/products to be reviewed can be sent to: Mr. Locksmith 1685 H Street Blaine, Washington 98230 Locksmith Tools: Lab Kit Large: 🤍 Lab Mini Pin Kit: 🤍 Bump Keys: 🤍 Locksmith Tweezers: 🤍 Lock Follower Set: 🤍 Best Locksmith Files: 🤍 LAB LKG001 5 N 1 Key Gauge: 🤍 Keedex K-22 Lever Opening Tool: 🤍 Master Locksmithing Book: 🤍 Rare Earth Magnet: 🤍 Terry Whin-Yates is a 3rd Generation Locksmith with a BA (Hons) Criminology. He has 35 years of experience in the locksmith and security industry and is a locksmith trainer providing On-LIne and Hands-On locksmith training to people, businesses and Law Enforcement all across North America and Asia. Terry Whin-Yates‘ BC Security License is B4227. 🤍 Thanks for watching! :) Every video includes some form of paid promotion or sponsorship. Links in description are affiliate links. My videos are for educational purposes only. Information is subject to change/updates at any time. Mr. Locksmith with Terry Whin-Yates is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to FTC Disclosure Statement: Some links on this youtube channel may be affiliate links. We may get paid if you buy something or take action after clicking one of these.

Apple HomeKey Explained


Apple's HomeKey is a great new technology making it easier than ever to unlock your door. But there are some unique details to how it works with members of your family that are worth thinking through if you are considering a HomeKey lock for your smart home. Get a Schlage Encode Plus: 🤍 [Amazon] 🤍 [] Check out the Aqara A100: 🤍 ➕ FOLLOW ME Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 CHAPTERS: 00:00 What is HomeKey 01:04 What you'll need to use HomeKey 02:20 Express Mode 02:58 Sharing with others 04:11 About that metal circle 04:37 Room for improvement (Some links in this description are affiliate links and might support the channel at no additional cost to you) This video and all of Eric Welander's channel is a production of E. Welander, LLC 🤍

Schlage Encode Plus vs. Level Lock+ | Apple HomeKey


Watch my video on Schlage Encode Plus - 3 Things You Need to Know! 🤍

Schlage Encode Lock Extended Battery Life with Lithium. Experiment using Lithium on you door lock


Changing batteries on Schlage Encode Lock with Extended Battery Life with Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA. Lithium does better in cold weather according to the spec sheet. Experiment showing how to mix lithium and standard AA batteries to possibly extend the life of the Schlage Encode door lock. Please add your comments to answer the question : Can I use lithium batteries with the Schlage Encode? Will Lithium Batteries extend the battery life of the Schlage Encode? Does the low battery waring on the Schlage encode still work properly when using lithium batteries? 50 day update video 🤍

Schlage Encode Smart Lock Review, Setup & Features


Check out Our favorite smart lock of 2022 video. 🤍 Shop for Smart Locks: Schlage Encode on Amazon: 🤍 Kwikset Halo: 🤍 Yale CBA: 🤍 YouTube Smart Lock Review Videos: Kwikset Halo Review: 🤍 Yale Connect by August Review: 🤍 Detailed Smart Lock Review Articles: Schlage Encode Review and Features: 🤍 Kwikset Halo Smart Lock Review and Features: 🤍 Yale CBA Smart Lock Overview and Features: 🤍 In this video we provide a review of the Schlage Encode Smart Lock. We cover installation tips, the Schlage Home app, how to add users to the Schlage Encode, if the Schlage Encode can be used without Wifi, and much more. This may be the most comprehensive Schlage Smart Lock review you'll find online. 00:00 Intro: Schlage Encode BE489 Smart Lock Review 00:55 Installing the Schlage Encode 02:05 Will Schlage Encode Work without Wifi? 03:08 Features of the Schlage Encode 04:02 Smart Lock Limitations 05:22 User Code Length Issue 05:45 Installing the Schlage Home App 06:12 Schlage Encode Styles and Finishes 06:40 Pairing the Schlage Encode with the App 07:17 Using Multiple Locks 07:51 Important Note When Setting up the App! 09:22 How to Add Users to the Schlage Encode with the App 09:50 Setting Up Reoccurring Codes 10:36 Lock Options and Notification Settings 11:45 Will App Notify When Wrong Codes Entered?

Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt with Camelot Trim in Satin Nickel


Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt with Camelot Trim in Satin Nickel Amazon Product Link: 🤍

I finally got one!||Schlage Encode Plus First Impressions


I finally got my hand on the first Apple Home key lock so lets talk about it! You can find all the articles referenced in this video in the links below: Level Plus Home key Lock: 🤍

Schlage Encode: Super Sleek, Matte Black WiFi Lock


Secure your home in style! The new Schlage Encode smart lock looks amazing and gets the job done. It works over WiFi, so no hub is required. We tested out Schlage Encode on our door for this review. Find out how it worked for us and discover some of the best features of this smart lock. LINKS (affiliate): Schlage Encode: 🤍 Matching door handle: 🤍 Schlage Sense vs Connect vs Encode: 🤍 Nest x Yale vs Schlage Connect vs Encode: 🤍 SUBSCRIBE for more smart home videos: 🤍 MY SET UP & GEAR See the list of everything I use in my smart home and other favorites: 🤍 DISCOVER MORE Videos - Schlage Connect Review: 🤍 Nest x Yale Lock Review: 🤍 12 Cool Alexa Routines: 🤍 Brilliant Smart Home Controller (works with Schlage): 🤍 Articles - Kwikset Premis vs Schlage Connect vs August: 🤍 Nest x Yale Review: 🤍 Song titled Crux by Nihilore and used under Creative Commons. Check out his website here: 🤍 Writer/Editor/Director: Reed Kleinman Producer: Alysa Kleinman Disclaimer: Smart Home Solver received samples of Schlage Encode for an unbiased, non-sponsored review. As always, our opinions are 100% our own and not influenced.

Revolutionize Your Home Security with Schlage's Encode Plus


Are you tired of outdated home security solutions that don't meet your needs? Look no further than Schlage's Encode Plus. This cutting-edge lock features an N.F. reader built in, allowing you to lock and unlock your door with a simple tap of your Apple Watch or iPhone. And that's just the beginning. With the Encode Plus, you can set different codes for different people, receive notifications when your kids come home, and even delete codes when they're no longer needed. It's perfect for families, Airbnb renters, and anyone who values convenience and security. Don't miss out on the future of home security – upgrade to the Encode Plus today.

Schlage Encode Plus with Apple Home Key. UNBOXING, SETUP and REVIEW.


Schlage Encode Plus with Apple Home Key Unboxing and Setup. #Schlage #doorlock #unboxing #applehomekit #apple

Schlage Encode Plus


The Schlage Encode Explained | Mike Holmes Approved


The revolutionary Schlage Encode™ Smart WiFi Deadbolt connects to your home from anywhere with built-in WiFi. Pair with either the Schlage Home app or the Key by Amazon app to grant access to trusted friends and family with customized access codes, and know when your lock has been accessed. It’s total control and peace of mind at your fingertips. Mike Holmes explains the benefits of the Schlage Encode while Mike Holmes Jr & Sherry Holmes explain their stories on how the Schlage Encode has improved their lives. Learn more about Schlage - 🤍 #MikeHolmes #Schlage

Schlage Encode WiFi Deadbolt Install AND Programming for Android DIY


About a year ago I installed one of these Schlage Encode Wifi deadbolts on my Man Cave garage utility door. Wasn’t sure if I’d like it. Turns out I love it. Today I’m going to install a second one on my front door and show you how I did it, as well as go through the admittedly convoluted steps required for me to program it to my home wifi using the app on my Android phone and the app on the TA’s Android phone. The instructions make it look easy; that assumption would be wrong. The instructions aren’t all that helpful and there was a lot of trial and error to get it to work, especially when it came time to put the lock on the TA’s phone. It took me longer to program the app for our two phones than it did to install the deadbolt. In case you’re wondering, the TA is my Task Assigner. The call of the TA usually starts with, “Hey, Hon …” or something similar; like a crashing noise and “uh oh…” DISCLAIMER: The information provided here is for entertainment purposes only. I am a DIYer and not a professional. The information contained in this video should not be used as a substitute for the owner’s manual and/or a licensed professional. This video may not cover all possible safety precautions and proper usage of tools or products; or even comply with applicable codes. Do your own research. Do not try this at home. If you do it anyway, I hope you’ll be safe, but - you’re on your own. Supplies Schlage lock 🤍 Tools Headlight 🤍 Voltmeter 🤍 DeWalt Impact Driver 🤍 Klein Multi-Screwdriver 🤍 Torpedo Level 🤍 Stuff! It's Five O’Clock Somewhere LED Sign 🤍 Smart Outlet Plug 🤍 Wall Mount Bottle Opener 🤍 Funny Wall Signs for Your Man Cave 🤍 🤍 Camera & Gear Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 🤍 Case 🤍 Samsung Galaxy S10+ 🤍 Case 🤍 Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra Wi-Fi 256GB 🤍 Samsung Galaxy S6 Tablet 🤍 Smartphone Tripod Mount (all metal!) 🤍 ANOTHER DISCLAIMER: This video and description contain affiliate links; if you click on one of the product links I’ll receive a small commission. It adds no extra cost to you. © 2022 Hangtime31. All rights reserved.

No inventory, High Demand for Schlage Encode Plus


#Schlage #ces2022 #homekit #applewallet Are you frustrated that the Schlage Encode Plus is out of stock? Let me give you some pointers on how you can pick this guy up. Let Chat! 0:00 Intro 1:50 Retailer Offering Encode Plus 2:20 Lock Type Availability 2:45 Online Scalpers 3:26 Chip Shortage 4:41 The New Normal 6:24 Easy Way to Purchase Lock 7:51 Outro Amazon Link: 🤍

Install a Schlage Encode Wifi Smart Lock


Link to a Schlage Encode Wifi Smart Lock on Amazon: 🤍 This video shows how to install and program a Schlage Encode Smart lock. These are my favorite smart lock devices. They are easy to use and work seamlessly with the Schlage app. This is one of the best smart home devices. Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt with Century Trim in Satin Nickel As an amazon affiliate member I may receive compensation on qualifying purchases. 00:00 Introduction 00:18 Unboxing a Schlage Encode 01:26 Install a Schlage Smart lock 07:23 Programing a Schlage Smart Lock

Schlage Encode (BE489) installation and overview


I did a live broadcast comparing the Schlage Encode with the Schlage Sense. Decided to break them down into stand-alone videos and came up with this! If you have any questions about how a Schlage (or any other brand) electronic deadbolt may work on your door or in your situation, please contact a local locksmith. They are knowledgeable and can provide installation and adjustments to your door as needed.

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